Sunday, October 25, 2015

Writing challenge 4

This one is 10 interesting things about myself.
1. I'm left handed. When I was little and learning to write, I used to write backwards and from right to left. Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci used to do that and it's called mirror writing.
2. I can speak French, a bit of Spanish and can read sign language.
3. I've never seen line 98℅ of the hottest TV shows going because I just cannot care about reality TV.
4. The only health problems I have is Asthma and crunchy knees.
5. I've got 2 Associate's degrees. Working on my 3rd.
6. I quit smoking in 2008. It was cold turkey.
7. That was the same year I converted to Catholicism. Before then, I was Congregationalist with an upbringing as a Methodist.
8. Of my entire immediate family, I am the only one who would regularly attend church. Even as a child, some Assemblies of God church ran a bus that would pick up kids on Sunday and I would go while everyone else slept.
9. I have a better than average memory. I can remember stuff that I see only once.
10. I've never skipped a rock properly, never did a cartwheel, never climbed that stupid rope in grade school

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