Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh hey! A twofer, but this one is a rant

I'm back from the grocery store. We were out of milk. I was out of was necessary. Oh and HEY! Ice cream was on sale!

So I gather milk, soda, pizzas and that awesome ice cream and head to the checkout lane. I'm a tad frustrated because my pen is not in my purse. That means I'll have to wait until I am being checked out to write out the check. Meh, I write fast.

The woman in front of her 70's by my reckoning has a whole cart full of stuff. She starts instructing the bag boy (man?) to not crush stuff, keep this to the side etc. Oh goodie! She's going to be one of those people. Others who queue up behind me suddenly realize how slow this line is and in a huff wander off to another line. Whatever, I mean, this can't possibly take TOO long, right?

Food's been scanned, the lady hands the cashier a dozen coupons. The two of them go through these coupons, 'did you buy this?' no..that coupon goes in one pile, the other ones that were for items purchased go in another. 'Did you buy Comet?' 'No, I couldn't find it, but I really need it.'

So we wait while the bag boy goes out into the store to get the Comet. I'm looking at a chick on the front of the Cosmo mag in a hideous dress. Oh look! Another stupid story about orgasms! Cosmo has been flogging that dead horse subject for 30+ years now.  Oops! Comet is here, and the lady finally produces her savings card. Mine has been in the checkbook bookmarking the check I must write out since I started this fiasco.

She produces her debit card and slides it through the machine.  I find a pen on the cash register and start writing out my check. Date, Pay to the order of, signature are ALWAYS written out before I hit the cashier. It's just courtesy to do so. Well, darned if that debit machine is hard to figure out. The cashier is needing to help the lady through the transaction...oops she wants cash back. 'how much?' $20. Ok. we get that taken care of. We are almost to the promised land!

'How do you want that 20 ma'am? Just one 20 dollar bill?'

 "I want a roll of quarters." really? REALLY? I'm trying not to giggle here. I mean, how much time could someone spend purchasing groceries? I'm about to find out! The Cashier wanders off to the Customer Service desk to retrieve a roll of quarters. I'm onto Family Circle Magazine to make luscious summer desserts. Well, that's what the ice cream is for...........that's melting as we speak.

Back she is with that roll of quarters. Now the lady must stow all this into her purse...another few minutes of waiting while the Cashier starts rolling through my stuff.  I warn her about the top on one of the ice cream tubs that is loose and then tell her I have 2 12-packs of soda but only put one up on the check out counter. She swipes my savings card, I write out that amount on the check..booya I'm done!

Two minutes in my transaction, about 15 in the one before me.

Now WHY do I type all of this out? Because I want to point out a few things for you.
1. I have the patience of a saint sometimes. There was not one reason to freak out on the lady before me. She was doing what she had to do. She wasn't being slow to piss me off, nor to 'ruin' my day. She was being who she was. I have patience with people and would hope that by showing this patience off in public that others would do the same. which brings me to........

2. If I have ONE MORE chick shove her fucking cart up my ass, or throw the frustrated look coupled with the heaving sigh, or chat on her infernal cell phone about how that chick in front of her won't 'get out of her way!' I WILL BASH YOUR FACE IN WITH YOUR BOTTLED WATER!!


Yes, I am BETTER than others because I can show patience! Yes, it is boastful to point that out, but sometimes I cannot help it. I AM BETTER THAN YOU when it comes to patience! I think it is time for others to recognize how much it lowers other people in my esteem when they act horribly in a checkout queue. YOUR ACTIONS IN THE CHECKOUT LINE ARE WHY I HATE PEOPLE IN GENERAL!!

Grow up, get a clue, stop acting like everything and everyone should bow down and kiss your ass and get out of 'your way' MAYBE YOU'RE IN MINE!!



It's been 3 years since our last vacation, and Dave decided he needed one badly.  We trained up Alex and his friend Cody to watch the flock while we were gone and we headed off to Governor Thompson State Park near Crivitz, WI. It's a new park, situated on the Cauldron Falls impoundment. A very nice park, actually.

Except for the rain.

Seriously, it hadn't rained in Southern Wisconsin for WEEKS. No rain. the grass was brown, we really needed some! Up North, it rained for 3 days straight. A few hours here and there were dry but it was getting absolutely ridiculous.
The first night we were there, we set up and went down to see if we could get cell reception and call home. I took this photo from the boat landing. Nice, eh?  Even the mosquitoes were pretty scarce. We called home, everything was fine and went back to fishing.

