Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Projects found

I've been searching high and low for my unfinished projects. Some are a complete surprise to me. Some aren't. For the Finish Part this time:

This is a prayer shawl that finally got done. It was originally done in a ribbing pattern, but I hated it, so I frogged it and put that cross piece every 20 or so rows to give it definition. The color is not that hideous in real life. In real life it's a deep plum color.

Now the Prayer Shawl ministry likes the fringe. I've been recommended to add fringe to some of my shawls. Me? I don't like fringe. It gets stuck in coats and all other kinds of things. It reminds me of the saying from the Incredibles. "NO CAPES" by Edna Mode. But...I'm an obedient knitter so this one got fringe.

That will go off to the prayer shawl ministry this week. I noticed that they were down a few more so I better get cracking. There's another prayer shawl on the needles, but the recipient is a friend of mine, and it's a secret.

As I come across stuff, I wonder...do I know this thing? Do I have more yarn for it? What in the hell was I thinking? Well this next one is known, and I have more yarn for it, I just don't like the colorway. BUT...it was on sale so....

It's an Eleanor Shawl, in Lion Brand Amazing color way Joshua Tree. I think it looks hideous so I tried to frog it. Nope, no go. The yarn is very clingy. So I guess I'll slog on through to the end with this one. I've got another 4 skeins of it left to go. They make nice gifts as nursing shawls for new moms.

Owlie sleep sack was not in the For F 15, but was made on impulse for my Godson's new baby, William. I wanted to give this pattern a shot for a while. I made modifications to it, like the bottom is buttoned so you can change diapers more quickly, The top is a ribbed pattern so it doesn't roll.

The yarn is a clearance Lion Brand thing. Soft wool or something like that. It's made to be washed and I wanted to make sure that was an option. New parents don't need to be thinking, "can I wash this?" with 2 hours of sleep per day.

There's a hat that goes with this, but it's just a hat. I swear these days I can knock out hats in my sleep. I'm pretty sure that I do, actually.

This is a Mara shawl in the Mallabrigo Rastita yarn. The colorway is Marte. I wanted to highlight the awesome colors in this yarn  and this seemed to be the best way to do so. Today I moved it from the small circular needles to the longer ones. I've got one set of size 10 and 7 knitpicks Options needles plus one 40" and one 24" circ. for it. I switched them around today as the smaller needle was getting crowded. That's about 2/3 through the first skein, and I have another skein to finish it up with.

I frogged a few items, have a few more to go. I'm still contemplating that Queen Annes' Lace one, but I need to check on the pattern first. It's on my ipad and I should be able to see if I knitted those plain rounds on it or not from looking at my notes. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finish or Frog Fifteen

That's what I'm calling this year: Finish or Frog 15.


Squishy Cowl named Limburger.
Dave and I went to the Monroe Cheese festival this year. It was an anniversary year so it was a crush of people. Wisconsin cheese makers set up a huge tent on the square and offer up samples of their best. Along the other sides of the square are fund raising tents, a reenactment of cheese making done 100 years ago, and some nice yodelers in Lederhosen.  One fundraising tent was to take the Limburger test.

For $3 you got to sample Limburger, the smelliest cheese there is. You got the choice between 'fresh' Limburger or "about to go bad." I chose "about to go bad." The taste? Beer cheese. Tasted like Beer cheese.  Now add a bit of mustard on that and it tasted good. I'd do it again..with beer.  But..as we moved from one side of the block to the other, the crush of people got so bad near the yodeling bandstand that we were smack upside the shops. Then Dave notices a yarn shop up ahead. We went in, I bought this lush baby Alpaca yarn and made a nice soft thing for my neck. Only took me, what? 6 months to finish?  The pattern is called the scrunchable cowl on Ravelry. If I were to do it again, I'd add another repeat as I don't like things so close to my neck.

