Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is this the best pairing of fiber and bag ever seen?!?! Photo is courtesy of Into the Whirled which is giving this away to some lucky person.

Just in case you missed that: CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GET INTO THE GIVEAWAY

The fiber is from Into the Whirled: Click here for Etsy Shop
and the bag is from Jessalu: click here for her site

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is the Baby thing over yet?

Three of my good friends have decided to enjoy the thrills of parenthood. I'm excited to see them reproduce! You see, these friends have seen Alex grow from a little kid to a tall, lanky, deep-speaking teenager. I do not envy them dealing with toddlers in their 40's, but hey, better them than me!
But their education into parenthood gave me some funny memories. I was explaining the need for nursing pads my friend Ang, and she looked as though I slapped her across the face. As the little offspring have made their entrance into the world, I've made some nursing shawls so that child can eat in privacy.

That's a swallowtail shawl knitted from Misti Alpaca for the infant I called Survivorbaby. This one was given last weekend while we were in Milwaukee. Mom was curious at why I gave her a shawl until I explained what it's used for. Then she promptly tried it out.
This one was given to the babe we'll call "Sweet Pea" Sweet Pea was the first baby born and I was chatting with Mom and told her she needed a nursing shawl. The problem was that the first one I gave her was wool, and I realized that it wasn't machine washable. So I gave her this one which is acrylic.
The third one was made from white superwash with a lace pattern that I ripped off from a shell pattern.

I gave Mom a little pamphlet about how to dye it with kool-aid if it gets stained. I figure that she might be able to use it for longer if she could do that. This one is still waiting for its baby.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kitties and Cat Beds

I made the Kitty Pi for out largest cat, Tigger. It was a great way to use up some more handspun that my sweetie found in the back of the pantry. Looking at the pattern, I made some revisions due to the huge girth of the intended feline, and to stabilize it against the intended feline.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo. It was taken in low-light and I guess I flinched. But there lays Tigger, over-running the kitty Pi with his ...furriness. Darn, I will have to start again, with a larger bed.

OH, and I got a new laptop. It's very nice and comes with a number pad!

This one was about 32" across before felting. The sides were strengthend by doing the following:

row 1: sl 1, k1, -repeat
row 2: knit all around
row 3: k1, sl 1 - repeat
row 4: knit all around

I repeated these rows 3 times.

I think my next Kitty Pi will be larger around. I'll extend the sides by a few more repeats of the 4 rows so that it can cover Tigger better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Go to Plan B

Sometimes things just don't go the way you've planned. The other night, a power surge took out my laptop's screen. Well, darn. It just won't light up! Ok, it does for a second, then you get butkiss. So, bring in the spare monitor.

That's my setup for now. A monitor, placed on the kitchen chair right next to the laptop. Kinda makes that thing less portable too.