Friday, March 21, 2008


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Photo Courtesy of Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2002 issue.

This is my current project. Every year, I make goals for what I want to do: knitting, sewing and relationship-wise. No New Year's Resolutions, but goals. This year, my knitting goals are to 1) Perfect the kitchener stitch and 2) knit an honest-to-goodness adult sized sweater.

DH is getting the sweater. This a picture of the pattern, not my hubby. When buying the yarn for the sweater (Cascade 220) I asked Kerri at Dragonfly Yarn Shop for color suggestions. She asked what did my DH look like, and I responded, "Seriously? Santa Claus."

Her immediate response was, "I'd stay away from red then."

Oh that was funny! I will be knitting it in shades of blue.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It is done!

Dem Fischer Finished
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Dem Fischer Sin Fru is finished! Yay!!! I washed and blocked it on the kitchen floor last night. Yep, the kitchen floor. Some brainiac decided to carpet it long before we moved in. The ability to block lace on it is the only saving grace.

The shawl is wonderful now that it is done. It was knitted out of Misti Alpaca laceweight in cream color on size 4 addi turbo needles.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The "N" Word

My son has been given the task of reading To Kill a Mockingbird for English. He does not read. To a parent who reads almost rabidly, this is gobstopping to me: not read??? I never understood why he did not enjoy reading. We've tried different books, different genres to limited success. He enjoys the heck outta manga, but they don't make To Kill a Mockingbird in Manga. So, we brought the issue up to his counselor because his reluctance to read this book is causing him to get behind in English.

After talking it out we realized that he could not utilize his brain to visualize the story while he read it. His counselor suggested the book be read out loud to help him visualize the story. So, I'm reading 2 chapters a day until it's done. Yesterday I read sitting crossed-legged on the kitchen carpet while he chopped veggies for Chicken & Dumplings.

When this book was written, it was normal to describe a black person using the 'n-word'. In the book, it gets used quite frequently. Now at first, I was really reluctant to even utter that word. I mean geez, do I have to? We're not a type of family that is racially prejudiced. As I say to my son, "I don't judge people on their color. I judge them on their personality. People can be assholes no matter what color they are." ok, well he gets the idea. But now, I say what's written. It's literature, I use the dialogue that is in the book as Harper Lee wrote it. The southern accent is a bit difficult to do-I'm from Wisconsin for cry-aye-aye.

As a High Schooler, I never had to read that book. I guess they figured the brainiacs had already done so. My take on the book is that it does have it's message; but it is dated. Isn't there a more updated take on the racial inequalities that these kids can read? Reading about the deep south in the 30's does no resonate with the usual high-schooler.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trekking Yarn

Trekking Yarn
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I've gone without a ciggarette for one month! Ok, well..... it will be tomorrow that it will be one month. But, there was that leap day..........

My reward is one skein of Trekking yarn in Jamaika colorway. ooooh isn't that a great colorway?

At the end of my smoking career, I was smoking 3 - 5 ciggs a day. That would be over 1 pack a week. That figures to be 4.50 a pack or roughly the same amount of cash that would cover what I spent for this yarn.