Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage...with skilz!

Remember that from last semester? Yeah. What did that job last? A week? HA! I've beaten that with this semesters' work study.  My work entails streaking petri dishes with bacteria, as well as inoculating broths with said bacteria. I also make more media to put into those petri dishes.
Yeah, that's more like what I do every working day

Each of these tasks is a skill. Yep, a skill I've had to learn and am still learning. Yesterday's mistake was that I should've set the media I just made into the autoclave and ran it through. TOTALLY forgot about it while I was doing other stuff.  But while I'm perfecting these skills, I'm getting $9.00 an hour instead of minimum wage. So the question I always ask about a minimum wage job with minimum wage skills is this: If I can walk into your job and with about 5 minutes of 'training' DO your job, then your skills are worth minimum wage.

I don't think that other people could do what I do with 5 minutes worth of training.

I mean, it takes 5 minutes to talk about the PPE I have to
Two by Two Hands of Blue (not my photo)

Lab coat, glasses (my glasses suffice for this) hair tied back and gloves. Let me tell you that before last week, I had no preference for whatever plastic gloves I was wearing. This week, depending on the amount of swelling in my hands, it's either the Large or Medium in the blue. The clear-ish ones are too thick, the lavender ones tear too easily and are too big.  Gloves should fit well because you're in them for hours and you have to do stuff that requires a degree of dexterity.

And the hand washing, and the level of attention needed to keep from contaminating stuff and the usage of *this* chemical for glass and *that* chemical for plastic and that makes this job more meticulous than your normal flipping burger shit at Mickey D's.

And honestly, I think ANY person who works retail should be paid more than minimum at the get-go. The amount of stuff you're required to do during your shift is ridiculous. Work the register AND restock shelves AND keep stuff clean AND watch for shoplifters AND put away the extra cash AND help out customers. I mean............really? If you're paying $7.50...I'm a fucking cashier and that's it. I'll help whomever is sitting on the other side of this checkout stand but I'll be DAMNED if I'm rushing around putting stuff away while constantly checking for customers.

It would be like making MickeyD workers clean up CONSTANTLY while taking orders...OH and don't forget to restock stuff too! Ugh.

BUT.........back to work study. The remainder of this semester is training for next semester when the lab manager is going to be on clinicals, so someone else will be running that part of the lab. Gosh, I hope it's not me, but ...who knows.

Yes, I made a doily and this is a crappy shot of it. I've not crocheted in years due to it hurting my hand so much. It took me a few weeks to get it done and the pattern is called 'ripe wheat.' I gifted it to a couple for a housewarming gift. They're both farmers of a sort; work on the farm, write about farms, deliver feed to farms, but live in town. Kinda the best of both worlds.

BTW, I'll never crochet in wool/nylon yarn again. It was a stupid idea born of the fact that I was impatient and didn't wait another day to go to the store and buy some cotton thread. Oh well. 

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