Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Many nuances of pain

Last week, my shoulder decided it did not like shoveling loads of muck out of the mud pit. I had a grumpy arm that wouldn't allow me to move it without griping about the movement. Lovely, eh? It was my left shoulder as well, which makes it oh so much more challenging as a left-handed person.

I had gotten the TENS unit that Icy Hot sells for Dave, as his back was hurting. It did wonders for him, but was fiddly: the buttons are on the unit itself and impossible to reach when attached to the back. I tried it on my shoulder. It made it worse. It got to the point where any movement on my upper body sent it to thralls of great pain. The pain itself reached a crescendo Friday night when we wrapped the shoulder. I ended up on the recliner to sleep and spent the next 2 nights there as well. There was just no way to sleep in bed without it hurting.

At least in the recliner, I could prop it up and put the heating pad on it.  A regimen of 4 ibuprofen plus the heating pad helped out a lot. We rummaged around and found a sling to put on it during the day so I could keep it immobile. Monday was the first time I could move it without feeling it scream at the effort. I was glad.

The last few days it has been feeling more tired/worn out than anything. Like if you've had a big workout and overdid it. I am relieved that the pain went down so fast. Yesterday I got back to knitting a bit, and finished off that first Prayer Shawl:

This one is blue, with the pattern I wrote out and posted a few weeks ago. It's made from 2 skeins of I Love This Yarn with 1/2 the 2nd skein making the fringe. All in all, it's about 5 1/2' long.  The official Title of this pattern is Days are Numbers which references a song from my youth.

I handed it in to the church yesterday. As I don't think anyone is really keeping count of what/where these shawls are, I made sure that I handed it personally to someone so they knew why I was giving her a shawl.

So onto the 2nd one:
Made from Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in the color of Mulberry, here's the pattern:

One day Off

Yarn: Hobby  Lobby "I Love This Yarn" - worsted, any color. The color of the yarn in the photo is Mulberry.

Needles: Size 10 1/2 US 6.5mm
Cast On 76 Stitches.
Border: knit 6 rows in garter stitch ending on WS row so you can start on RS Row.
Row 1: Knit 2, P1, *K6, P1  repeat from * til 3 stitches remain, then P1, K2
Row 2: K3, P8, K1, *P6, K1, Repeat from * 8 times, P5, K3

Repeat these two rows until you reach an acceptable length, then add another 6 row garter stitch border, loosely bind off.

Next up for prayer shawl:

It's actually longer than this now, but I've not taken a photo of it today. My main work right now is to teach 2 goslings how to be geese. They're 2 weeks old and no matter how much of an effort I make trying to foster them off to a female goose, the flock has made it clear that I am Mom to these geese and they don't take kindly to me pawning off my kids onto them.

They are smarter than I give them credit for!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If Google wants to compete, they need to change

So here I sit, on a Google sponsored site: Blogger. Of course, I have nice photos and videos on Google + because they INSIST! I must put my cell phone photos there...but I cannot share them on blogger...........a Google site without downloading them and then uploading them again.

Stupid, moronic and vapid. If you want to compete with places like Facebook, you need to start acting like you can do better than them.

It's been a summer of 'meh'. Meh as in I just have not done much except sit on the ground staring  at goslings or taking naps. Yah, sure knitting is going on.

This is the photo of my prayer shawl with the pattern I've devised. So far I'm into it for a skein and a 1/3.  I'm thinking it would take about a skein and a half to get about a 6' shawl. It's almost done. Then there's another one in purple that I'm making as well.

Each one is from a pattern I've modified from looking at photos of other shawls/baby blankets. The patterns are all riffs off the number 7. The blue one is essentially a countdown from 7 to 1 using knit purl.

The purple one is a knit 6 purl one that is repeated so that there are two dips in each one instead of just ribbing.  The photo is a bit more purple than the real color, but you get the jist.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I'll let you in on a little secret: In my mind, I have like 5 ideas for blog posts every week. Due to age and my schedule, by the time I get to the posting, I forget them.

Some ideas:

  1. A nice listing of hobbies/interests that I understand, but just don't 'get'. 
  2. List of what I've learned from my Grandmother. It boils down to three things: 1, independence 2. frugality, and 3 putting family first.
  3. Moments in my life where I've dodged HUGE bullets.  I lead a blessed life, not because it's all been easy, but because there were moments in there where I was given a choice between easy and correct. I chose correct. 
  4. If I were to write a book, which story would I choose?
  5. Mindless rants about how people drive, stare at their phones or just are assholes. Yeah, like that hasn't been overdone on other blogs!
  6. inane photos of more geese, ducks, chickens and knitting. Oh you know that will happen anyways, right? 
Summer is summer. Tyranny of the shoulds keeps reminding me to study math every day. I do get at least one day a week in so far. Two new goslings hatched this week.
 I'm not impressed by our hatchings this year, but two factors went into that: 1. Odd winter. Very Odd, very cold, very long winter and 2. Yearling girls. They have a tendency to be a bit wild in their teenage years and don't want to do the things necessary to be Moms.   With Molly's brood, we've only had 8 new goslings this year. We should have 3 times that. 

