Monday, October 28, 2013

Who is your groomer?

A few years ago, Dave and I decided to become chaperones for the Church Youth group. Ok! What did that entail?
1. A background check.  I actually paid for the Church to run a background check on me. Guess what? I came out clean!

2. I was required to attend a 3 hour seminar on how to spot the behaviors of pedophiles so that I could alert the diocese to any unwanted attentions given to the kids during my time as a chaperone. Let me tell you, it was a very enlightening experience. The focus was on a video of 3 men, all were convicted molesters of children. They outlined deed after deed how they got to a point where they could molest kids.  It's called 'grooming.'

3. Betcha you didn't even know the Church did this, did you? You still think they are letting people molest kids all over the place and that's exactly why I am writing this now.  What you *THINK* you know, and what you know, is most likely the result of another kind of insidious grooming.

The end result may not be the molestation of kids, but the murders of people.  And trust me when I say this: Your groomers might have you believe by the time they are done that it is justified, but it will not.  Each and every day; in the schools, on television, in union shops, and on the radio you and your children are being groomed to become murderers. Who is your victim? Other Americans. Here's how they are grooming you to do their dirty work:

  • They start by becoming someone you are taught to respect: Teachers, Elders, Politicians, Supervisors, Actors.  By being in a role of respect, you are taught to obey them unquestionably because they are supposed to have skills and experiences that you don't.  
  • They allow you to experience things that are outside of your boundary. A bit of risque drink, a bit of nudity, a bit of bad language. It's always something outside of your normal realm.  Something that is a bit naughty, just a bit..  Their goal is to see if you become so uncomfortable with it that you leave their circle. They'll even laugh if you say something about this action not being right, "What are you? A prude???" Your beliefs and morals will be challenged. As they are supposed to be in a respected position, you start to think that maybe, just maybe they're right. So you stay. 
  • You are asked to let go of those associations with good people. Anyone of good morals is now considered the enemy; those who could steer you away from the dark side. In schools, we're seeing it every day: This Common Core bullshit does not allow Parents to view their own childs cirriculum, nor have any say in it.  Kids are taught that their parents are not 'smart' enough to help them with this new learning. These people in power know more than your parents now, kids.  Listen to them, not your parents.
  • Any associations that are good are demonized. Anyone with whom you still associate that could alter the course of your molester needs to be considered bad. They MUST BE DEMONIZED. They will tell you good friends, good spouses, the church, FAMILY are bad; they are evil, wrong, stupid. Their morals and beliefs hold you back, and they should be shunned because they are not 'progressive enough' A belief in Christianity is one that has become a great focus of these molesters. Christians have become evil, horrible monsters that are to be mocked, alienated and considered unhealthy for this new society. Why? Because we have morals. We believe that we should love one another and not murder.  That won't jibe with the new molesters. You must believe their morals, their tenets. You must believe THEY are the messiah, not God.
  • The Boundaries are taken down, slowly and deliberately. More and more sexualization is shown everywhere. "Sex is good! Have it all the time!" "(insert whatever deviate behavior here) is a RIGHT!"  "Sexual morality is WRONG" You get vaunted stars writhing around onstage pretending to be having sex with other stars. Another great message: THINGS are more important thant People. 'YOU MUST HAVE THIS NEW THING!! IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN FEEDING YOUR KIDS!! YOU MUST HAVE IT!!" Objects become the focus of your life, not people.  Objects are to be hoarded, like Gollum's One Ring. And all along, you have politicians, actors, actresses, journalists all point to one person - a dissenter- and they shout: THIS PERSON IS EVIL! A RACIST EVIL BASTARD!! - and without even questioning the message or the messenger, you believe them.  
  • They destroy any evidence of what life used to be. History books are altered. Old people are euthanized. Charities are forced to close. Religion of any kind to a benevolent diety are squashed; only the religion of Climate Change and adherence to the state are permitted.  Anyone who could profess an understanding of the wrongs that this kind of lie perpetuated before are eliminated. There must be no more witnesses to anything of the life before. This New World Order MUST BE MAINTAINED!
  • Those in power slowly gather more power, until there is no way to defeat them. By the time this happens, you will not want to defeat them. Their goal will be your goal. You will have no way out of their snare. All your money goes to them. Those friends and family that could have helped are gone; banished by your belief that they were evil. All you have left is a cadre of people in the same state as you. Bereft of any opportunity to rebel, you must submit or die.  So you submit. They put a gun in your hands, point to someone and say to you, "This person is evil, they must die." And staring directly into the face of an old friend, and without compulsion, without morals, without question: You shoot them dead. 
Congratulations, your molester has turned you into a murderer. You have been groomed. 

