Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Review

I started working on the year end review like 3 hours ago, but I was distracted. First my nephew came over with his family to get eggs, then he got stuck in the driveway. Our 2nd snow of the year has made most of the driveway a skating rink. I've not been outside of my yard in a week. But then again, I'm on vacation,, so.

I'll pick a few random photos to share.
Dave shaved. Say that 3 times real fast: dave shaved dave shaved dave shaved. Yep, that's our bathroom and me holding up my cell phone to take the pic. Total time it took me to tell him never to shave again? 30 seconds. He looks like this Brother..........the one I don't like.

Miss George and I spend a lot of time together. She has the bum leg,, so she would rather just sit and hang with us. She's a great Mom though, and her two daughters are out and about with her all the time. She will not go into the coop for the night without one of her girls with her.

You've seen her in the big blue pool a few times. It helps her leg, but right now the pool is frozen over.

I have a had cold and right now my sinuses and Eustachian tubes are plugged. It's fun to hear the squeal while they even out the pressure with the outside world.

A sweet, yet bittersweet photo of Harry and Hermione huddling together during a downpour. Mama Fred is nearby. Fred had her kids in the road one day and She was killed instantly. Harry .......well I had to have Harry put down as his leg was mangled.  Before he died, he fostered 3 goslings for a few days as they were just hatched. It was adorable watching him take care of the three.

Hermione is still with us. After the accident, her Daddy, Aberforth took over her care. He paired up with Carrie and they still are real close to Miss Hermione. RIP Both Fred and Harry, you were good goosies.

Three new babies born to my nephew and nieces: June Bug, Will, and Skyler. Interesting to watch the parenting techniques of all three, which are different as can be.
School goes on. I wear a lab coat and gloves most of the time, especially now that I do work-study. It sure beats sitting at home doing nothing, and it will give me more experience for my resume.

Everyone claims that I'll be germ phobic before too long. I don't think so. I'm more pragmatic than that. I spent 6 weeks with pathogens in the lab only to fall ill to probably a sneeze in my direction from my hubby. I'm going to get sick whether I want to or not. Take precautions, wash your hands. and eat well. That's the best thing to do.

Is it bad right now that I want a mojito? That's a summer drink. I told Dave yesterday that I recommended a few shots of bourbon for his cold as other medicines don't work on him. I want a mojito right now for the same reason.

Knitting wise:
Baby shoes for a new baby

Cathedral bells scarf
Flying Geese shawl
Heel head scarf, still in progresss, About 6 hats a pair of fingerless mitts, a couple more scarves and a cowl. 

In the future, I think there will be more knitting, more blue gloves with blood on them, more baby geese, probably a few deaths in the flock and more chicken to eat. 

All in all, same ol, same ol. And now.......for a nap! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

vacation, of sorts

End of Semester was Friday. I'm done working and schooling til the last week in January. With no money coming for that time, the vacation will be low-key.  The odd thing was how this weekend has played out after all that finals stress and stuff. I don't mean to put more pressure on the family, but apparently I do.  Saturday, I woke up all stiff and sore...especially in my back. As the day wore on, more and more of my joints screamed in pain. We were scheduled to meet Dave's parents about 2 hours away from home for a gift exchange. The ride  up and back were painful, but I wasn't going to beg out of this because of my pain. I took 2 ibuprofens and sucked it up.
Dad, Dave and Mom

As it was, the visit was good and thankfully brief. I got up about 3/4 of the way through and walked around a bit. It helped. A nap later at home helped more. Sunday found me uncommunicative and grumpy. I think that the entire semester of having to be 'on' and chatty with others gets to me. I want to be home, nose in a book happily ignoring others. Well, that's just not a good thing to do with loved ones. 

This week we're hosting some of Alex's friends and preparing for Christmas. There's not even a tree here now, and I'm not sure I want to shlepp around and find one. We shall see.  The El Nino that is smacking California has made this a warm yet rainy winter here in Wisconsin. Most are complaining about the lack of snow. I'm not. I'm fine with it. 

Here we have the stud muffin of the group Percy with his gal Mary. Rube (or Sev, I can't tell them apart) in front with one of our new chickens near the new mud puddle. They are enjoying the puddles of water and the warmth. I can't blame them. Struggling through snow, ice and crap is low on my fun scale. 

No knitting being done for Christmas and I've been through that rant long enough for anyone who's paid attention to roll their eyes. I'm not going through it again. I've crocheted a few doilies for gifts, made a few more hats for charity, but I'm actually not in the mood to knit much. Wierd, eh? 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Diversions are a life lesson

Yesterday, my chem class was to take a lab quiz. A precursor to next week's lab final, this was to give students a refresher on how to use chemistry to ascertain what chemical is in front of them. Next week, we will be given an unknown liquid and our goal is to use chemistry to figure out what it is.

Prof. Dan hammered it into us on the first few weeks that our lab notes will be key to this adventure. "Keep good notes." he said. So I did. We will be able to use them on the final.  As the resident lab rat, I was chilling in the lab prep room before class when Prof. Dan asked if I could prepare a few samples for him. Turns out a camera crew is in for the day taping a promotional video. I prepped the chem experiment: Something that uses an indicator to tell you what's using a color change.

But here we are two hours later and the video team is still there. It's classtime! UGH. So we wait a bit, then we all go in and the video team says, "We will be taping you for this video." ok, um...How is this exactly going to help us with our quiz? It didn't actually.

If this is what it is like to be in a reality thanks.

Prof. Dan needed some volunteers and most said, "No." I told them they were missing the angle on this one. "Hey, Prof. Dan? How's about some extra credit for those who volunteer?" His answer was a dodgy "maybe."

So I volunteered to have that guy with the camera videotape me pipetting the same liquid into the same tubes for about 5 minutes. Boring stuff if you ask me. As a diversion, this was heavy. Most of the students, including me, were thrown off our zone while trying to finish the lab. It was only after they wrapped up and left that most could concentrate.

But there's a lesson in that: Diversions are everywhere. Staying on track, doing your job and focusing are key.

Knittingwise: I'm working on slippers.  It's a DROPS studio pattern: felted slippers
My family goes through about 2 pair a winter, so it's time to restock. I'm using handspun wool for the most warmth.

