Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Everyone Just Calm your Roll

So being who I am, my choice of President was "None of the Above" to which I didn't get my way. I didn't get mad and throw stuff, nor did I devolve into a seething mass of  "EFF YOU" to everyone. I'm the kind who remembers the words of the Lord:

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres"

I personally want to thank the asshats at blogger at their efforts to forcefully make me TYPE all that instead of copy/paste because their text editor blows snotbubbles.

Being of the Christian faith and trying to lead by that faith doesn't make you grumpy, it just makes you less inclined to share it.  Right now, my mentality is, 'you made this mess. quit whining about it and for Heaven's sake, quit expecting others to clean it up.'

Back to my life for me. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

JUNE?!? That's the last time I Posted? WOW

Yeah, I have no excuse why I didn't post during the summer. Now? I'm working part time, school full time and then there's the farm.

This is my last semester before I start my clinical rotation. There's a petition process, although I'm still at a loss WHY I need to ask someone to become an unpaid intern in their clinic while paying the school for the 'privilege' of doing so..but what the hell.

The professors are loading up on the homework. I swear every time I enter a classroom there's a test due. I'd love to practice drawing blood but the other gals in my class are not cooperative. One has anemia, so can't draw hers. One gets woozy, the other has dodgy veins and the last gal is pregnant. Great, wonderful. Um,..yeah.

I drag my ass out of bed, do chores then head on out to the school for either work or class. Then I drag my butt home, do homework, do chores, do more homework. Any chance I get to rest is obliterated by now. Weekends, rush around doing this or that.

I have been meaning to get my sister her birthday card and present now for 2 weeks, but I'm so busy I forget to get it to her.

I'm sick of never having down time. Fed up with the constant demands of homework....do I really NEED 3 packets to finish before class?> REALLY???

I tried to get some rest yesterday. Came home tired and drained from a tour of the Red Cross, and it was great, but SO many people, new people, and the effort to keep perky and shit was just......ugh! Introverts get it, Extroverts don't. I wanted time ALONE after I get home. And I was tired. I tried to take a nap in the recliner and the second my eyes closed, NOPE! PET THE CAT!! CAT NEEDS ME!

So instead of trying to take a nap in the recliner, which never happens due to a very petulant and needy 18 year old cat. I said screw it and went to bed............before 9.  That's why I'm up at 4 this morning. At least I'm being left alone for a bit. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Establishing a protocol for fostering incubated goslings and such.

Newer laptop, forgive me if I scream a few times. I get random glitches when I type for too long.

So we've been incubating eggs for a while now and this is the first year that I've had a ton of issues with it. Two sets of eggs  have died within the shell before I could even sneak them under a mama goose. Then there was the chicken, who would not stop being broody, so we stuck a duck egg under her.  So now we have Dobby the duck with a hen as it's mom. It's working out fine right now, even though the Dobby is almost as big as his/her mom and s/he's only 3 weeks old.

We honestly didn't think she'd sit long enough to hatch a baby duck. That's at least a week more brooding time than a chicken. But she did and the only assistance we gave her was to move her nest
down to the lower level when the duck was hatched so it could get out easily.

They wander around and I make sure there are puddles for the little one to drink and wash from. Now the duck is big enough to jump into the sled we turned into a pool, so I'm happy to see her/him washing while Mama is around scratching for food. The difference in species doesn't seem to make any problems.

So we've had 3 goose girls in the coop playing hot potato with their eggs. Georgie and her daughters Minerva and Pavarti have nests in there and when one goes out, the other sits on the nest but leaves another one open. The eggs get cold and any hope of a baby goes with that egg freezing.

I decided to start candling the eggs when they do that, and any viable ones go into the incubator. We had one that internally pipped a few days ago, so I popped it under Carrie, who is brooding in the garage. She's been brooding the longest and has been consistent. The egg hatched last night, and this morning the baby was out seeing the world. Daddy Aberforth has been his very attentive self.

We've had to put barriers between him and other brooding mamas because he keeps chasing them out of the garage. So there's a concrete block here, bale of straw there, and the girls are hidden from Ab's wrath as Daddy.

I am still surprised at the role that males take in raising their kids within the realm of geese. Right now, Ron has his kids out every day with Auntie Luna as the kids' Mom has adopted another nest full of eggs and has gone broody again. Then Auntie Eleanor joined her.

 So every day, Daddy Ron takes Remus and Nymphadora out and they graze grass, take baths and wander around together. Ron takes his role quite seriously. I've remarked to Dave that it's great that Ron has finally found his 'cojones' so to speak. He was quite the neurotic dude there for a while.