A pair of mitts and a coordinating cowl made from Kashmere Kisses from Ho Lo (Hobby Lobby) Honestly, I don't know why this yarn wasn't more popular. It's uber-soft and nice to work with. I bought several skeins on clearance and made myself a nice set. Too bad I don't have enough for a hat. Oh well.

The mitts are knitted with a made-up pattern. CO a multiple of 4 on dpns: probably 44 knit 2 purl 2 for about 2" then stockinette. For a thumb increase, I do a Kfb then increase every other row doing that until I have about 10-13 more stitches. Then I cast off those stitches and in the next round I add another 4 by backwards loop. Just for fun, the middle 2 of those stitches is purled so I know where to start my cast off. Top 1" is k1 p1 ribbing.

The cowl is the pattern named Ithacowl in Ravelry. A mistaken rib pattern that frustrated me because it was a simple k2 p2 and then drift the next row over 1...I finally had to put a stitch marker in. AHHH! LOL.. I know most people already do that. I'm lazy; most of the time stitch markers are not at hand.

One stupid project in which I tried to use mohair to make cables. EW
Next up for frogging: A hideous lace project with way too large of beads, an entrelace stole started but never finished in that hideous colorway Joshua tree from Lion Brand Amazing. I never did like those colors much. Then I get to do some sleuthing work and determine if I knitted that Queen Anne's Lace shawl correctly. You see, the pattern is an older version and you really needed to pay attention to the row #'s. If one wasn't shown in the pattern, you were to knit that row plainly. Yeah. I never did pay that much attention................Maybe I did, but I'm betting I didn't. It will need to be frogged. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A novel concept: New Year's Resolutions

Usually I don't make them. Why? I think I might not follow up on them, like everyone else.
My usual resolution is to have more intimate moments with my Husband. Well, if you think about it, one more time in the hay is MORE than the year before, right?  I've got that one NAILED! Time to do some serious stuff though:
My New Year's resolutions:
photo courtesy of the website mentioned
in the photo. 

1. To wear my weapon more. I have a concealed carry license. The world is going more cray-cray and less sane. I'm wearing my weapon and will be working on more practice on moving targets this year. NO, that does not mean humans.  God, how people think these days!  If someone does come at me to threaten my life or those of my family I want to be sure I am accurate.

Incidentally, those 4 rules over there are not just guidelines, they are RULES!! Everyone who owns a gun should live by these 24/7. Most 'accidental' shootings are because of the lack of following those 4 rules.

2. To get into shape/lose weight. Since I stopped my membership at the Y, I've gained 10 pounds. I want to go back to getting into shape and lose enough weight to be able to put my Engagement Ring back on without choking off the circulation to that finger and losing it. I miss working out because it helped me deal with stress in my life.  
 treadclimber or max trainer? We're still working on that. Dave wants the Max Trainer, but I can tell him from experience he will need to work up to the recommended 1/2 an hour SLOWLY. The treadclimber would be the better choice. (Photos courtesy of the makers of these machines)

U-Rock doesn't have a fitness center, BTC in Monroe doesn't have a fitness center --- honestly people, in this new age of heightened awareness of the benefits of fitness to stress and the body..why is it that Colleges neglect this? They have student lounges, but no fitness center. BTC's central campus has a decent one. I used it all the time while I was there.   Get with the effing program!

3. Finish projects on the needles. I have a lot of them in need of completion. A few sweaters, a few shawls, a few other stuff. Get them off and done. Either that or frog them. I'm thinking I need incentive for this. Maybe I will throw a giveaway for one of the shawls once it is done. I used to give myself the rule that no new projects would start until the old ones are finished. I'm not sure WTH I was thinking.

4. Finish a few writing projects I have going on. Nope, not going to tell you. Suffice it to say that the writing was done purely for my enjoyment. My biggest mistake was admitting to it to my husband. He thinks it will turn into some sort of career. Millions of people write stuff all the time, it don't make them writers. I like to write, I like to create stories. I just don't think they're all that good.