Poultry wise: The younger ducks go to freezer camp this weekend. We've decided to keep Vito and his gals as they are older and would be tougher as a meat-source. Vito and Maria are the eldest ducks we have; about 4 years old. They've reached middle age. Age span of a duck is about 8 years.  Geese? Well, we will see. Many of the ganders will be off to freezer camp as they are getting out of hand. But that will be proabably after semester end. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage...with skilz!

Remember that from last semester? Yeah. What did that job last? A week? HA! I've beaten that with this semesters' work study.  My work entails streaking petri dishes with bacteria, as well as inoculating broths with said bacteria. I also make more media to put into those petri dishes.
Yeah, that's more like what I do every working day

Each of these tasks is a skill. Yep, a skill I've had to learn and am still learning. Yesterday's mistake was that I should've set the media I just made into the autoclave and ran it through. TOTALLY forgot about it while I was doing other stuff.  But while I'm perfecting these skills, I'm getting $9.00 an hour instead of minimum wage. So the question I always ask about a minimum wage job with minimum wage skills is this: If I can walk into your job and with about 5 minutes of 'training' DO your job, then your skills are worth minimum wage.

I don't think that other people could do what I do with 5 minutes worth of training.

I mean, it takes 5 minutes to talk about the PPE I have to
Two by Two Hands of Blue (not my photo)

Lab coat, glasses (my glasses suffice for this) hair tied back and gloves. Let me tell you that before last week, I had no preference for whatever plastic gloves I was wearing. This week, depending on the amount of swelling in my hands, it's either the Large or Medium in the blue. The clear-ish ones are too thick, the lavender ones tear too easily and are too big.  Gloves should fit well because you're in them for hours and you have to do stuff that requires a degree of dexterity.

And the hand washing, and the level of attention needed to keep from contaminating stuff and the usage of *this* chemical for glass and *that* chemical for plastic and that makes this job more meticulous than your normal flipping burger shit at Mickey D's.

And honestly, I think ANY person who works retail should be paid more than minimum at the get-go. The amount of stuff you're required to do during your shift is ridiculous. Work the register AND restock shelves AND keep stuff clean AND watch for shoplifters AND put away the extra cash AND help out customers. I mean............really? If you're paying $7.50...I'm a fucking cashier and that's it. I'll help whomever is sitting on the other side of this checkout stand but I'll be DAMNED if I'm rushing around putting stuff away while constantly checking for customers.

It would be like making MickeyD workers clean up CONSTANTLY while taking orders...OH and don't forget to restock stuff too! Ugh.

BUT.........back to work study. The remainder of this semester is training for next semester when the lab manager is going to be on clinicals, so someone else will be running that part of the lab. Gosh, I hope it's not me, but ...who knows.

Yes, I made a doily and this is a crappy shot of it. I've not crocheted in years due to it hurting my hand so much. It took me a few weeks to get it done and the pattern is called 'ripe wheat.' I gifted it to a couple for a housewarming gift. They're both farmers of a sort; work on the farm, write about farms, deliver feed to farms, but live in town. Kinda the best of both worlds.

BTW, I'll never crochet in wool/nylon yarn again. It was a stupid idea born of the fact that I was impatient and didn't wait another day to go to the store and buy some cotton thread. Oh well. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marriage is about revelations

David and I have been married 16 years this past week. Yay, Happy Anniversary to us!

Here's David with my Niece's new boy, Sky. Dave loves babies, they love him. He thinks it's because he has a deep voice and all that hair.

Honestly? I don't think how long we've been married it much at all. Some days it feels like we're just married, sometimes it feels like 32 years. I still learn new things about David and about us every day.

Case in point: We decided to head to Menard's...(it's like Lowe's but locally owned) for some things. Dave has a list. Twenty seconds after hitting the front of the store, he's off on his own. I spend a bit of time trolling for stuff and then the rest of the 1/2 an hour trying to find David again. I've got some things in my cart and I'm just enjoying some time out of the house.

Oh and at one time, the muzak starts playing "Let it Go" from the movie frozen. Now I'm rarely serious, so I'm trolling the aisles in full karoke style singing along to the song, arms swinging,....I'm having a grand time. Are people looking at me oddly, oh you bet! I don't care.

I finally find the guy, stroll up to him and he is pitching a fit that I've rarely seen from the man. I mean, just fuming. They don't have this, they don't have that. They refuse to cut the length of pipe he needed so he's wandering the store with a 10' length of pipe off then end of his cart.  I am taken aback. I mean, here I am just glad to see him again and he's just angry. Oh well. I brush it off, put my stuff in with his and start along for the rest of his list.

Now as we go along, he talks about what I have put in the cart: socks and some Herr's chips. Here in this spot of the world, Herr's is a rarity. It's Frito Lay all over because they make them in Beloit 10 miles away. I like Herr's though. They have some good flavors. Oh and they're on sale for $2 a bag. The socks? Oh dude, come on! They're on clearance for $3....SOCKS! I love new socks BTW.

American Gothic, taken at the Harvest Festival with a Potato Masher.
And as we're going along, his demeanor changes. He's not fuming any more. I'm making cracks about this or that for sale singing along to the muzak and just enjoying myself.   It's only after a few days that I realize that if it weren't for me...that man would be a curmudgeon all the time. He may make me a more serious woman, but I bring out the more playful man.

 We do well together.   So here is to 16 years with my husband.... my Santa, my rock.  Yes, I've been a *very* good girl this year. ~wink wink~

On the knitting part: No knitting. I'm actually crocheting! It's a surprise. I'll take pics when I'm done.

On the study/work part; I've picked up a work-study job at school to help with finances and get some experience. First day was this week. So far, so good. Lots of bacteria, lots of petri dishes. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Just back to normal

30 day writing challenge? Screw that. It wasn't near as much fun as I thought. I'll just go back to normal here: Knitting and birds...with a bit of class thrown in.

So I'm finished 98% wise on a request from friends of mine to make booties and a hat for their upcoming
baby.   I chose the baby UGGS and a pumpkin hat. The hat just got dyed orange so it's not available for photos.

The Uggs turned out decently but the pattern needs tweaking if I ever do it again. These are going to be too big for a newborn. It was worth a shot, though.

I got in a pissy mood the other day and it got so bad that I couldn't even stand myself, so I took time off the internet and started knitting something  It's the start of a pattern called a heelhead scarf with a bit of change to the pattern.