And YES, I honestly believe that this is what is happening, and I honestly believe that this is their end game. If you don't think so.....well, either you're being groomed or in denial. How far will you allow yourself to be groomed before you say ENOUGH! and deny them. How far will this go? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sissy and Dave

This is a short video of our goosie Sissy chewing on Dave's hair.  She does this every night when we put away the animals. As geese go, she is the only one who shows affection towards us. Of course, she's the only one we hatched and raised.  The others were hatched elsewhere, shipped to us.

Sweet Pea will come up and give us 'kisses' by nibbling at our lower lip.  That's another video that will need to be taken to believe. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Dave and the kitty Tyler watching the game.  He was trying to get Tyler to look at me, but he wouldn't. Oh and Tigger is the big orange fluffy thing bottom center.

I gotta give props to the man, he saved my coffee maker.  He ran stuff through it until it became unplugged.  I am with coffee in the mornings! yay!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bad Juju

Ok, if one of you is sitting there holding a voodoo doll that looks like me...can you take out the pins now? Please???

Bad Juju has followed me for about a month now. The latest layer on the crap cake is my coffee maker dieing. I mean...........really?

Last weekend the microwave gave up the ghost.  Dave pulls out the old one we had and it didn't work.  So he ended up taking it apart and repairing it.  Now we have a microwave.

I SWORE I turned on the oven last night to make dinner.  We had to sit and wait an extra hour for the tater tot caserole to bake because the oven wasn't on. Oh the timer was on, but not the oven. ~facepalm~

The entire spare bedroom needs to be emptied and have the carpets cleaned *again*. I did it two weeks ago and one of the cats has decided that it's one big litter box. Good thing all my stuff is in plastic boxes, but still.  I can't sew in there, the smell makes me wanna puke.

Which is why if you go to my Etsy shop, you will see some fiber, knitting magazines and other stuff up for sale.  I'm finding stuff and selling it. It cleans out my sewing room and helps pay tuition.

You need a picture:  

That's Daisy in her pen. Since she was attacked, she has had to suffer with a  permanently injured leg. It's broken and it repaired horribly. She hobbles around but not all that well.  She gets to bathe in those litter pans and has food and water in her fenced in area.  I tried letting her out whenever she wanted by opening the door,  but as soon as she waddled out to the area, Buddy, Sweet Pea and Gingy attacked her.  So...until she gains a bit of weight, she stays in the pen.  She gets the kennel at night in the garage with the other ducks.

It's been foggy in the mornings on my way to class.  This was shot out the window at 55mph the other day. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bumble Bee Tuna

Taken one morning on my way to school. This is the Rock River in Janesville on River Road.  It was a foggy morning and the water was very calm.

School is progressing.  Financial Aid is not. The final word came down that I will not get any aid this semester. I'm $500 in the hole for Calc and if I drop the class they'll add another $700 to it.

Damned if I do, Damned if I don't.

And they won't let me register for classes until I pay the $500. My only course at this time is to pick up as much money as I can selling stuff that I don't need, selling plasma and keeping expenses low.  And Dave is digging into his 401(k).  I'm less than pissed that it needs to be done, but what can you do?

I've also applied for a credit card to put the $500 tuition on. That way I can pay off minimums, STILL register for next semester and pay it off with my grants next semester.

Still not happy about that either.

On a MUCH funnier note - Dave and I watch Duck Dynasty. My BIL turned it onto it, saying it was funnier than heck. Yes, it is funny.  The epsiode where Willie's Son, John Luke is recovering from dental surgery has started a new trend here.  One night last week, Dave rolled over - and in his sleep -touched my arm and said, "Bumble Bee Tuna." It was hilarious.  Now ...I've told everyone he did this. So now I tease him that Bumble Bee Tuna is his term of affection for me.  Every once in a while I turn to him and say, "Bumble Bee Tuna"