Friday, April 27, 2018

The focus is on distractions

Which is kinda an oxymoron if you think about it.  You're trying to focus on something but keep getting distracted!  Here at the farm, distractions come in all sizes: From the loose dogs that killed my duck (bad) to getting hurt at work and not being able to use my hand for a few weeks (worse) to new babies being hatched out (YAY!)

Yes, two dogs came into our flock, killed Duck Duck and scattered geese to the wind.  I needed Dave's help to get them back to the farm, but when I was able to talk to the County Sheriff, I simply told him that if the owner's dogs got out again, there will be consequences.  This ain't no "Old Country Buffet" here.

My hand..........well! I was working a month ago and a blender accident caused the blades to slice N dice my ring finger on my right hand pretty nicely. I'll spare you the really bad pics, it was gruesome.
Seven stitches later, they wrapped it thinking it was broke.  Two weeks later, another scan showed no breakage.  Two weeks of Physical Therapy and I'm almost back to normal except for a nice, nasty scar.

Babies! Oh I've got two babies in my hoodie now.  I had to take them from their Mama because she wasn't taking care of them.  She HAD 7 babies 3 days ago.  As of yesterday, these two were the only ones alive.

This is one of those babies in my hoodie.  I put on the hoodie and pop them in for an hour or so at a time each day to get some real rest. It mimics being under Mama's wing.

As the tradition is to name them after Harry Potter characters. I'm giving them the temporary names of Bill and Fleur. One is bigger than the other, and it may indicate a male and a female.

We've got 2 more in the incubator due to hatch this weekend, plus about 6 more chicks.  The remaining 8 or 9 goose eggs are about 3 weeks out at best. I have a friend who is hatching out our ducks this year. He's having issues with them, so we will see.

Scanning through pics, I never did introduce the new kitty to the world.  Last fall, we decided to get another cat to keep Tyler company. We went to the local Humane Society and got Zeus.  Initially, I didn't want Zeus because he closely resembles my old kitty Tigger, but his personality got me.  So meet, Zeus.
He's looking all cool right then because he jumps up on this footstool stares at me like that and then runs off until I feed him at night.  Does he keep Tyler company?   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! No.

they fight.


I should've picked the girl cat.

But now he's here and he's settled in so he stays. Zeus is a talker, really chatty kitty. And he's got his quirks.  At an estimated age of about 8, who wouldn't. 

He eats potato chips, but you have to hold them for him.

He's a dumpster diver, keeps knocking over trash. I've duct taped the kitchen trash to the fridge because of him. 

He's got a resting bitch face.  It looks like he's judging you all the time. I can relate, so I don't really find it an issue. 

He's our schedule keeper.  He wakes us up with a paw to the nose, hollers for food, hollers for bed, gets his knickers in a twist if I don't sit down and let him get up on my lap.

So far, he's "Meh" with the chicks. Which is good. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

My youngest Son moved out of the house and WAY the heck down to Florida about a month ago. It's been weird. We are officially empty nesters now.  No kids around, and we've been just kinda chilling.
There's been some stuff being sent down to near Tampa, but other than that, he's supposedly doing well.
The last of the kids to leave the house, Alex

I've taken a job as a lab tech at a local company that does catalog sales of stuff like sausage and cheese. You probably have heard of them, Swiss Colony.  Well, I'm working in the Microbiology department.  Our team tests the food to make sure they are safe. There are times when I am elbow deep into samples of cheesecakes and cheese and stuff.

It's as close to medical lab tech as I'm going to get for now. The pay is less but the schedule is Monday through Friday so that's good. 40 hours a week for now until after the Christmas rush. Then it's layoff time. I'll deal with that when the time comes.

It's been an adjustment NOT studying. I've gone back to doing some family tree stuff, spinning yarn and knitting.  I've mostly been vegging during the nights and playing solitaire.  Ambition is just about nil and oddly enough, I'm ok with that. 
New Bosworth

I've busted my ass for over 4 years to get a degree and where did it get me? Petit fours. I'm glad for the job and the time to adjust to real life and real people again. But I had one interview for a Medical Lab Tech job where the interviewer asked some question about what would cause issues with a blood sample.

What she wanted was me to list all the possibilities including an IV. What I told her was that there were many things that would mess up a blood sample and I was not really aware of how much IV's were given to patients in the ER these days, since I haven't been in one in like.......evah.

Ok, so in the hell am I supposed to remember shit that has like TOTALLY no bearing on my current work whatsoever? I mean, if she really wanted me to be at my best on the knowledge of Medical Lab Tech, she should've interviewed my ass 4 months ago! Every stinking day they decide I'm not worthy to interview, more knowledge goes to the back of my brain in storage. Sorry, chickiepoo, but knowing the reasons why a hematocrit could be low has absolutely JACK to do with whether or not that sample of sausage could be reading a high pH.
My pirate Duck, Norbert. Everyone needs a pirate duck. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Views from my Chair

So our youngest Son has left and returned from a vacation in Germany with friends. He's now making plans to move to Florida. Yeah, I know...Florida right now is kinda getting it's butt spanked. The plans are being extended a week.  But I got his old desk in the front room. It comes with a window that loos out to the south and to the side yard.  I like it. It's better than my old spot where I get to see directly into the bathroom...yay.

So I see the sun, and green grass, and until about 2 weeks ago, peaches on the peach tree. They're now happily in canning jars waiting for a cold winter day when a peach would sound tasty. My new laptop sets well on the desk that has a real drawer and everything!

But now onto the fun part: last weekend was WI sheep and Wool Festival and I got to go this year! I was worried that work would get in the way, but I finally decided to take the Lab Tech job in Monroe for Swiss Colony.  It's lab work, temporary and they claim that after training that it will be part-time which fulfills my need to continue looking for a Med Lab Tech job and still contribute cash to the family coffers while gaining needed Lab experience.

As usual, two barns are full of lovely things like yarn and fiber and more fiber and more yarn. I maintained a focus of fiber this year, as I'm allowing more time in my schedule TO spin.

I found a wonderful new spindle that is really well-balanced.  

(more later, gotta bathe a duck)