Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yes, I am quiet..maybe too quiet?

I came to a crossroads of sort in my student career.  URock is refusing to allow me to take any more classes there due to some stupid f*cked up rule about maximum credits. Dude, it's all within the University of Wisconsin system anyhow, who gives a rat's hairy bottom if I take Statics in Janesville or Platteville. Apparently these people are SO stuck into their rigid rules and regulations that they cannot see they are losing students to it.

I panicked, tried to think of a way that I could save myself the 4 hour round trip to Platteville every stinking work day and could not. This is Wisconsin, y'all - 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad ice-skating- it's not cool to spend that much time on icy winter roads! So..transfer to Whitewater (only 1 hour away) and major in Math until I could transfer to Madison? I bounced it off of David.

"What are you going to do with a BS in Math?" he questioned.
"I don't know, calculate my unemployment?" My answer.

 And as I thought about it more and more, my brain came to a revelation. What the HELL are you doing, woman? Why are you spending so much time, effort and money on some pie-in-the-sky Engineering degree that may or may not happen!?!? Face it people. I'm 45 years old. Ageism is a thing...a REAL thing. People think the older you get, the more feeble you are. Even in a career such as this where physical prowess is not necessary, they *think* everyone over the age of 40 is just a bundle of medical infirmities.

As I came to this conclusion, staring at my Calculus 2 homework, the whole thing became trite. WTF is all this useless knowledge for? So I made a decision to essentially listen to my own advice. Sure, $85,000 a year is nice. I'm not going to say it's not. but there's no guarantee it will happen. BUT my family needs to eat, and honestly? I'm sick of being dirt-poor. I'm going to go get a skill, not a career. I'm going to get a job, not a dream.

I'll be meeting with an advisor at BTC to discuss what courses can transfer to their diploma for Medical Lab Assistant. Yep, draw blood, perform CBC's get paid about 20 bucks an hour. It's a job. It puts food on the table and with any luck I can get it done before I hit 50.

And as I look at my coursework right now, it's all very trite...useless info that I will not need. Circuits has always been a joke. My professor cannot pull his ass out of a wet paper bag for anything. Honestly, he should've retired by now and left the new digital age to a younger, more electronically adept professor. I'm sick of his inability to even run an online Blackboard Collaborative class.  And really, the whole "Collaboration" between URock/Platteville is a fucking joke. The only collaboration I'm seeing is that Platteville can take thousands of dollars for a crap education. Not a person over there wants to pull their lazy asses out of their cushy offices to drive 2 hours to Janesville.

The math is much more fun, no really! I like Calculus. I like the challenge of it. It's a puzzle in need of solution. My classmates are great and we help each other out a lot. I will miss that part of it. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blogging on the go

So, i downloaded the app on my phone. Let's see if I can get more blogging done on the cell than I do if I sit at my laptop. Right now it's a lot of studying going on, some talk of transferring from one university in the Wisconsin system to another university because of problems with the collaborative online stuff.

Knitting has been stopped for a little bit. I've had a few request for more prayer shawls, but I'm taking a break from them right now. I turned out three of them in less than two months, that is a record for me.

I bought a truck. It is not a new truck, in fact it's pretty old, but I do like it better than having the car. If I am to commute to and from Madison, I'll need a truck that's not worthy of stealing. With the truck being a stick shift, it will be sufficient theft deterrent.

The photo is of Fred the goose and I. He's one of the the two last hatched. Papa Percy and Mama Mary are good goose parents for them. They like me to sit and let them chew on my coat buttons, hair and fingers.