Wednesday, October 21, 2009

phat fiber has landed!

First of all, let's give props to the mail lady for braving my front porch:

Those are Asian Ladybugs, MILLIONS of them! Once a week during the soybean harvest, we get inundated by them. We end up having to use the back door to keep them from invading the house too much.

Anyone want a free Lazyboy? Bugs are yours to take care of though.
OK onto the package:

Oh Fiber-y goodness is just ooozing out of the box!
I laid all the stuff out on my stove.

Close up of the upper part
And Close up of the lower part:

I then put it all carefully back in the box so that I can take it to open knitting at the Dragonfly tomorrow so the ladies can see all the cool stuff.

Gotta go. I think there's an Asian ladybug crawling up my leg!