Thursday, November 13, 2008

Topic of Discussion: Color in Roving

On the Spinlist now is a discussion of color in roving. There are many techniques, tricks and ways to get a solid colored yarn from roving. But what happens if you take small samples of color, and ply it with others? Well you can get yarn that will look like this 
when knitted. Ignore the white bands for a bit and focus on the colored areas.  To a knitter, that looks like Noro, but it is not.  I used small bits of dyed handspun to create a yarn that looked real muddy on the skein. 

I purchase  something called 'scrappies' from Vedabliss on Etsy. On the spinning wheel, the color blocks were less than 12" long.  They were mostly greens, and pinks. Occasionally another darker color would be in it. I plied it to itself without concern for what the result would be. 

The scarf was an experiment.  What would spinning and plying this type of yarn do? The answer was to make a knitted fabric with that Noro look, but with MUCH better feel.  I've been trying 'purposely' to do this for months without a good result.  This happened on accident! 

Friday, November 7, 2008

What's in my Bag?

You know, I hardly ever post these days and it's a shame.  I've been knitting like a fiend and should show my cool stuff. 

So, perhaps this will be a new feature: What's in my bag? Since I make the bags, be aware that my bag preferences change frequently.  

Current bag: Skulls and Roses in Medium

You will notice a few items in there: a white-ish thing and a knitted thing in green, orange and red.  Let's go with that colorful thing first.

This is a sock blank by Fiberartcafe.  It is just beautiful!!! I met Susan at the Dragonfly Yarn Shop yesterday. Kerrie has open knitting on Thusdays from 1 til 4.  For a work-at-home Mom like me, it's 2 hours that keeps me sane.  Sure, working from home is great.  I get to set my own hours and save money
 on gas and stuff. But, there is a downside: No one to talk to. 

My husband and my son are sometimes the only people I talk to for DAYS.  About a month ago, I realized how much strain this puts on both them and me. I'm relying on them too much for just plain conversation. I'm female,  with a female need to converse with others.  So I go in every week for 2 hours, talk knitting with some ladies and knit.  It's been great! 

Ok, back on track now.  Susan, the maker of the sock blanks was in and she had a HUGE tote of these blanks.  To a knitter- especially a sock knitter- that's like paradise.  Susan and I flipped through a bunch before I heard this one shout my name.  After I am done with the Harry Potter socks, this is the next thing on the needles. 

Speaking of Harry Potter: 
This is from the Opal Harry Potter line of sock yarn.  The colorway I am using is Ron.  The needles are size 0 Addi Lace circulars.  I do think I slipped a mental nut when I started on size 0's but, hey....there's worse things I could've done!

Next up, cashmere. 

Kerrie's been starting to sell spinning fibers. Last week I went to see what she had and this cashmere was just..............awesome.  I petted it for a while and then left it there.  
This week,  I bought an ounce of it. Since I had this planned, I tucked my mini-Boz in my knitting bag. I tugged a bit of fiber off my ounce and started spinning it right in the shop.  Oh, how beautiful it spins!  

At home I spun about 1/2 an hour and then the temptation got to me.  I had to knit it!  So I grabbed a couple of size 0 dpns and cast on stitches.  The swatch was knitted with the pattern from the Apres Surf Hoodie .  Now that I've seen how it looks, I'll be improvising that lace pattern and putting it to use on a smoke ring.  What else would you do with wisps of soft cashmere?

For more practical knitting; there's the washcloths.  Knitted on size 9 needles from a pattern by Artsygal
I knitted about 5 of them in a week. I like the colors, which is the peaches and cream gumdrop color.  This is that washcloth cotton you can get at Walmart for less than 2 bucks a skein.  I saw the pattern and on impulse, bought yarn and knitted them. 

So....what's in your knitting bag???