Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When something sparks a memory

I was relating how my Dad gave me advice some 20+ years ago.  He said, "Brenda, not everything needs to be a fight. Sometimes it's just better if you'd shut up." Interesting advice, but it has an interesting story behind it.
(The picture has noting to do with the story, but I have to add them because I like pictures.  This is Tigger, my kitty)

Back some 20 years ago, I was on welfare, getting Section 8 housing after that SOB of a Father to my son left us high and dry before I was even showing.  What do you do when 1/2 of the parental units bails on you? You go on welfare and work your ass out of that situation.  Well, Alex was less than 1 year old, and Section 8 will not allow you to be living in a 1 bedroom apartment with a child. You need 2 bedrooms, so I needed to move.

I found an apartment on the other side of town in an 8 unit building; upstairs and to the right.  It'll do and Section 8 approved it. Only after that did I find out that the Landlord of that unit was the same as my Parents who were renting a house.  OK, so I wanted to get in early, get stuff cleaned up and arranged.  I got the phone # of the Landlord from my parents, called him and asked if I could get the key 3 days early.

The dude went ballistic. "WHERE did I get that number? NEVER call him again!" I mean he was just livid.  That's when I tucked that little piece of paper away for later use. I mean, if you're a landlord -even if you have a manager- EXPECT PHONE CALLS FROM RENTERS. If you don't like it; GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!!! Try weaving baskets or something.

K, so I move in. The building is about 3/4 full. The only empty apt, is to the back and left of mine. For some reason the manager gets her knickers in a twist and barges into my apartment one day insisting that I was doing something wrong.  I was not. And I did not get that 24 hour notice that I was legally supposed to be given before inspection. Not that it would have changed what I did, but...

SO she tells that ass of a landlord that I am the cause of a cockroach infestation for an 8 unit apartment. Why? Because she said she 'saw something swirling in the bottom of my garbage pan.' yeah. Feathers.
Back then I made dreamcatchers.  It was feathers.

That landlord tried to get me evicted.  In fact, EVERY. FUCKING. MONTH. he'd be at my door on the 2nd with eviction papers because he didn't have the rent money in his greasy, greedy palms. Yes, I did have to pay part of the rent: $125 a month.  So when he held up his eviction notice, I held up the money order receipt, stamped on the 1st by the post office. Sure, I could've just handed him the rent check, but...let the fucker squirm was my thought.  Let that fucker squirm for his pretty little cash.

Section 8, who were very helpful to me because I was a good tenant and didn't trash apartments, came to my aid.  Told the landlord that NO, I was not the cause of a cockroach infestation when 6 other families lived in the same unit. But he kept on trying to get me evicted before the lease was up.  So I turned him into HUD for racial discrimination.

Yes, asshole, THAT WAS ME WHO TURNED YOUR ASS IN. I learned from the other tenants that the dude had refused to rent to a woman in the same situation as me because she was black.  In fact, there WERE no black people in any of his units. Asshole was racist and I was going to make him pay.

So HUD sends a man to interview me - BIG imposing black man.  I was not afraid. I told him what I knew and the investigation went on..for many years I gather from info I get from old friends. The landlord kept on his tirade, trying to evict me at every turn.  That's when my Dad says, "Brenda, not everything has to be a fight.  Just shut up and let the guy have his apartment.  You're moving in a few months anyways." He was right, it really wasn't worth the fight anymore.  Let the asshole king pretend to have his 'realm'.

 Needless to say, I was not offered to renew my lease.  I moved on, but not before giving everyone in that apartment unit the Landlord's phone number.  Was it petty? Yes, but at some point you just gotta stick it to them.  Yeah, and I got my entire deposit back from that asshole...the one that said I was such a slob that I caused a cockroach infestation...THE WHOLE DEPOSIT...BOO YA!

So the moral of the story is that sometimes, you should just let the petty little kings have their petty little realms.  It feeds on their mental illness and allows them to go on when really, they're just pathetic assholes. I guess if I was that pathetic, I'd need to think of myself as better than I am just to get through the day. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

And Plie...

Ducks and geese do this thing after they've been resting for a while.  They stand up, extend one wing and then lift the corresponding leg.  It's a ballet move if I've ever saw one!   

Monday, July 15, 2013


" Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot." - Eugene in 'Biloxi Blues'

It's going to be another hot week here.  

Anything that can hold enough water + a duck or goose is used to keep them cool.  Here we have Molly's babies in a Tupperware cake carrier and a heated dog bowl.  Don't worry, it's not like cake ever makes it out of the pan, even.  12 hours and it's all gone.  There's never a need for cake carrier.

