Saturday, August 15, 2015

Annoying Memes #2 - the Deuce

Today we will focus on the ones that are supposed to make you think you are 'special'.  I'm going to tell you a secret, you ARE special, but don't need a meme to tell you that.

EVERYONE can read this. 1/3 my hinny!  And please, 'like' all you want, just don't share. I've seen it more than I've seen my own parents.

To be true, I have about 450 people on my 'Friends' list on FB. About 90% of them I don't hear from at any time.  One day I was in Physics class bored out of my mind and friended anyone who had more than like 30 mutual friends.  I called it 'friendapallooza'

Sometimes I get some odd thing from a person from that group. I'll make a comment to Dave and he'll say, "How do you know that person?" I'll respond, "Friendapallooza"

Yeah, EVERYONE can read this as well. The mind is a wonderful thing and as you read, it deletes out all the extraneous things it does not need to make sense of the words.

No, don't 'forward' it! For the love of all that's Holy, DON'T FORWARD IT!

Yeah, these are kind of annoying as well. Find the "X" then "LIKE AND SHARE!!" Really? Is this what we as a society need to be using up bandwidth for? I mean, is there nothing else going on that would garner better attention? Make a person smile? Educate someone? ANYTHING?

That chick on the right; I see that look allllllll the time. I mean, I got that look because I knew who Typhoid Mary was. A Memo to the Kardashian watchers: The rest of us look at YOU that way. LEARN SOMETHING, even if it hurts. Oh and stop posting stupid memes! 

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