Friday, September 27, 2013

You win some, you lose some.


1. STILL fighting with school over financial aid.  Due to the fact that I dropped that Lit class, they've withdrawn my ability to get any loan. I'm 1 credit short of what they consider 'part time'. I had my advisor find another credit -working with the theater dept.- but they say it's too late. which brings me to:

2. Fighting with the UW about that stupid flipping book. At this point, their obsessive love of this book detailing the abuse of young girl is becoming hilariously ridiculous.  You mean to tell me that this is THE  definitive book on the African-American experience? This book is 40 years old! Try finding a book from THIS century! But still...I've got an interim director who just freaked when I told her that she was being insensitive by her vehement defense of this book. She STILL defends it!

3. I've got a Calc test today. Wish me luck.

4. I came home yesterday to find 3 dead geese lined up by the mailbox.  Someone had hit 3 of Molly's girls because they were in the road.  That made a bad day much worse.  I tried to salvage some of their feathers and stuff but............dang.  

5. The rest of the flock is fine.  Daisy's dealing with the fact that her one leg is unusable.  She hops around the pen we set up for her just fine. She'll never regain use of that leg and we've consigned her future to the freezer. We'll find another breeding female duck.

6. Knitting a couple of prayer shawls, one large Queen Anne shawl and finishing up my dogbone pillow. Problem with the dogbone is that I need to find the appropriate stuffing to make it firm, yet yielding. Polyester fiberfill is not working.

7. My son has gotten a job with a fast food joint and will be working there while he attends the same school I am. He will start next semester. Right now, first things first. Let's get him working on a consistent basis.

8. I'm exploring options of what I can make and sell to bolster the budget, since the University has dropped all funding for this semester. I've gotten mixed messages: one says I will not get any grants, the other says I'll not get loans.  Well, am I getting one or the other? Because if I am getting squat, I'm dropping out for the semester.  But then I'll be without a car, which means I'm stuck here at home and need to find something that can be made and sold successfully from home.

9. Yeah, that will not be KIP Bags. No force on earth can make me go back to sewing them. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Calculus is going decently.  I sit in the back of the class next to a young man who has had the pleasure of being in two classes with me. He reminds me much of my son, Alex but with ambition.

So, Alex got discharged from the Marines for failing to meet their physical criteria.  Right now he's thinking that he'll spend 2 years copping a squat on my couch while going to community college.  Meh.  I'm still ticked about that, but apparently my prayers and my wishes will never be taken into play with his life. That's the way it goes, I guess.

(I'd credit the photo, but I'm pretty sure it's from a meme generator.)

Poultry is well, except for Daisy the Duck who got into a fight with like 1/2 the flock and was injured.
Now there's a nice, melodic story about picking maggots out of wounds that I could share, but why? It's bad enough that I got to DO it. Suffice it to say she's healed from her external wounds, but will need another month convalescing inside with that sprained foot. I snagged a nice, large wire animal kennel at a rummage sale for $5 about a month ago.  It's come in very handy to use to allow animals recuperation time in the laundry room.

We've put ducks up for sale on craigslist.  Cue the wackadoodles in 3...........2................1.  I tried to explain that phenomena to Dave, but he only saw the results of the last craigslist post, not the ton of wackadoodle emails that I got.  He doesn't want to butcher all of these ducks. I'll do it if I have to.

The WI Sheep & Wool festival went on without me this year. I had to help Dave cook meat for the Church's annual dinner/harvest fest. Up at 5:30 am and down to the church, we spent all day cooking large beef roasts.  This year it was crucial that they be cooked to perfection. Last year the reviews was that the beef was tough and dry.  The reviews were one reason Dave's partner in the cooking venture quit the church. There were other reasons, but I'm not going to get into it.

So no one else volunteered, and I sacrificed my happy day at Sheep & Wool to help.  The reviews were awesome, and Dave's been crowned KING of beef for the church.  His reputation - and the church's - has been saved. And we've got a volunteer to help Dave for next year. So back to Sheep and Wool I go.

Karma came back to me for helping, though. One of the guild members announced that she was selling some of her yarn stash at a rummage sale last week. I snagged 3 skeins of laceweight yarn 50/50 wool/silk for under 10 bucks!  The purple is above and the red to the left were part of that, plus a ball of Zauberball laceweight in my favorite hues of orange to red to purple. That and the fleece I bought online should keep me in knitting and spinning nirvana until next year.

The bag with the Vinylex is full of a plastic 'yarn' that is glow in the dark.  I also got that at the rummage sale for a buck. I don't know what I'll do with it, but's a buck!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yeah, so that happened.

I made a hex sign. Sometimes they are called a barn quilt, but I call it a hex sign.  When I get done putting that last layer of clear on it, I'll have Dave put it on the coop. Right now it's sitting propped up on the hedge in the front yard.

The fun part is that 2/3 of the paint on this thing was free.  I had to pay for the quart of pumpkin, but the purple and cream were free quarts from Ace.  One day a year they have a free quart of paint in the color of your choice.  Dave came back with the cream, I went down for the purple.

The design is called 'flying geese'. I thought it was appropriate.

It was the first day we tried butchering ducks. Yeah, no more raising ducks for food. Next year it will be chickens. The ducks are too hard to butcher, pluck and dress. It takes about an hour a duck.

School started.  I had two classes, Calculus and Multicultural Lit. The Lit class was an online class. I was in the process of gathing the reading materials, reading the reviews of said materials and girding myself for some mediocre stuff disguised at 'Literature.' Most of it sounded OK, but I had taken issue w/the book, "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison.  Yeah, there's been a lot of grief about the book because it was recommended as part of the reading list given to High Schoolers enrolled in Common Core.  That was not my issue with it, per se.  Well, the fastest way to get through that is to copy + paste the response I gave the UW about that book:

"Reason 2: After reading reviews of the material required to read for this class, I cannot honestly say I'd be reading "The Bluest Eye". It is my understanding through reading the synopsis that this is about a young child who suffers physical and sexual abuse through an alcoholic father and an acquaintance who also molests her. As a survivor of the same type of physical and sexual abuse and of the resulting clinical depression, I cannot, nor I willingly read something that might trigger a regression. Years of psychotherapy have taught me to avoid such triggers. I would recommend to the UW that they review the need for such a book in light of the fact that I cannot be the only one who has suffered such a past. This is unacceptable to require other students with similar backgrounds to suffer needlessly. Surely there is another book that represents the plight of the African American without these atrocities? "

I mean, what school would inflict that on a student not knowing their past history? This kind of stuff will make a person who has been through it go through freaking panic attacks! It's not funny, it's not 'politically correct' and it's not fair to my family to have me regress because some crass, unfeeling prof cannot fathom that a non-black girl would have suffered the same type of childhood! 

If you want to know reason 1, it had to do with the amount of online time this prof expected: Almost 24/7. Heck, I'm not in school 24/7!

So because I dropped the online Lit class, I'll be an undergrad 1 more semester than I wanted.  greeeat.