Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Rain

I had intended on getting the two goslings outside this morning, but they are under my feet twittering while the rain ensues. There may be time later to get them outside, but for now they are fine.

So let's see, some of the fun we've had here in the last two weeks. School started, so I've got that going for me. Biochemistry, Immunology, Phlebotomy and Lab Skills. A full boat this semester. The work is made less due to the fact that I've had experience in the lab and spend two semesters in Chemistry already.  Immunology seems to be challenging for my mind to grasp, but that's what Youtube is for. Phlebotomy? Well! I get to stick people and draw blood. I'm only nervous about doing it correctly.

Last weekend we went to the County Fair and it was blazenly hot. As we trolled around looking at animals and chugging water, we sweated and sweated and sweated. While near the food aisle, Dave pulled me over to the Italian Ice guy as I started to look at bit peaked. A dish of Mango Italian Ice helped a lot.

This bunny seemed to sum up the entire experience for us.

In the GOP tent, we encountered a couple we met last year. They were the ones who had come over and picked up our Toulouse geese Molly and Buddy from us. Dave had forgotten entirely about meeting the couple, but I had hoped to see them again this year to get an update.

So here they are these days. The guy had this on his phone, so he emailed it to me.  Molly's in front, Buddy is in back. This year, they put away their animosity towards each other and hatched out three babies!

I had a suspicion that once Buddy had left his pals he'd come into his own and mate with her. She's a good Mama and Buddy's a good Daddy.

The babies were sent off to another farm to begin their lives while Buddy and Molly hang around cleaning up the orchard at the new place. I'm glad to see them well.

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