Friday, August 24, 2007

I know the picture is not the best, but it does show the basic shape of the shawl. It's a faerose shawl, knitted for a friend of mine who will be married next month. The middle is a pattern I've memorized from somewhere, but the wings were from the Mystery Stole3 Pattern.
Now the left side was the easiest: I picked up 100 stitches from the middle and just utilized the wing chart from the Mystery Stole3. The right side took some canoodling. I figured out that if I read the wing chart from the left to the right instead of the 'usual' way it would work. The last stitch was not a slip stitch, but a k2tog stitch. I then slipped that stitch and purled all the way back to the edge of the wing. It worked out well.
The total knitting time was 2 weeks. I knitted like a fiend. Last Thursday I realized that I had to start school this Thursday. I knitted faster and faster. I finished it during the Packer game last night and blocked it on my son's bedroom floor.

Monday, August 20, 2007

BAGS Bags and more bags!!

Click on picture to see them bigger. They are all the same size: 8 1/2" tall and about 7 1/2" wide, with the two pockets you see on the bottom. One pocket has 5 slots in it for dpns, and the other is small, but can hold a pair of small scissors. All are drawstring: Simply pull on the strings and it will close and stay closed. I carry one with me all the time to keep whatever knitting project I have clean, and keep the ball of yarn from wandering away.

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have had over 6" of rain in the last few days. The basement is leaking, but at least we're not flooded. I've always said the flood would have to become 'biblical' to raise this far. is still trying to squeeze 80 bucks out of me for 3 hours of perusing their overpriced crap on their website. Yeah, that's going to be disputed.

I went up to the In-Laws' for the weekend. Their was something hinky in the air: I went upstairs to take a nap at about 3 and slept through dinner. I've never done that! They got much more rain in NW Wisconsin than we did. The flood warnings started Saturday and they still have more rain coming.

There are 18 new bags to show you. I'll post them in a second. I pulled out some of my most favorite fabrics for the bags. As you will see: I like color.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Place is a dropshipper, and they promise 'big profits' for those who sign up. I got suckered into paying $250.00 for a premium account, only to find that their wholesale prices were TWICE what others were charging for their goods. How can I get a profit out of that? That's the scam: to get you to pay for their account and then overcharge for items. I don't have that kind of money to throw down a hole.

Their response was, 'did you take our education program?" Dude, I don't need a class to know that your prices won't get me a profit. Let me think back to my econ class, Supply-Demand stuff: If someone wants product A and business 1 has it for $10 and business 2 has it for $20...consumer will buy it for 10. Oh that is SO HARD TO CONCEIVE!

I tried to cancel my contract within 12 hours of making it. They said that in the state of Utah that is not true. Um, yeah...its a FEDERAL LAW. Anyone has the right to cancel a contract without financial reparations within 24 hours of making it. It was 12 hours...could'a been 3 if they were open last night.

So, they want to charge me $250.00? Nice try if my credit card has a 'fraud block' on it....keeps me from using it for anything else, but keeps these blood, sucking bastards from trying to charge me.

Remember, they suck and they don't want to give your money back.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Yarn creates a stole, but this one is hideous!

This is what my mystery stole looks like through Clue 4. I did a bad thing: I did not dye enough yarn to complete the whole thing in one hue. When it came to the darker pink, I tried to replicate the hue found in the middle. Oh, I didn't even come close!

Now that I have an idea of what Clue 5 is, I'm considering what to do. The end of the stole becomes a wing. Now on this one, I don't think it will make much of a difference. I will knit the wing. But there's the one that I've started for a gift:

This one shows up on a photograph as being striped. That's because I didn't wash the white wool well enough before starting. I am hoping...crossing my fingers....that it will be white when I wash it after I am done knitting. This one will be knitted in symmetry. I will knit it to the 'frog line' and then knit another one and attach them. This will need to be done before September.