Monday, August 24, 2015

Annoying Meme's #4? Gotta be about up to 4 by now.

Today's Meme is more about the ability of some people to purposely stay stupid.

I just came across a report where someone claims that Huggies wipes has glass in it. All I can think about at this time is how FUCKING STUPID people have become. I mean, REALLY! Think about this for a second.. no I mean it: THINK ABOUT THIS!

1. WHY would Huggies have glass in their wipes?  What benefit would that be to the wipe itself? NONE.

2. Does everyone instinctively think that everyone else is trying to harm them with a product? Yeah...I got over that when I was 8. I used to think my parents were poisoning me with those dark krispies in the Rice Krispy box.  

Much as it is your wettest dream to think that corporations are just out to harm as many people as possible, let me reassure you that IT JUST IS NOT TRUE. STOP IT!!!   Another time where common sense and about 2 seconds of thought would render that untrue. Companies are out to make a profit, yes? How can they make a profit if they are harming their customers?!  The lawsuits alone would kill the company.

3. Try watching television once for the sole purpose of education. There is a show we watch regularly called, "How it's Made." on the Discovery Channel. It will run you through how many objects in your life are made. Some are downright fascinating. They show the complexity of the process as well as the safety procedures created to make sure everything you get is safe.

Most companies that deal with food and/or baby products have multiple steps + a quality control process to ensure that no foreign objects get into their products. It starts at receiving the raw goods and ends in the warehouse. I know this because I worked as a Maintenance Mechanic for a few years at a potato chip factory. I also what How It's Made.

Metal detectors not only detect metal, but anything dense. It will sound off an alarm and automatically stop the machine.  They now have these computer aided vision systems that can photograph, determine if the product is up to spec, and spit it out within .001th of a second. It's amazing stuff.

4. WHY would a company use glass and/or fiberglass in a baby product? Are ya THAT gullible? Both glass and fiberglass have no ability to hold fluids and are horrible at cleaning up fluids. Oh and they are pretty expensive. Wet wipes are made by making a wipe out of cotton fiber and then adding the wiping fluid to it. There's no glass involved. Probably none on the machines too. Why? Because any factory that makes baby products will have to be cleaned, sanitized and inspected each week. Any glass windows create places for microbes and make it harder to sanitize machines...they just aren't worth it.

The WORLD is BEGGING you to use your brain.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Annoying Memes #3... click 'like' if you're for it

This type of meme is the one that cracks me up quite a bit because you're thinking to yourself, "Who's FOR it? An idiot? I don't know anyone who is out there going 'YAY HEROIN!!'"

Seriously, I've seen this same meme with different subjects, "Click Share if you're against: Child Abuse, Pet Abuse, Drug Abuse, Spousal Abuse...etc." Dude, no one is FOR these things!

Oh and just an aside, if you STILL have that rainbow filter over your picture, TAKE IT DOWN...your 10 minutes of ADD advocacy of the cause du jour was over a month ago. Now you just seem like a lame asshat that forgot to jump off the bandwagon when it left your town.

No worries though, I'm sure that there will be some cause du jour that will allow you to happily pimp out how awesomely tolerant you are soon. (Cause du jour means 'cause of the day' which means whatever the media is pimping out to be the thing you need to focus on today. I'm sure there's a Kardashian involved somehow with it.)

I also don't like people who constantly post their kids' photo as their profile picture. Yeah, I get it..your kids are your life. However, if I wanted to friend your kid, I'd do it (it's illegal for anyone under 13 to have a FB account though) I friended YOU, not your kids.

Simple popularity pandering is also annoying. How many times have you seen a meme, "My mom will quit smoking if I get a million likes!"
So it takes a popularity contest for you ma to do something good for her and for her family? WOW, how lame can Ma be?  How 'bout she just QUIT and not tell anyone! Can she really do that???

oh, and your like won't give a sick kid a new kidney, heart, brain, lungs or toes. What does that? a TRANSPLANT TEAM! and about $250,000.
There is NO ONE who is paying per click for a kid to get a transplant.

I really don't have the appropriate photo of the last meme, I just copied this from the new Bloom County feed. I was so excited to see Berke Breathed start Bloom County again. He's irreverent, goofy and does not hold punches on the Libs as other cartoonist would. It's all fair game to him and I appreciate the candor and the wit that can do that well.

The last annoying meme for this week is the one that says, "Do THIS and hit Share..See what happens!"

You know what happens? NOTHING except you just shared it with another 300 people. 2% will do the same thing expecting some sort of animation or something with no effect.

The only time that actually worked was one time with my cell phone # and a certain command prompt that would tell me what name is attached to my phone. It's some thing where each phone gets a 'name' mine's like Armand Dupop or something odd.

School starts next week. Another semester of trying to explain WHY I don't add fellow students to my FB friends list. Dude, I don't even have my family on mine. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolling up on Autumn

It's another hot day here in South Central WI. I've got the two goslings out in the cooler mornings learning how to be goslings. I had hoped to foster them out to new Moms by now, but everyone is kinda "meh" about it. Ah well.

While I wander with the flock, I spin and the kids graze. Well, actually this is their first attempt at grazing today. They've been out 2 days now and this is the first time they realized they should be eating what they're walking on.

The shawl is almost finished. The scarf is being worked on slowly. It has a nice repeat on it, and I use that to gauge how much I should be doing. I do two repeats a night if I can.

Today,  I'll get into the physical therapy treatment we are doing on little Georgia here. She's the one in the back near the babies.

She sat on her nest for 6 weeks and when she was done, hatched out two babies. But the problem was that she had a bad leg before going broody that got worse after the babies hatched. For the last 3 weeks (or is it 4? I dunno) I've taken her over to the big pool and had her swim in it.

Her right leg is affected. She has feeling to it, and she can move it, but I think one of her tendons was torn badly during a mating incident.
The object of the pool swimming is that it is no-impact, light resistance AND she can get a bath in. With that leg being so bad, she cannot bathe properly.

So I get down to my skivvies and get in the pool with her. Yesterday I had races with her. I'd guide her to the other end and 'race' her back to Alex who was on the deck. She ducks her head under water a lot which cleans out her nares, and I think she likes the buoyancy of the whole thing.

Here's another good look at her. All that gnarly feather loss is from breeding season. She's gradually growing it back. The result so far is that she is able to get up by herself more and more. She plops to the ground when threatened or tired and has been using her wings to get up. She flaps them and gives herself lift. Now she can do it without flapping..which is good because she's losing her feathers.