Link to the pattern: IT'S A FREE PATTERN! YAY!
Right now, It is about 2' long, but before I start increasing for the hood part, I will make it another foot, then start. The pattern itself came from a Cascade Yarns scarf pattern  it's called the "Eco Cabled Scarf"

The yarn is handspun wool fleece bought from Sheep and Wool this year. I think it's a Cormo Cross. Nice medium  crimp, good feel to it.

Oh sure, there are tons of projects on the needles here, I just don't want to see them right now.

On the poultry note: We butchered 29 chickens weekend before last and it was a long day. To make it all that more fun, the next day my BIL brought over a big doe and we butchered that as well. My new skinning knife works well in skinning a deer fast. It took me less than an hour.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Still behind, still catching up

#5 A place you would live but have never visited:
Tuscany looks nice, with the exception of all those Italians, LOL. Oh they're probably nice and all that, but I'm not a people person. In reality, any place in the country with a nice view, a good solid home, an outbuilding for my animals and a pond would be dreamy. I often envision my last days living in the valley near my Aunt and Uncle's house up north. It's isolated, and remote.

Stash up some supplies for the winter, chop up a forest full of wood and I'd be happy as a clam by myself for the rest of my days til I die. Reality is, Dave's going to go before me due to him being older than me. It's not a comfortable thought, but it is reality. I don't think I'd marry again. As much as men claim to like Old Fashioned women, they like Old Fashioned HOT women and I'm not hot. I'm not even lukewarm. I've got skills, but I'm not hot.

onto #6  Someone who fascinates me, and why.

Hm. Interesting one. I don't think of one person right now, but I often find out interesting histories on television stars and personalities that make me respect them more. Often times its when you hear about heroism in the military service. When I hear the story, I often will go and make sure it's true. Some are, and some aren't.
Hedy Lamarr, Pretty Face and Inventor of Torpedo Guidance Systems

One on one, I like to talk to people. Sometimes you find out some interesting stories when you're in line waiting at the checkout, or while working on something. Today it was a lady who was relating a recipe for perfect pie crust that uses vodka in it at the apple orchard. People fascinate me when they lose what I would consider their facade and become 'real.'

Oh and I'm going to try this recipe for apple butter in the crock pot:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Writing challenge 4

This one is 10 interesting things about myself.
1. I'm left handed. When I was little and learning to write, I used to write backwards and from right to left. Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci used to do that and it's called mirror writing.
2. I can speak French, a bit of Spanish and can read sign language.
3. I've never seen line 98℅ of the hottest TV shows going because I just cannot care about reality TV.
4. The only health problems I have is Asthma and crunchy knees.
5. I've got 2 Associate's degrees. Working on my 3rd.
6. I quit smoking in 2008. It was cold turkey.
7. That was the same year I converted to Catholicism. Before then, I was Congregationalist with an upbringing as a Methodist.
8. Of my entire immediate family, I am the only one who would regularly attend church. Even as a child, some Assemblies of God church ran a bus that would pick up kids on Sunday and I would go while everyone else slept.
9. I have a better than average memory. I can remember stuff that I see only once.
10. I've never skipped a rock properly, never did a cartwheel, never climbed that stupid rope in grade school

Writing challenge a belated 3

So today is my first kiss and first love..

I honestly don't remember my first kiss. I remember a guy I liked a lot when I was in my early 20's. He was nice, had a good smile and I enjoyed talking with him at work.  One Christmas party, we made out quite a bit and became the talk of the factory for a while. That was the downfall of any relationship we may have wanted.

He fell for some chick that was more high maintenance, more pretty, more popular. Problem was that she liked another guy. It's like the all-American youth story ever written. We stayed friends and I hooked up with my son's father... Who promptly left me pregnant, and penniless.

The of part about this is when I dream of that job, I am always there trying to find him. In the dream I look down the rows of machines and never find him. After 20 years, I would hope those dreams go away.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 2 - Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is a simple one: I was about 3 and I heard my Grandma Jeanne's voice downstairs. I was so excited to see my Granma that I climbed out of my crib and went down the stairs to see her. What I do remember is the sound of her voice and climbing out of the crib, that is all. But I remember the emotion of being so happy to hear Grandma that I did something I knew was wrong.

The second memory I have is not a good one. I've had asthma all my life. At the same age, I had an asthma attack that landed me in the Emergency Room of our local hospital. Back then, it was called the Sisters of Mercy Hospital and it was run by Catholic Nuns. This would be back in the early 70's.

I remember a big opening and a lady dressed in a nuns outfit at the opening in this area.

 I remember the floors: Brown and white checkered, with those threads in them.  Yep, definitely looked like this, with a bit more brown in it:

I remember a gurney, with white bedding on it. I remember a really painful injection in my thigh. And that's all I remember.

Interesting on how both memories were based around extreme emotions. One happy, one stressful. As a matter of memories, I don't usually remember day to day stuff of when I was a kid. I claim that I've repressed them, but not really. It was mundane stuff.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boom! Challenge Myself

OK, no one ever challenges me to any of those things like the 'ice bucket challenge' or so..mainly because I won't do them, then I'll spend 10 minutes telling them why their effing challenge is useless against whatever charity they're pimping $$ for. So this time, I'll challenge myself:
And my thing will be to do it in around 5 minutes. So Five Problems with Social Media (FB) in particular:

1. Everyone thinks they're right about everything under the sun and about 98% of the people are actually wrong....about everything. And the other stuff? It is an OPINION!!! Not everyone shares and agrees with your opinion. And when you point out their fallacy/inaccuracy/downright lie or the fact that what they have given is an opinion that not everyone shares and agrees get labeled 'evil' 'stupid''bitch' and then they unfriend you..yeah, whatever. Grow the F UP!

2. LOOK AT ME!!  LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!--- Seriously, I've got FB friends that CONSTANTLY post selfies. Ugh. Talk about Narcissism!

3. Younger people actually believe that their online persona IS their real life persona. Case in Point: I had one woman whose child was murdered by her boyfriend, and she stood by and allowed it to happen. She'd post all the time how she LOVED her dead daughter. Yeah, if you LOVED your daughter, you'd have kept her from being killed.  Telling everyone you LOVE someone online does not equal showing them love IRL. 

4. You're stuck with a group of like-minded friends who post and reshare the same stuff that you've seen 343,453 times before....because............refer to #1.  You cannot hold onto friends who don't think/act/bow to your every thought/word/deed because they think you're eeeeevil and cannot be associated with. 

