Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolling up on Autumn

It's another hot day here in South Central WI. I've got the two goslings out in the cooler mornings learning how to be goslings. I had hoped to foster them out to new Moms by now, but everyone is kinda "meh" about it. Ah well.

While I wander with the flock, I spin and the kids graze. Well, actually this is their first attempt at grazing today. They've been out 2 days now and this is the first time they realized they should be eating what they're walking on.

The shawl is almost finished. The scarf is being worked on slowly. It has a nice repeat on it, and I use that to gauge how much I should be doing. I do two repeats a night if I can.

Today,  I'll get into the physical therapy treatment we are doing on little Georgia here. She's the one in the back near the babies.

She sat on her nest for 6 weeks and when she was done, hatched out two babies. But the problem was that she had a bad leg before going broody that got worse after the babies hatched. For the last 3 weeks (or is it 4? I dunno) I've taken her over to the big pool and had her swim in it.

Her right leg is affected. She has feeling to it, and she can move it, but I think one of her tendons was torn badly during a mating incident.
The object of the pool swimming is that it is no-impact, light resistance AND she can get a bath in. With that leg being so bad, she cannot bathe properly.

So I get down to my skivvies and get in the pool with her. Yesterday I had races with her. I'd guide her to the other end and 'race' her back to Alex who was on the deck. She ducks her head under water a lot which cleans out her nares, and I think she likes the buoyancy of the whole thing.

Here's another good look at her. All that gnarly feather loss is from breeding season. She's gradually growing it back. The result so far is that she is able to get up by herself more and more. She plops to the ground when threatened or tired and has been using her wings to get up. She flaps them and gives herself lift. Now she can do it without flapping..which is good because she's losing her feathers.   

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