There's been a fox stalking our flocks. Problem is, we've got a huge flock and the geese are actually bigger than the fox. they'll stomp/peck/hit him with their wings and he'd be a dead fox. Either way, if I can get him before the flock does, I'll sleep more soundly.

The next morning, rain. We head off to Crivitz to get breakfast and then put out on the lake with our canoe and kayak. Sure enough, even though the radar said all clear, it wasn't.

Dave is in the canoe, I'm in my Kayak and it started misting..then drizzling, then raining. I backed up under an Oak on the bank and watched Dave fish. It was nice to just be somewhere quiet.

Incidentally, twice -at two different lakes - I had people come by me and engage in conversation about me to their spouses: "What is she looking for?" was their question. I think the first lady had it right in her response, "I don't know....serenity?" Yep, I was looking in the water at some fishies, clams and snails. I also observed some interesting water plants that spiraled up to a small flower that broke the surface. It was peaceful. Apparently I am more curious about underwater life than others.

We ate our steaks in relative dryness, a treat we picked up for the trip. In the morning, more rain. We checked the radar and it showed endless rain, or what I termed, 'fresh hell.'

A discussion ensued and we decided to pack up and travel to a less wet park. We picked Buckhorn State Park on Castle Rock Lake, It's a HUGE lake, but there's inlets that are less inclined to be used by motorboats.  We had much less rain, but more mosquitos. Oh well. We put in on the lake and started our travels. Somewhere I lost my husband, but he's a big boy and can find his way back to the shore.
I rounded a peninsula and found this field of pond lilies. Now Dave says he's never seen them this high over the water and from comparing the maps of the inlets to actual inlets, I think he's right in believing the water was lower than it's normal level.

Aaand this lily pond was where I picked up the biting flies...............
I went in search of Dave, trying frantically to swat away the flies biting my back and armpits while paddling. Oh, and then my sweet niece starts a facebook conversation at that time that sets my phone to go BEEP-BUZZ every time someone responds to her. Wrong time sweetie!

Not to say that every day was rainless, I mean one morning we woke up and checked the radar for fresh hell and one was coming upon us. We decided to head on up to this shrine to the Virgin Mary up the road.
It was.............interesting. The entire complex was devised by a lady who had been receiving regular visits from the Virgin Mary in the 1950's. After Mary stopped coming, other saints made visits. From the completeness of the shrines, it was a busy place in the 70's but is in decline. As it was just getting done with the rain, there was no real place to kneel and say prayers. I think they probably should put a place inside where that could be done.

We paddled more on the lake, and tried to catch fish, but they were just not biting. We slept a lot, read a lot and got sand in lots of places it didn't need to be. Saturday we awoke to the hottest, muggiest day since last summer. We packed up and beat the storms home. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo updates

That's George, Fred is behind him. They're doing well.  I've put up the enclosure again so they can be protected while outside. They have food, water and a bath in their enclosure. The rest of the flock is still harassing them. I don't know why, nor do I care. I just need time to be inside.

Carrie is sitting on the last 2 eggs we have. I've incubated them until yesterday when B5 was internally pipping. B3 and B5 were fertile and have progressed well since I popped them in the incubator. By putting them under a broody goose, she gets to be Mom and I get my life back.

This is just a nice photo of part of the flock. I can tell right away this is the flock we term "Ron's Flock" because Buddy is in it. Buddy, Ron, Sweet Pea and Gingi are all part of our original flock sent to us over 2 years ago. Everyone else in the group is Ron's offspring: Ronson, Sissysan, Penny, Nelly, Lumpy and Arthur.

It was a cool morning after a good rain. We could use some more rain, but never diss what you get. Out beyond that fog is acres and acres of farmland, woods and a few other farms. It's a nice view.

Inigo and Fezzik staring at Tyler the cat. Those two chickens roost on that chair and listen to the TV every night. I'm sure they are very well informed on a lot of things. We like to watch shows like "How it's Made" and "Food Factory".

We've tried to get them integrated with the rest of the flock, but these gals are just happy as a clam to be sitting on the front porch being creepy while we watch TV.

Ah well.

This is a photo of Percy. Why? Percy likes his photo taken. He's a ham when it comes to photos.  My Sister claims he's mean, but he's just a big ol' marshmallow. He will come up the front stairs and holler for me to pet him. He likes his belly rubbed. You can't get near him when it's breeding time, but when that's over............he's a big ol marshmallow.