5. People who think that IRL you're friends so you should friend on FB. UM. No. Negative Ghostrider, my pattern is more flybys. Mostly because of #1 up there. Hell, half my family isn't friended on FB because they are incapable of accepting that there is another opinion to stuff that is not theirs. To be blunt, EVERYONE thinks they are right about everything AND NO ONE can stand being told they are wrong about anything.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jake Owen - What We Ain't Got

What We Ain't Got

By Jake Owen
We all want what we ain't got,
Our favorite doors are always locked.
On a higher hill with a taller top,
We all want what we ain't got.
We ain't happy where we are,
There's greener grass in the neighbors yard.
A bigger house and a faster car,
We ain't happy where we are.
All I want is what I had,
I'll trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not
We all want what we ain't got
We all wish it didn't hurt,
When you try your best and it doesn't work.
And goodbye's such a painful word,
We all wish it didn't hurt.
All I want is what I had,
I'd trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not.
We all want what we ain't got.
All I want is what I had,
I'd trade it all just to get her back.
She's moving on, but I guess I'm not.
We all want what we ain't got.
I wanted the world until my whole world stopped,
You know a love like that ain't easily forgot.
I guess we all want what we ain't got.
Yeah, we all want what we ain't got.

--When I think of this song, I don't think about lost loves, but lost people, and beloved pets. I'd be happy to see my Vicky Girl again, to hear her purr. I'd be happy to see Harry honking out there with the rest of the flock and hanging with his sister. I'd love to see my Grandma again.  
But that don't happen.  Money? Stuff? fuck that. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Pope is in town, so everyone mug him.

“The Catholic Church has too much wealth. The Pope talks of how people should spread their wealth, maybe the Pope ought to sell off the stuff that the Catholic Church has.”   I’m hearing this over and over and over again right now. So let’s talk this out logically. There is quite a bit of sarcasm involved in my discussion just because everyone pulls this meme out over and over and over and over again and fails to even think beyond the 140 character twitter post.

But I DO THINK beyond the sentence and what you get is what goes when you actually THINK about a subject.

After the sale, this will be in the bathroom of Bill Gates, good luck seeing it there.
First of all, the Pope owns nothing. None of the items in the neither Vatican, nor elsewhere are his. When he became a Priest many years ago, he took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  He can talk all he wants about selling all of your possesions, because he owns nothing. His experience in his previous location has severely colored his outlook on some of the basic tenets of the religion. But that’s for another discussion. 
George Soros' new 'man cave'
So sure! Let’s rock this bitch right out of the gate, shall we? So the Vatican decides to start an auction. They’ve cleared out all the movable artworks from the Vatican city and we’ll start with selling the Buildings of Vatican city.  For, what?, 300 years or so, we’ve all had the opportunity to go in and worship there. We’ve been able to see the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Our eyes have gazed upon the Last Supper painted on the wall of another chapel. Millions upon millions of people –whether or no they were Catholic did not matter – have been able to see these wonderful, masterful works of art.

Oh, by the way, since I’m on it. You DO know that those works made by artisans were tithes to the Church, right? As a practicing Catholic, you were expected to tithe 10% of your earnings to the church. This is somewhat a standard practice with many religions, but it’s the Catholic Church who gets dinged on it. Muslims are supposed to give 1/5 of their earnings in charity but you hear no one bitch if they don’t.   BUT………..I digress.

So these artisans may not have money to give to the Church.  What they DO have is a talent.  Those beautiful wood carved altars, magnificent stained glass windows, intricately embroidered vestments were all made by a craftsman as a donation to the Church.  Craftsmen, when donating an item to the church, believed they were offering to God, so whatever was offered was the BEST these people did. You didn’t go in half-assed and give God your castoffs.

But whatever, man! The poor NEED it NOW! Nevermind that there have ALWAYS been poor people. Nevermind that there has ALWAYS been rich people who refuse to help those.  Nevermind that most of the poverty out there these days has NOTHING to do with lack of food, lack of water, lack of opportunity.  Almost all the poverty out there these days is driven by governments to control the masses.  Venezuela has bare shelves, not because they have no food, no things to put on those shelves, but because THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS EVERYTHING AND MAKES IT THAT WAY!Most of the countries’ with poor people have plenty of rich people stealing from them to get more stuff.

So let’s get to that part, shall we? So the Vatican is sold for like $20 BILLION to say…….George Soros. All the people who lived in the Vatican City are now out of their homes. The honor guard are let go, and the Pope gets a nice walkup in Rome. Ol’ Georgy moves in and plops his big-ass bed right under the altar of St. Peter. No more tours, no more looking at the Sistine Chapel…if you want to do that, you’ll need to be a pal of George Soros.

Which begs the question:  If George Soros had $20 BILLION to spend on the Vatican, how come he didn’t use some of that money to ‘help the poor’?

Oh yes, that’s right. PEOPLE are able to get as rich as they want off the backs of the poor, that horrible, misogynistic stubbornly-refusing-to-change-to-the-whims-of-the-day Catholic Church MUST PAY FOR THEIR INABLITY TO BE WHAT ‘WE’ WANT!!!!!  Do you HONESTLY think that the Catholic Church has stayed a predominant religion for over 2,000 years by catering to every whim of every generation????
The dude who made Minecraft is gonna put this in his dining room
But we’re not even to the good part here! The Vatican has now sold off all their ‘stuff’ so that other rich people can have that ‘stuff’ and now they have money to give away.  BTW, nothing is for free. Even if someone gives you something, it’s costed them something.  That ‘free’ thing will cost YOU something as well for receiving it. Taking money and items from people, even if it is given freely, has repercussions. If you take from someone else because of a WANT you have, and that person has given out of their own stores of funds monies that they NEED…..YOU ARE STEALING!
So if a government accepts funds for food and items for their poor people, when in fact that government has plenty of their own funds and stores to take care of their own people, THEY ARE STEALING!! Venezuela, if they throw their hand out and whine ‘please! Please help our poor!’,…are not only STEALING but COVETING MONEY and causing more sin in their country. But hey! Chavez needs another yacht for his daughter! Who CARES if others are starving in that country……. SHE. NEEDS. A YACHT!

So now the Church has the money to ‘help the poor’. Lovely! Great! Which poor? In what form with that ‘help’ be? Will it be outright cash? Or will it be food? How much ‘help’ should each poor person get? Is the Church just feeding them? Or are they building houses for them? Are they getting them clothes? Is it health care they need? What will be the responsibility of the church to give to the poor?
And they manage to do this without selling something? INCONCEIVABLE!

