Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Review

I started working on the year end review like 3 hours ago, but I was distracted. First my nephew came over with his family to get eggs, then he got stuck in the driveway. Our 2nd snow of the year has made most of the driveway a skating rink. I've not been outside of my yard in a week. But then again, I'm on vacation,, so.

I'll pick a few random photos to share.
Dave shaved. Say that 3 times real fast: dave shaved dave shaved dave shaved. Yep, that's our bathroom and me holding up my cell phone to take the pic. Total time it took me to tell him never to shave again? 30 seconds. He looks like this Brother..........the one I don't like.

Miss George and I spend a lot of time together. She has the bum leg,, so she would rather just sit and hang with us. She's a great Mom though, and her two daughters are out and about with her all the time. She will not go into the coop for the night without one of her girls with her.

You've seen her in the big blue pool a few times. It helps her leg, but right now the pool is frozen over.

I have a had cold and right now my sinuses and Eustachian tubes are plugged. It's fun to hear the squeal while they even out the pressure with the outside world.

A sweet, yet bittersweet photo of Harry and Hermione huddling together during a downpour. Mama Fred is nearby. Fred had her kids in the road one day and She was killed instantly. Harry .......well I had to have Harry put down as his leg was mangled.  Before he died, he fostered 3 goslings for a few days as they were just hatched. It was adorable watching him take care of the three.

Hermione is still with us. After the accident, her Daddy, Aberforth took over her care. He paired up with Carrie and they still are real close to Miss Hermione. RIP Both Fred and Harry, you were good goosies.

Three new babies born to my nephew and nieces: June Bug, Will, and Skyler. Interesting to watch the parenting techniques of all three, which are different as can be.
School goes on. I wear a lab coat and gloves most of the time, especially now that I do work-study. It sure beats sitting at home doing nothing, and it will give me more experience for my resume.

Everyone claims that I'll be germ phobic before too long. I don't think so. I'm more pragmatic than that. I spent 6 weeks with pathogens in the lab only to fall ill to probably a sneeze in my direction from my hubby. I'm going to get sick whether I want to or not. Take precautions, wash your hands. and eat well. That's the best thing to do.

Is it bad right now that I want a mojito? That's a summer drink. I told Dave yesterday that I recommended a few shots of bourbon for his cold as other medicines don't work on him. I want a mojito right now for the same reason.

Knitting wise:
Baby shoes for a new baby

Cathedral bells scarf
Flying Geese shawl
Heel head scarf, still in progresss, About 6 hats a pair of fingerless mitts, a couple more scarves and a cowl. 

In the future, I think there will be more knitting, more blue gloves with blood on them, more baby geese, probably a few deaths in the flock and more chicken to eat. 

All in all, same ol, same ol. And now.......for a nap! 

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