I needed to keep the big pool out of commission until these little blighters can get out of it safely, but I still needed to keep everyone cool. So I am using litter pans, dog bowls and even the plastic drawers out of one of those cheap plastic dressers as mini pools. 

Eh, Dave's gotta clean that one out anyways.  It was the back end of the duck pen when they were inside in the laundry room.  Now they are big enough to be outside. 

I finally had to suck it up and clean up and organize my end of the couch.  My debit card has been missing for almost a month now.  No one has used it, and Alex does not have it, so it's in this house.............somewhere. At the bequest of my hubby, I went through all my yarns, fibers, spinning equipment, knitting equipment and Finished items on my end of the couch. Nope..not there.  Ah well. 

There's Sissy and a good shot of her bad eye. We got her neck all healed up and it got cooler here last week, and Sissy went back to being mostly like herself.  I forgot from last year that she really really hates hot weather

She's not the only one. Hey, I live in Wisconsin! I can tolerate a lot of cold but not much heat.  There's always warm wooly stuff to put on, but I'm running out of stuff to take off and still have friends!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


We have our worries about Sissy, center in the photo.  She's been acting oddly lately; standing in corners just zoned and walking aimlessly not with her flock. Her bad eye has been looking worse lately, and I suspect she's lost more sight in it.  Her depth perception is worse: I see her trying to lap up water about 1/2" from the actual water.

If it is true, and she's lost all sight in that eye, she WILL eventually adjust. We'll need to adjust as well.  Before I walk over to pick her up, I talk to her and make sure to touch her side so she knows I am there.

She had an injury to the area below her chin. With the hot, muggy weather lately, it was important to keep it bug-free.  I slathered triple antibiotic ointment on it twice daily to keep it from blood sucking bugs. It's healed over now, so that's another thing that will make her feel better.

I've been working on a redesign of the banana squash head pillow.  I discovered that it is a great thing to prop up my ipad on my lap so I can knit and read at the same time. The prototype is out of some leftover Lion Brand Magic Stripes that I found, but the resulting pattern, when it is up, will be able to be knitted from any sock yarn.

I've also decided to use smaller needle to make a more firm fabric and to make the inner part about 1" longer to accommodate the ipad and the case. I'm also forgoing the start at the end-knit to the other end as it's a pain in the ass.  I'm starting it at 1/3 the way in and will pick up the stitches to make the other end. I know, hard to explain, easier to knit.

 The ipad was courtesty of a Wisconsin Higher Education Grant that I got last semester.  Part of it went to the ipad, which I use all the time at school.  I have an app on it called TopNotes that allows me to use my stylus to write notes in class and draw pictures.  It's only limitation is that it does not draw circles, squares, etc...which would be really good for Trig.

Look for that redesign pattern soon.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New babies are just so cute!

No, they are just so cute!

Molly hatched out 6 babies day before yesterday. Like Sissy, she's a first-time Mom and doing a LOT of hissing.  A leaf blows by too close to her and she hisses.  Yesterday was the first time the kids got to go outside. At first, all the goose girls came up to her nest to see the wee little ones.  Mary is very interested in those girls.  She'll make a great Mom next year, I think.

We've compared these goslings to Sissy's since these will be a Toulouse/African cross. Well, we were not sure until they hatched.  If Daddy was Buddy, they'd be straight Toulouse.  The kids would have a grayish beak. These are all black beaks but the chicks themselves are more yellow than Sissy's which are straight Africans.  I've seen pics of the Toulouse/African cross: Big bodies, with that tuft-y neck, dark streak down the back with brown instead of gray coloration. Hey, we're diverse here.

Sissy, here in the front of the group, has lost all her primary feathers. It's like following a kid to the bath: I pick up feathers wherever she goes.  There's a few people out there that are interested in buying the feathers.  One lady is making her own arrows, another is using them to play her dulcimer.

Sissy's also our one-eyed gal. This shows her bad eye pretty well. It's malformed. I see an eyeball in there, but it's not well-placed nor is the socket formed correctly. Probably a problem that happened in the egg.  She can see changes in light with it, and the other eye is sharp.  She's got depth-of-field issues, but it does not keep her from being queen of the flock.

Knitting-wise: I've worked more on my 3rd Deephaven cowl. The color is a gray blue that I find very appealing. It's actually a Blue-Sky Alpaca chunky yarn I've respun into a sock weight yarn.  I'm working out the gauge to make a sweater using this pattern.  I've snagged 10 skeins of alpaca mix yarn from Ebay that is close to the same color as this yarn. It will make a nice sweater for me.