Ever heard of Catholic Relief Services? Little Sisters of the Poor? Any Hospital that is “St. ” started out as a Catholic run hospital. St. Mary’s, Mercy in my hometown were both run by the Catholic Church at one time. Mercy was called ‘The Sisters of Mercy Hospital’ when I was young.  But hey! THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!! The world must have ALL OF THE POSSESIONS of the Catholic Church! THAT WILL TEACH THEM TO TELL US WE’RE SINNING!!
Wanna talk about a tough crowd!! OMG they have their work cut out for them!

And after all that…………….the money is gone. The Church has given all of its’ funds away to ‘help the poor.’ And as you look around……………THERE ARE STILL POOR PEOPLE………..well damn! As long as there are greedy people (which is a sin, btw) there will always be poor. As long as there is evil on this earth, there will always be poor.

So in honesty, it’s not the riches of the Catholic Church that needs to be given away, but the beliefs. If you follow the tenets of the Church, follow the 10 commandments, allow for there to be a deity whose rules are not-fluid to the whims of the generation, THEN you will have less poverty.

But people are too stuck on greed, covetousness and an abject fear of someone telling them “NO” to allow that to happen. Guess what? EVERY DAY of your life, you sin. EVERY DAY of your life you do something to harm others……… fact, the thought of ‘selling off all the Church owns’ is a sin of coveting what is not yours. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Rain

I had intended on getting the two goslings outside this morning, but they are under my feet twittering while the rain ensues. There may be time later to get them outside, but for now they are fine.

So let's see, some of the fun we've had here in the last two weeks. School started, so I've got that going for me. Biochemistry, Immunology, Phlebotomy and Lab Skills. A full boat this semester. The work is made less due to the fact that I've had experience in the lab and spend two semesters in Chemistry already.  Immunology seems to be challenging for my mind to grasp, but that's what Youtube is for. Phlebotomy? Well! I get to stick people and draw blood. I'm only nervous about doing it correctly.

Last weekend we went to the County Fair and it was blazenly hot. As we trolled around looking at animals and chugging water, we sweated and sweated and sweated. While near the food aisle, Dave pulled me over to the Italian Ice guy as I started to look at bit peaked. A dish of Mango Italian Ice helped a lot.

This bunny seemed to sum up the entire experience for us.

In the GOP tent, we encountered a couple we met last year. They were the ones who had come over and picked up our Toulouse geese Molly and Buddy from us. Dave had forgotten entirely about meeting the couple, but I had hoped to see them again this year to get an update.

So here they are these days. The guy had this on his phone, so he emailed it to me.  Molly's in front, Buddy is in back. This year, they put away their animosity towards each other and hatched out three babies!

I had a suspicion that once Buddy had left his pals he'd come into his own and mate with her. She's a good Mama and Buddy's a good Daddy.

The babies were sent off to another farm to begin their lives while Buddy and Molly hang around cleaning up the orchard at the new place. I'm glad to see them well.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Annoying Meme's #4? Gotta be about up to 4 by now.

Today's Meme is more about the ability of some people to purposely stay stupid.

I just came across a report where someone claims that Huggies wipes has glass in it. All I can think about at this time is how FUCKING STUPID people have become. I mean, REALLY! Think about this for a second.. no I mean it: THINK ABOUT THIS!

1. WHY would Huggies have glass in their wipes?  What benefit would that be to the wipe itself? NONE.

2. Does everyone instinctively think that everyone else is trying to harm them with a product? Yeah...I got over that when I was 8. I used to think my parents were poisoning me with those dark krispies in the Rice Krispy box.  

Much as it is your wettest dream to think that corporations are just out to harm as many people as possible, let me reassure you that IT JUST IS NOT TRUE. STOP IT!!!   Another time where common sense and about 2 seconds of thought would render that untrue. Companies are out to make a profit, yes? How can they make a profit if they are harming their customers?!  The lawsuits alone would kill the company.

3. Try watching television once for the sole purpose of education. There is a show we watch regularly called, "How it's Made." on the Discovery Channel. It will run you through how many objects in your life are made. Some are downright fascinating. They show the complexity of the process as well as the safety procedures created to make sure everything you get is safe.

Most companies that deal with food and/or baby products have multiple steps + a quality control process to ensure that no foreign objects get into their products. It starts at receiving the raw goods and ends in the warehouse. I know this because I worked as a Maintenance Mechanic for a few years at a potato chip factory. I also what How It's Made.

Metal detectors not only detect metal, but anything dense. It will sound off an alarm and automatically stop the machine.  They now have these computer aided vision systems that can photograph, determine if the product is up to spec, and spit it out within .001th of a second. It's amazing stuff.

4. WHY would a company use glass and/or fiberglass in a baby product? Are ya THAT gullible? Both glass and fiberglass have no ability to hold fluids and are horrible at cleaning up fluids. Oh and they are pretty expensive. Wet wipes are made by making a wipe out of cotton fiber and then adding the wiping fluid to it. There's no glass involved. Probably none on the machines too. Why? Because any factory that makes baby products will have to be cleaned, sanitized and inspected each week. Any glass windows create places for microbes and make it harder to sanitize machines...they just aren't worth it.

The WORLD is BEGGING you to use your brain.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Annoying Memes #3... click 'like' if you're for it

This type of meme is the one that cracks me up quite a bit because you're thinking to yourself, "Who's FOR it? An idiot? I don't know anyone who is out there going 'YAY HEROIN!!'"

Seriously, I've seen this same meme with different subjects, "Click Share if you're against: Child Abuse, Pet Abuse, Drug Abuse, Spousal Abuse...etc." Dude, no one is FOR these things!

Oh and just an aside, if you STILL have that rainbow filter over your picture, TAKE IT DOWN...your 10 minutes of ADD advocacy of the cause du jour was over a month ago. Now you just seem like a lame asshat that forgot to jump off the bandwagon when it left your town.

No worries though, I'm sure that there will be some cause du jour that will allow you to happily pimp out how awesomely tolerant you are soon. (Cause du jour means 'cause of the day' which means whatever the media is pimping out to be the thing you need to focus on today. I'm sure there's a Kardashian involved somehow with it.)