One day soon we have to wrap up Nymphadora's wing as she has angel-wing. It's simple to fix, IF and that's a big IF you can keep the wrappings on them for at least 3 days, 4 is best. Then the wing is trained to go where it should and she'll have no problem with it.

Knitting wise: I've graduated from washcloths to burp cloths. Well, actually we're using them on the arms of our recliners to keep them nice and pretty. I've discovered Hobby Lobby's "I love this cotton" which is the SOFTEST cotton I've ever worked with. Right now, my local store has some colorways on clearance for under $2 so I'm snagging them while I'm in town selling plasma. It's kind of a reward for buckling down and dealing with the pain of venipuncture twice a week. Photos later. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Vacations were a lot more fun as a kid

Summer vacation! YAY! or..ugh?
Well, the truck took it's last straw and died on me last week. I was DONE with dealing with that stupid thing! The tow truck driver and I were getting too friendly.

Dave and I talked about it. Test drove a few cars and then test drove this PT Cruiser. I bought it...mainly because for a 2002, it had less than 70,000 miles on it. It's in really good condition for its age. I hope it runs for a few more years without issues. And it better, considering I'm now making payments on it.

Which means I need a job, right? HA!
What's with this  apply one week/ interview the next/ let me know 2 weeks later? WTH? I need a job NOW! I've been off school for almost 3 weeks and NOTHING? UGH

BTW: 3 B's and 1 A...I'm surprised. I expected more C's.  It was a brutal semester. This upcoming one ought to be brutal as well.

Knitting? I'm knitting washcloths. I've got knitting ADD.  All I can focus on is something small. It's getting better. I'm going through stuff to see what I can sell and what needs to be done. ADD is on it's way out.

When I'm done, I'll have about 30 0f these things. I think I'll try to sell a bunch and what does not sell goes into the church rummage sale/craft sale. That ought to help them out!

Monday, May 23, 2016

"Yeah, Nice Lady"

It's a quote that's been running around my head now for a week. It's from a movie, can't remember which one but all I know is that when it was said, the quote was from a guy and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie. The guy was beat up, drugged or something. It will come to me, but right now, it's just random garble in my head.

Which happens when I finish up a semester of school. I get random stuff stuck in my head.

I also have a severe case of ADD. It's gotten to the point where I'm CLEANING  and knitting dishcloths! DISHCLOTHS people!  There's not a thing wrong with dishcloths, really. It is just a symptom of my inability to concentrate for more than 2 seconds. I feel like a fish in Finding Nemo.

One of 2 baby blankets I've finished in the last month or so. This one is interesting in that the yarn is a super-bulky yarn from Red Heart: boutique dash.  Ok, so the yarn is like spool knitted. I found a skein in clearance and started fiddling with it to see if I could unravel it. Yep! And once I got it started, I HAD to buy it.

One skein wasn't enough and danged if this stuff is hard to find.  The 2nd skein came on Mother's day and I have this one off the needles. It's uber-soft and warm.  This one will go to my nephew and his mate on the birth of their next offspring.

If it were any bigger, I'd keep it myself since its soo soft, but it's really not big enough for my lap. Ah well.

Baby goosies have hatched and this years' Mama and Daddy are Ron and Gracie.  They're doing a wonderful job of it and have conned another female into helping. So enter.......Auntie Eleanor.

Here's Mama Gracie with the babies. Tonks is in the sled turned into a bathtub while Lupin is standing there with attitude. I find that these sleds make great baby baths for the goslings. It keeps them out of the bigger pools which is a Godsend because they can get stuck in them and drown. These little pools are set next to a big pool so Mom and Dad can bathe while keeping and eye on the little ones.

Now right now I'm only guessing we have one male and one female based on their sizes and how they walk. I worried about Tonks there for a while, she did not seem to be growing at all. Compared to her brother, she's a little smidge of a goose. But she IS growing and that's what matters. Mama Gracie and Daddy Ron are VERY protective of them and are great parents. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's new?

What's new here? Not much really. Lent is over. Two baby blankets sit on my printer awaiting me to weave in ends and sent to the Pregnancy Resource Center. Two..no three more are on the needles.

This is actually the 2nd one made with Loops and Threads Charisma. Total cost for 4 skeins: $10.

I like the colors, though others claim it's hideous. The pattern is one used for many things. I've seen it done for dishcloths and the like, Start with a few stitches, increase with yarn overs til a certain spot, then decreases back to the same CO stitches.

It's a big fluffy blanket for a baby.

The next one is made with yarn Dave picked out at Hobby Lobby.