I've been repainting the downstairs. The last time I did that was in oh...2007?  Time to update. Paint colors are : Light lavender for the dining room, light mint for the front room. The kitchen stays the same butter color. I might do a cocoa in the bathroom if I get time.

I'm knitting prayer shawls for the church. I found that I prefer Hobby Lobby's "I love this yarn" to Red Heart. It's just softer. Who wants a scratchy prayer shawl?   Once I get this one done, I'll write up the pattern and offer it for free as a pdf file both on here and in Ravelry.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mother Geese

This is Nelly who has a baby gosling nestled under her wing with it's little head sticking out by her butt. Look closely and you'll see. I tucked this pipped egg under her wing 3 days ago and it hatched. Her eggs weren't viable.

She's last years' gosling and they really don't get the hang of brooding and such until the 2nd year. We've got a few gals that are really good Moms; Luna is foster Mom to Elsa and she is just loving it. Molly is just a natural Mom who has always had good clutches of goslings.

Nelly is slowly picking up what to do. The last 2 days we've had her segregated 98% of the time from the flock so that the gosling can get on it's feet, learn to eat and drink and learn who is Mom. Today they are out on the land checking out stuff. Nelly's got the jist of keeping the kid near her, but does not understand when the baby needs to have mom lay down so it can warm itself under her wing.

She's very protective of her; attacked me about 4 time already..coming at me with wings outstretched beating me with them. I'll have bruises on my legs for sure.

I've knitted another hat, and another baby blanket. I'm working on some prayer shawls for the church. I'm working on this pattern I've devised:

Yarn: Hobby Lobby  I Love This Yarn! in  whatever color you want. Mine is a dark blue.
Needles: 10 1/2 straights, though circs would be fine as well.
Prayer: Whatever one you use for your shawls
CO: 77 stitches. First row: K7 P7  repeat till the end
Row 1, P1, k6...repeat til end
Row 2, P2, k5,  repeat
Row 3: P3 K4,  repeat
Row 4: P4, k3,  repeat
Row 5: P5, K2,  repeat
Row 6: P6, K1,  repeat
Row 7, Purl all

Then repeat rows 1-7.  I like the repeat of the 7 rows that reminds me of the repeat of a week, and to rest on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who knew a smart phone would be this fun?

I've not had a cell phone for years. We have one cell phone that goes in the car. It's what we term, the 'burn phone' a tracphone with prepaid minutes we load every 3 months for those emergencies. Well, I'm doing a lot more things away from the house. Dave and I decided we might actually take a vacation this year, so I researched cell phones and plans.  I'm amazed that people will pay 600 bucks for a frigging phone and then fork over another 150 a month just to play on it. It's more than I can ever afford to pay for a simple phone and internet.

Mine is a $150 phone with a $25/month service. Republic Wireless.

The phone is good, and the 3G works fine. There's still a black hole of cell reception by the house, but the wifi takes over. I use my phone for photos, video, ebooks, radar, facebooking, and texting. The photos are turning out really good, with the exception that google is trying to hijack EVERYTHING on it. Someone should tell them their Google + sucks ass and no one wants to be on it.

A view of the side yard this morning. Storms rolled through all night and forced the tall grass down. The geese love that. the soybean field is in the back right, the garden is in front of that and there's a berm that curves around the garden. It keeps the lower field from flooding. Good grass is down there and you see the geese and ducks happily munching their way to the garden. As the top part of the garden gets washed out a lot, Dave planted oats in the top 10'. A span of 10' by 40' is covered in oats that the geese just LOVE to munch on.

Dave's birthday was last Sunday, and I invited people over to celebrate. I was walking into the house to get food out, tripped and hit my head on the back door. Yes, I saw stars. Yes, it hurt a lot. I hollered HELP! and Dave came to my aid. He gave me a preliminary once-over to make sure I did not have a bad concussion. He proclaimed it was a mild one and that I should take it easy.

that's a goose-egg on my forehead coupled with a long scratch. It's tender. This morning the swelling is down, but I still have the scratch and tenderness. It's a good thing I did not hit the door in the places where the pegs stick out. The door has a cross buck decoration on it that is basically plastic held on by pegs. It's coming off and there are pegs that stick out. I hit the door more towards the hinges and missed them all entirely. If I did, that would've been a trip to the ER to be sure.