I also don't like people who constantly post their kids' photo as their profile picture. Yeah, I get it..your kids are your life. However, if I wanted to friend your kid, I'd do it (it's illegal for anyone under 13 to have a FB account though) I friended YOU, not your kids.

Simple popularity pandering is also annoying. How many times have you seen a meme, "My mom will quit smoking if I get a million likes!"
So it takes a popularity contest for you ma to do something good for her and for her family? WOW, how lame can Ma be?  How 'bout she just QUIT and not tell anyone! Can she really do that???

oh, and your like won't give a sick kid a new kidney, heart, brain, lungs or toes. What does that? a TRANSPLANT TEAM! and about $250,000.
There is NO ONE who is paying per click for a kid to get a transplant.

I really don't have the appropriate photo of the last meme, I just copied this from the new Bloom County feed. I was so excited to see Berke Breathed start Bloom County again. He's irreverent, goofy and does not hold punches on the Libs as other cartoonist would. It's all fair game to him and I appreciate the candor and the wit that can do that well.

The last annoying meme for this week is the one that says, "Do THIS and hit Share..See what happens!"

You know what happens? NOTHING except you just shared it with another 300 people. 2% will do the same thing expecting some sort of animation or something with no effect.

The only time that actually worked was one time with my cell phone # and a certain command prompt that would tell me what name is attached to my phone. It's some thing where each phone gets a 'name' mine's like Armand Dupop or something odd.

School starts next week. Another semester of trying to explain WHY I don't add fellow students to my FB friends list. Dude, I don't even have my family on mine. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolling up on Autumn

It's another hot day here in South Central WI. I've got the two goslings out in the cooler mornings learning how to be goslings. I had hoped to foster them out to new Moms by now, but everyone is kinda "meh" about it. Ah well.

While I wander with the flock, I spin and the kids graze. Well, actually this is their first attempt at grazing today. They've been out 2 days now and this is the first time they realized they should be eating what they're walking on.

The shawl is almost finished. The scarf is being worked on slowly. It has a nice repeat on it, and I use that to gauge how much I should be doing. I do two repeats a night if I can.

Today,  I'll get into the physical therapy treatment we are doing on little Georgia here. She's the one in the back near the babies.

She sat on her nest for 6 weeks and when she was done, hatched out two babies. But the problem was that she had a bad leg before going broody that got worse after the babies hatched. For the last 3 weeks (or is it 4? I dunno) I've taken her over to the big pool and had her swim in it.

Her right leg is affected. She has feeling to it, and she can move it, but I think one of her tendons was torn badly during a mating incident.
The object of the pool swimming is that it is no-impact, light resistance AND she can get a bath in. With that leg being so bad, she cannot bathe properly.

So I get down to my skivvies and get in the pool with her. Yesterday I had races with her. I'd guide her to the other end and 'race' her back to Alex who was on the deck. She ducks her head under water a lot which cleans out her nares, and I think she likes the buoyancy of the whole thing.

Here's another good look at her. All that gnarly feather loss is from breeding season. She's gradually growing it back. The result so far is that she is able to get up by herself more and more. She plops to the ground when threatened or tired and has been using her wings to get up. She flaps them and gives herself lift. Now she can do it without flapping..which is good because she's losing her feathers.   

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Annoying Memes #2 - the Deuce

Today we will focus on the ones that are supposed to make you think you are 'special'.  I'm going to tell you a secret, you ARE special, but don't need a meme to tell you that.

EVERYONE can read this. 1/3 my hinny!  And please, 'like' all you want, just don't share. I've seen it more than I've seen my own parents.

To be true, I have about 450 people on my 'Friends' list on FB. About 90% of them I don't hear from at any time.  One day I was in Physics class bored out of my mind and friended anyone who had more than like 30 mutual friends.  I called it 'friendapallooza'

Sometimes I get some odd thing from a person from that group. I'll make a comment to Dave and he'll say, "How do you know that person?" I'll respond, "Friendapallooza"

Yeah, EVERYONE can read this as well. The mind is a wonderful thing and as you read, it deletes out all the extraneous things it does not need to make sense of the words.

No, don't 'forward' it! For the love of all that's Holy, DON'T FORWARD IT!

Yeah, these are kind of annoying as well. Find the "X" then "LIKE AND SHARE!!" Really? Is this what we as a society need to be using up bandwidth for? I mean, is there nothing else going on that would garner better attention? Make a person smile? Educate someone? ANYTHING?

That chick on the right; I see that look allllllll the time. I mean, I got that look because I knew who Typhoid Mary was. A Memo to the Kardashian watchers: The rest of us look at YOU that way. LEARN SOMETHING, even if it hurts. Oh and stop posting stupid memes! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Waiting for Dave to come out of the Shower

I swear that there are times when my husband spends more time in front of that mirror than I! I know he's done showering, but I don't even WANT to know what he's doing in there now...

So here's my two knitting projects going on right now:

The shawl is called Geese in Flight so DUH, I had to knit it. It's actually an easy pattern to memorize. I'm on my 2nd skein of yarn and it will end up being my own shawl, I think.

Then there's this Scarf:

knitted from Fisherman's wool. It's a Purl Bee pattern, I think.

April Showers Scarf

It's supposed to be done in a lighter weight yarn, but here in the frozen tundra, the heavier yarn will be better. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Annoying FB Memes 1

I have decided to delve into the world of Facebook Memes. Those quaint big signs with words that are good, bad or funny. Over the last week or so, I've gleaned a few of my favorite annoying memes. Those are the ones that when I see them, make me go, "Ugh...really?"

 1. The new version of chain letter. DO THIS and SHARE or horrendous consequences will ensure. Really?

Like God is really standing up there in the Cosmos looking down at the Facebook and says, "Well! Bob clicked like, I'll give him an extra $20 today."

I roll over about 3 of these daily. I know, I know...people think it's harmless and they'll get lucky but dang people! Really?
 2. The 'Cyberhug' which actually DOES NOTHING and annoys me.  Notice it also has that 'PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEE" addendum. No worries, that's for another meme.

Really? Cyber hug? No. Just no. Not a substitute for a real one, and really pretty useless. If you really wish to tell someone you are thinking of them, message them and say, "Hey. How ya doing? I'm thinking about you and I hope you have a good day." Just don't do it in a creepy stalker sort of way to people you rarely speak to. If then, just do it in the open part of FB.