It's hideous.

But the stripes on it are kinda cool.

The next colorway was picked out by a random lady at Hobby Lobby, but that's going to have to wait until later for pictures.

The pattern is by Lion Brand and is called the Lion Brand Diagonal  Comfort Blanket. The pattern is free:


Well, back to homework. School is going well. Would be going better if I'd remember to study before tests, but what can ya do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring...ah, Spring!

You can feel the change in the air. It's not as biting as it was last week. Sure, we were deceived by the mild temperatures, but I can FEEL a change in the air...more moisture, more warmth...and that means SPRING!!

Our geese have started their mating season. A lot of shagging, a lot of fighting, a lot of egg-laying. I try to stay out of the way as much as possible. Severus got me yesterday because I picked him up and his wing got me in the nose. I'm not sure if he's trying to mate with me or fight with me, but he's failing both!

An adorable picture of a goosie girl arranging her nest in the chicken coop. Normally, she'd be alerted to my presence behind her and get all cranky. She'd come at me hissing and honking with wings out to defend her eggs, but she was busy.

There's 3 gals laying in that nest, so Dave decided it was time to put up the nesting boxes in the goose pen. They're a bit smaller this year because it seemed as though the girls had too much room. We also put shorter boards up in front so baby geese can get in and out better.  It's a learning process for us.

One of our gals laid this egg the other day. Even for a goose egg, it's big! They'll lay one every other day for about a month now and our serious girls will then start brooding them. The un-serious girls will just lay their eggs in a serious girls' nest and expect her to  brood those babies. Naughty girls!

There's a couple of raccoons out there we need to get rid of as well before they realize those eggs are there. Once that happens, they will decimate a nest in minutes.  Can't have that!

Knitting wise: while reading my books for school, I'm still knitting. The stole is getting longer and I knocked out a bath mat because the one I knitted a few years ago has sprouted holes.

Interesting design on that, isn't it. It's not intentional. In the knitting trade, it's called 'pooling' when one color makes a design in the knitting of it.

The right side is where I pulled out a few rows and redid it because I was trying to end the thing too fast. It's a JoAnn fabrics big-ass ball of yarn bought on sale, held double and knitted on size 17 needles. I don't recall the amount of stitches,  I held the yarn out about a yard and a half then cast on that many. Five stitches on the left and right edge are knitted garter, the rest is stockinette. There's also garter stitch rows at the start and finish..about 6 rows. It's a standard go-to pattern for anything of practical use. The garter on the edges keeps the thing from rolling.

One of the things you do as a Medical Laboratory Technician is to take samples of someone's blood, smear it on a microscope slide properly...which isn't as easy as it sounds. You need to have a spot in that slide where you have one level of cells, not several. It takes practice.  Then after that, you use different dyes to dye the stuff different colors. What you're seeing above is my own blood properly smeared and stained.  

So the big purple squiggly thing is a neutrophil, one of the cells in your body to fight infection. The little purple dots are platelets, which clot holes in your body. The light pink stuff all over is my red blood cells. Those two things that are showing pink and purple are basophils. Usually, basophils are rare to see in blood because they are the cells known for causing allergic reactions. I'm allergic to pretty much everything, so I'm not surprised to see a few more than usual in my blood.

My platelets are a bit bigger than usual too, which means they are young platelets. Like most things, the older something gets, the smaller it is. I've had a nasty upper-respiratory virus for a few weeks now and it was really rough on my lungs. I'm pretty sure there is tissue damage from that...both from horking up a lung to whatever damage the virus did. So my body made more platelets to make up for the ones sacrificed in my illness.

It's awesome to see the delicate, yet hardy balance of the body and it's systems. It's amazing, actually...and every time I hear more and more about how our body works, I cannot help but think that it was the work of a very wise and very divine creator. Wierd, eh? People claim that the more science you know, the less you rely on a divine faith. But in my case, it's the opposite.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My unofficial week off

Both of my professors are off at a conference this week. There is some online work to be done but it's not all that difficult. Ok, one test was hideous but...what can you do?

I've had a few things on my list to do this week and they are done as well. I went to Goodwill and tried to obtain a dinner jacket for the hubbs, but the ones I chose were too small.

