Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh What the Hell

I mean, what will Google learn about me? Well, that I spin, knit and hang out with many people who think like I do.  My friends and are convinced we're on some sort of watchlist for the Government anyways..we'd like to get assigned to the same re-education camp so we can cause no end of trouble.

Since the last post a few months ago, the Brauners have decided to go into poultry raising.  Chickens and Geese -well A goose - right now.
This little guy/gal was hatched last night.  That's a goose, by the way.  The one that Dave now says if I get too attached to, will be hard to eat.  That's not something I did not already know, Dave...Thanks! Besides, each flock needs one good guard goose and this little one will probably be it.

Now, I announced to my family that we were getting 25 chickens in May. So my Sister comes over one day and asks if we want ones early.  Uh...yeah....sure. We've got no coop ready but I figured she was talking a few weeks before they'd be ready to send over.

No. She was over last week with them and we installed them in the lower part of the garage for the time being.  6 chickens. Two are suspected Roosters, and 4 look like Hens.

Now these chickens and I have no love lost between us. In fact, their names are Broasted, Fried, Sauteed, Curried, Fricassee, and Broiled. Fricassee is the dark one with the comb in the back giving me the stink eye.  He always does that.  When we got them a week ago, that fancy brooder we schlepped back from up North was too good for them.  They took roost on the Rubbermaid ladder instead.  Now I have a crap-filled ladder.

The coop is being constructed as we speak.  I can hear Dave putting up the walls on the casa de poultry now. We have an octagonal concrete pad near the garage where it will set.  In the earlier days of this farm, it was a corn crib. Now it's a chicken coop.

This was what It looked like last Sunday. It's got walls now, but not a roof. Dave just walked in. His work is over today as it started raining.