I'm not anti-Christian. In fact I have quite a bit of faith in Jesus. I just don't think that God/Jesus/The Holy Sprit is looking down on the Facebook for confirmation of that.

It'a another bid for attention from someone to their audience.  Besides, my relationship with the Holy Trinity is not up for public consumption.

There are ways even online to profess and practice your faith in God. This ain't one of them.

No worries to you who enjoy the poultry or the knitting. I'm going to blog about that as well. It's just that sometimes, these things just need to be said, and I've been told my sarcastic attitude lends a bit of humor to the whole thing.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It was a day like no other.

Ok, it's a usual day here at the farm. Chores are done, animals are fed, and knitting is commencing while I start working on a few things.

I've been working on extending my family tree a bit more. Whatever I had done was left pretty much in the air about 8 years ago. We had a years' subscription to Ancestry, but couldn't afford to keep it. Now, there are a bit more free sites that will help you without having to pay up $70 to see them.

The two parts of my tree that were stuck were on my Mother's side. The Laws' side was stuck in Kentucky at the start of the 1900's. Now this might be fine for some, but come on! I've gotten one part of my tree back to the 1500's.  So I started searching, using the LDS website. Back when I started, the only persons in their database were ones 'sealed' to their faith. It's a part of their religion: If you become a Mormon, all your ancestors were 'sealed in the faith' -or baptised in Mormon. Many took offense to that because it is a very personal choice whether or not to be baptised in one faith or another. I'm guessing with the immense database they have now, that this is not the practice.

My Great-Great-Great Grandfather Wenzel Hrobsky. Born in Bavaria, emigrated to America before the great Immigration and landed in Baltimore. He and his wife Anna moved to Watertown WI and had their kids. Their daughter married Alex Sr. and had many sons, one of which was my great grandfather.   I've managed to get wonderful information about the Hrobsky's via a Czech website..which was translated. YAY!~

And I've tracked the Laws' to 1700's England. This does not bode well for the claim that we're Irish on that side but what can ya do? I'm glad to be able to find them at all.

So ah..yeah. It's all very boring stuff with a lot of paperwork but when you get to extend your line a do the touchdown dance.

Now onto knitting:
Five new hats are done; 3 of which will go to charity, the two alpaca ones will stay here. It's not like I don't have like 20 hats already, It is time to donate them. I will be giving them to a local Men's shelter because they are often overlooked and overshadowed by the local Women's shelter.

Handspun Alpaca with a darker stripe. I'm trying to use up scraps that are all over the place. I actually frogged a Rikke hat for the darker alpaca since it was ridiculously oversized.

The amount of yarn I got from that will cover at least 2 hats, and I'll give the 2nd one to Alex. We'll live in luxury while the others get the wool they're not warm or anything.

Well they are nice though. The pattern I use is the simple one by Patons called Basic Beanies:

 I really really really like Paton's Kroy sock yarn for these hats because it is a tad thicker than your usual sock yarn which makes for a warmer hat. This one is the slouchy version which I knit up if I have enough yarn. The person can either wear it slouchy or flip up the ribbing to keep their ears warmer.

Gray marle is a good colorway for guys.  These are really handy to keep in the car too, in case you need to keep warmer for some reason. I found two of them in my school backpack.

 Clover colors are always nice

And the alpaca one for Dave is really warm and soft.

I found a bunch of skeins of Paton's Kroy on clearance at Hobby Lobby and snapped them up for $3.50 a piece. Heck, you can't even BUY a good hat for that at the store, and the ones at the store will be some icky acrylic or cotton.

Wool ones keep you warmer even if they get wet. This yarn has enough nylon in it to also make them machine-washable, which is also helpful.

Cascade color is the last one.  They start out on size 3 circular needles, then after the ribbing, I transfer to a size 5 needle to knit the rest until the last bit which is done on double pointed needles.

Each one takes me about 2 nights of knitting to work up. I knit while I read books on my ipad. The hardest part is trying to turn pages while knitting, I've tried using my elbow. but that does not work.

I found more yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby, so I have some that will be done with Red Heart's Heart and Sole sock yarn. It's thinner, but I think the hats will be fine.

They work well under hoodies for added warmth in the winter without a lot of bulk.

And then there's the prayer shawl for another person battling cancer. More on that later.

All I can say is that when I was knitting this up, I really missed my friend Kevin a lot.

Last but not least. Mary has hatched out a baby last night! I'm excited for her. Of all my female geese, she is one of the most maternal. She's fostered goslings before, but this is her first brood.  I'm giving her a lot of space because she knows what she's doing and is VERY protective of her baby.

I saw this little one this morning and burst into tears. I'm happy for my Mary-belle. She's going to be a great Mom!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

You are Here - Celebrate!

I've been hearing a lot of whining from people these days about this or that offending them. Here's the deal; your offensiveness is yours. No one needs to change to keep your petty little sensibilities from being nicked. YOU are stronger than that!

After you read this, go look at yourself in a mirror for a while. Heck use your cell phone if you have to, but LOOK at yourself. YOU are the result of thousands of years of survival.  Your ancestral parents have survived many things for YOU to be where you are.

There were three pandemics in the world over the last 700 years. One wiped out about 50 -80% of the world's population. No, I didn't say just *one* area...THE WORLD LOST UP TO 80% OF THE PEOPLE.  Had one of those  people been your ancestral parent before you were born? You wouldn't be here.

But the Bubonic Plague reared it's ugly head a few more times over the millenia. In the 1600's it hit England again, decimating 30% of the population. Yet, your ancestral parents survived to give your ancestral parents life. THEY SURVIVED!

The Spanish Influenza of the early 1910's killed roughly 1/2 the population - again- worldwide. Yet, your great-great-great granparents survived.

In the mean times, your ancestors either raped and pillaged, or WERE raped and pillaged. Yet they survived and reproduced.

Before antibiotics, 50% of the kids a Mom would give birth to would die before their 5th birthday, most within the first year. Yet, your ancestors survived.

I'm betting at one time or another, one of your ancestors was enslaved. They were probably refugees at one time, or forced to flee their homes due to a pestilence or conquering army. Yet, they survived.

And here you are, the result of all that hardship, whining about something stupid that made you feel bad. Pick yourself up there, buddy. You're made of much sterner stuff than that. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


That's Nellie trying to get straw for her nest. Yes, I've got a channel on Youtube. It has some of the best videos from the farm on there. I've been on vacation for a few days, kayaking on the Wisconsin River. It was nice.

