Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Still behind, still catching up

#5 A place you would live but have never visited:
Tuscany looks nice, with the exception of all those Italians, LOL. Oh they're probably nice and all that, but I'm not a people person. In reality, any place in the country with a nice view, a good solid home, an outbuilding for my animals and a pond would be dreamy. I often envision my last days living in the valley near my Aunt and Uncle's house up north. It's isolated, and remote.

Stash up some supplies for the winter, chop up a forest full of wood and I'd be happy as a clam by myself for the rest of my days til I die. Reality is, Dave's going to go before me due to him being older than me. It's not a comfortable thought, but it is reality. I don't think I'd marry again. As much as men claim to like Old Fashioned women, they like Old Fashioned HOT women and I'm not hot. I'm not even lukewarm. I've got skills, but I'm not hot.

onto #6  Someone who fascinates me, and why.

Hm. Interesting one. I don't think of one person right now, but I often find out interesting histories on television stars and personalities that make me respect them more. Often times its when you hear about heroism in the military service. When I hear the story, I often will go and make sure it's true. Some are, and some aren't.
Hedy Lamarr, Pretty Face and Inventor of Torpedo Guidance Systems

One on one, I like to talk to people. Sometimes you find out some interesting stories when you're in line waiting at the checkout, or while working on something. Today it was a lady who was relating a recipe for perfect pie crust that uses vodka in it at the apple orchard. People fascinate me when they lose what I would consider their facade and become 'real.'

Oh and I'm going to try this recipe for apple butter in the crock pot:  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/139341/slow-cooker-apple-butter/

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