Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marriage is about revelations

David and I have been married 16 years this past week. Yay, Happy Anniversary to us!

Here's David with my Niece's new boy, Sky. Dave loves babies, they love him. He thinks it's because he has a deep voice and all that hair.

Honestly? I don't think how long we've been married it much at all. Some days it feels like we're just married, sometimes it feels like 32 years. I still learn new things about David and about us every day.

Case in point: We decided to head to Menard's...(it's like Lowe's but locally owned) for some things. Dave has a list. Twenty seconds after hitting the front of the store, he's off on his own. I spend a bit of time trolling for stuff and then the rest of the 1/2 an hour trying to find David again. I've got some things in my cart and I'm just enjoying some time out of the house.

Oh and at one time, the muzak starts playing "Let it Go" from the movie frozen. Now I'm rarely serious, so I'm trolling the aisles in full karoke style singing along to the song, arms swinging,....I'm having a grand time. Are people looking at me oddly, oh you bet! I don't care.

I finally find the guy, stroll up to him and he is pitching a fit that I've rarely seen from the man. I mean, just fuming. They don't have this, they don't have that. They refuse to cut the length of pipe he needed so he's wandering the store with a 10' length of pipe off then end of his cart.  I am taken aback. I mean, here I am just glad to see him again and he's just angry. Oh well. I brush it off, put my stuff in with his and start along for the rest of his list.

Now as we go along, he talks about what I have put in the cart: socks and some Herr's chips. Here in this spot of the world, Herr's is a rarity. It's Frito Lay all over because they make them in Beloit 10 miles away. I like Herr's though. They have some good flavors. Oh and they're on sale for $2 a bag. The socks? Oh dude, come on! They're on clearance for $3....SOCKS! I love new socks BTW.

American Gothic, taken at the Harvest Festival with a Potato Masher.
And as we're going along, his demeanor changes. He's not fuming any more. I'm making cracks about this or that for sale singing along to the muzak and just enjoying myself.   It's only after a few days that I realize that if it weren't for me...that man would be a curmudgeon all the time. He may make me a more serious woman, but I bring out the more playful man.

 We do well together.   So here is to 16 years with my husband.... my Santa, my rock.  Yes, I've been a *very* good girl this year. ~wink wink~

On the knitting part: No knitting. I'm actually crocheting! It's a surprise. I'll take pics when I'm done.

On the study/work part; I've picked up a work-study job at school to help with finances and get some experience. First day was this week. So far, so good. Lots of bacteria, lots of petri dishes. 

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