But it's time to get back to the farm. More later!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Things I understand, but just don't "get"

So one day my honey were out fishing and talking and we hit upon someone else idea of fun. I said, "I understand it, I just don't 'get' it." to which Dave gave me that look.  I said that while I understand the jist of whatever it was, I just couldn't understand how people would actually make a hobby out of it.

Trust me, there's a lot of that out there. Now, this is not in any way demeaning these interests, but realize that other people find it just not to their liking.

Things that I understand, but just don't get:
1. Fantasy Football  - I call it "D & D for jocks"
2. D & D
3. Golf  - a lot of money to hit a ball around mowed grass.
4. Raising miniature - dude, if you can't ride it, eat it or have it mow your grass, why even raise it? 
5. Blinging out cars/trucks/semis - This one will tick off my Dad who would chrome his whole semi if he could but...............why?
6. Scrabooking - I know, but it just smacks lf "look at me! look at me!" but hey, whatever tricks your trigger.
7. Soccer, actually Professional Soccer  - BOring, to watch. But hey, some of those players are hot.
8. Trips to Mall of America - Yeah, don't spend a lot of time in malls nor shopping, nor do I care all that much about it.
9. Cruises on mega ships - Um, It's a floating city with all the amenities that will dock at some sort of shanty town with a built-up tourist area. I'd rather go low scale..or actually fly. Being on an ocean gives me the heebie jeebies..
10. Big game hunting. - If I'm spending that kind of money, I'm coming back with meat for the entire city, not just leaving it to rot.
11. Running  - I know, I's exercise. It's 'great' and all that. Big tater tots on my chest + asthma means my exercise high comes from elipticals. There's no decal to stick on my truck for doing x amount of hours on the eliptical. No one gives me a shiny blankie either.
12. Basejumping - no...just no.
13. Uber- manicured lawns.  This must be some sort of guy thing, because if it were left to me, the side yard would be a hay field to be mowed, raked and baled for food..not to have a huge carpet of green.
14. Spending hours on hair and nails at a salon for big bucks. #1, I don't have the $$. 2. the stuff is temporary. 3. No animal will look up at me in the morning and say, "hey, nice hair" (but I do like to paint my nails here at home.)
15. Nope, that's it.

I'm sure people don't get things that I do...I'm ok with that. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

In Memoriam: Vicky the kitty 1999-2015

Vicky is the kitty on the right, sitting with her pal, Tigger.

Sad to say, but I had Vicky put down yesterday afternoon. She was such a good girl, and I miss her already.

She was born under the deck of the next door neighbor back in '99. We lived in town back then, and Tigger had a friend who was a stray cat we called Skank. Tigger was about 6 months old, and would jump in and out of the house via the kitchen door. There was a window missing on the bottom pane about 3' off the ground that I had not gotten around to fixing by then.

So Tigger and Skank would jump in and out of the house, grab food and wander the neighborhood together. One Saturday Skank was acting oddly; jumping in and out repeatedly. I went to see what was going on and lying there in front of the door on the outside with this little black furry jelly bean...Vicky. I followed Skank around for a bit and found her birthing place under the deck, grabbed the remaining survivor..another black jelly bean...and brought them into the house.  For the next few months, she jumped in and out while we kept her babies for her. We named them Ricky and Vicky. Ricky got given away but Vicky stayed.

As she grew, we noticed she was a VERY neurotic kitty. She didn't like to be picked up. She didn't like to be held. She skittled under the couch at any loud noise. I reasoned that living the first few days under a deck would make that happen. Boots clomping around overhead while you're trying to nurse would do that. So we let her be ...Vicky. Neurotic...sometimes invisible, but a part of the family.  When we moved in 2006, we stashed her in with a VERY dirty Tigger who had gotten out and was found in a swampy area. As soon as we got her here, she dashed under the loveseat and spent the next 3 years there. Occasionally she would come out and I would know she was fine.

Tigger and her were best buds. The two would sleep, fight and eat together. In the last few years, Vicky has ventured out of her hiding spot and become a very friendly kitty. She loved to sit with Daddy at night curled up on his legs in the recliner while Daddy read.  She would only do that if he had a blanket covering his legs, we never did figure out why.

When Tyler entered the realm, Vicky would fight with him regularly. We would know who won by who got to sleep with us upstairs at night. Vicky would prefer curling up on my hip.

She became our most prolific mouser. She caught and killed about 4 mice over her lifetime..which is 4 mice more than the boys!

The night before last, she jumped up on the foot of Dave's recliner and I noticed a smell...awful smell like some bad gas. Didn't think much of it until she got closer to me. Then I noticed it was her. Conversation ensued, and Dave and I bundled her up and took her to the bathroom where the best lighting is in the house. At 10 pm, Dave held her while I searched her for the cause of the smell. It turned out to be a big hole in her mouth. I rinsed her with some antibiotic laced water, gave her a dose of antibiotics and fell into a fitful sleep.

Yesterday, after finally finding her, I looked into her mouth again to give her another dose of antibiotics + rinse. The erosion was much worse and I did my best to rinse it and give her some antibiotics. I called the vet, and thought about it. My thoughts continually went to the worst possible scenario: Cancer. Whatever this is came on too fast, eroded what seemed to be a healthy mouth too fast and laid her low too fast to be a normal infection. I emailed Dave told him my fears and we decided that if were the case to have her put to sleep.

The vet did a thorough examination, and I withheld my suspicions. She was such a good girl through the whole thing that I bet those ladies thought I was kidding about her being such a neurotic kitty. I held her as best I could on the table while the Vet confirmed it was cancer. Only then did I admit that I had suspected it to be cancer as well. We discussed treatments; one MAY have given her another month, but she's old and it was pretty advanced. I told her to put her to sleep.

Vicky's last photo taken at the vet. She looks scared and sad. 
I stayed with her, petting her and telling her what a good girl she was, and how it was OK for her to go. She went as peacefully as we could make it. I had a cotton scarf that I put over the pet carrier to keep her calm that became her shroud. I took her home, laid her in state on the front room couch until Dave came home. I knew he wanted to say goodbye to his girl.

She's buried out by Sissy the goose, in the tall grass on the berm. A place where no one will disturb her and she will rest well. Right now, it is marked with a tree trunk. I'll get her a proper marker when I find one that's fitting.

RIP were a good girl.