I visited a classmate at her bar in a small town 40 miles away. She and her hubbs just bought it. They are in the process of fixing it up. We spent the time trying to puzzle out a good menu that would get customers coming in and returning. I left her with my Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

Knitting is being done. Charity knitting as usual. My Lenten sacrifice is to reduce or stop cursing. It's moderately successful.  I've got a curse jar, and for every 10 or so pennies I put in, I have to knit another baby blanket and donate it to the pregnancy resource center. I'm not sure, but I think I'll be knitting about 40 of them by now!   Dave doesn't think it's a real sacrifice because I enjoy knitting. Sacrifice, in it's key words, means "surrender to God." which means I am surrendering my skills for God's work.   It's a tradition that all great craftsmen would surrender their skills and their best work for God. Why shouldn't I?

This is the start of the first blanket. I asked Dave to choose a colorway that I would find hideous. He chose well! The object of that is to knit something that is not my chosen color to remind myself that my preferences aren't the same as others. You must remember to stay humble.

Which is only working moderately well.

Another work in progress is an entrelac stole that has been on the needles so long that I swear it's having birthdays by now. I started it sometime ago when I found 5 skeins of Amazing on clearance. The color way is not my favorite as well.

I know of a few ladies that will be having more babies, so there is always a need for a good nursing shawl/baby wrap. They never go to waste. I like the Amazing because it is machine washable. That's a plus when working with baby items. babies have a thing about body fluids ...

In that light, it almost looks good!

Yeah, I'll knit more shawls anyways. I'm always looking out for more good clearance yarn to make shawls, blankets and throws for charity. Ever since my family decided my knitted items are not worthy of receipt, I started knitting for charity instead.

The geese are heading into breeding season or as I term it, "Saturday night Frat Party Kegger." there are fights, and shagging, and more fights.  In about a month my gals will start marking out nesting areas and laying eggs. The boys will be fighting still; but then it will be to protect their gals from perceived threats.

Face it, those ganders are just wanting to fight. I'll be staying away from them as much as possible for a while. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The day no wool was knit

It's been more like a week without any real knitting. Friday before last I woke up feeling like the floor of a NYC Taxi cab. Even at work, the boss noticed. Although he thought I had gone out partying the night before.

It was a vicious cold. The remnants are still hanging on. I've got bronchitis and a set of sinsues that scream each time I cough. But the worst of it is over.

Odd though, even when I'm laying there wheezing and shivering and wishing to be unconscious, I don't knit. I'll lay there doing nothing, but I will not knit. You'd think I would just be knitting all the time since my brain is too stuffed up for any higher-level processing. Oh I know knitting can be tricky, but knitting hats is easy.

Before I started back at school, I knitted a 6' long stole for myself. It's just like 100 stitches, knitted in stockinette with the exception of the last 3 stitches on each side, to keep it from rolling. All white sock yarn, all off a 1,100 yard cone of wool from the Goodwill. It's wrapped around my head like a babushka right now because I'm cold.

I keep thinking that I should dye it. But I haven't figured out what shade to dye it yet. (Yep, that's me in the photo looking like it's morning and I've yet to drink all my coffee.Nice hair too, right?)

School is going along nicely. It's all about blood this semester, so I will have to get over that whole thing about phlebotomy and just deal with doing venipunctures on a regular basis. One clinical student came back doing like 150 venipunctures her first week! My math brain did the calculations and that's about 4-5 people an hour that had to have blood drawn. I guess I'll either get good real quick or suck at it perpetually. Me? I'll get good at it because I know it's something that I have to do and do RIGHT so people don't get hurt.

Normally, I'd be outside letting out the ducks, geese and chickens, but it's really cold out there and I want to wait about another 1/2 an hour or so before getting them out and about. Then I'll head on off to school and work. I'm the one with the most hours in Work Study at the lab/prep area so I have the place to myself for the most part, Streaking plates, getting out needed lab equipment for classes, washing glassware. It's not just a job, it's work study!  No, seriously though; by the time I get done with this my hope is to professionally isolate bacterial colonies. I've got one bacterial strain that got contaminated with another. I've been working on isolating the good from the bad. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Last week of vacation ...

Wow, I started this about 20 minutes ago and have gotten distracted since!
Posted to a FB group the photo of David with Gretl.

She's now in with the flock and has been adopted by Rube, Sev and Molly.

We're all really REALLY bummbed at Alan Rickman's passing. I mean, come on! We name the flock after Harry Potter characters. Severus was on the list to be culled ...the list we never got to, but he was on the list. NOW we can't kill our Sev!!

Ok , so I also started and tried to finish the heelhead scarf but this top turn is just not working out.  I have 1/2 the thing done and it looks cool, but this top...wow, ain't working and I've tried it twice.

So what the heck will I do with this?  Frog it back to the increase, make it just a scarf? Try again? Devise my own way to make it into something else? Frog it entirely? Yeah, I don't know.

Yep, another distraction...hang on.