Monday, January 24, 2011

I confess: I'm a Packers Fan

The year was 1996, and fresh out of Tech College I landed a cushy job as a Maintenance Mechanic at a local Potato Chip Factory. Maintenance Mechanics by the way, make some tall cash and earn it about 30% of the time. The rest of the time is just piddly work. I'm digressing here....

My beloved Packers made it to the Superbowl!! I felt that this endeavor was enough to warrant a Father-Daughter tattoo. I was ready, willing and able to pay for Dad and I to get a tattoo of the Packer Helmet + 'Superbowl Champs 1996' written underneath on our upper arms. I had made the appointment. My Dad, he chickened out. He called and said, "Bren, I don't want the tattoo. Spend your money on something worthwhile." Oh GEEZ Dad! COME ON!!! So I did what he said, and I am left tattoo-less.

Fast forward to 2011. Here we are at the brink of another Packer trip to the Superbowl (BTW, if that's got some trademark infringement thing going on if I say it, I'm sorry. The Bowl belongs to us Fans so there :P) and I'm dreaming of a Packer Helmet with 'Superbowl Champs 2011' on it.

My Dad? He can pay for his own flippin tattoo this time. Ain't no one gonna stop this tat from getting on me if they win!!

That's the chicken-livered Daddy-O. He'd look great with a Packer tattoo don'cha think? Eh. Dad...If you're reading this, I STILL LOVE YA!! and GO PACK!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not much new going on. I'm laid off of the temp job, so I'm back to sewing full-time again. I just figured I wanted to see some green...........

The lady walking with the bag in the picture is my Mother-In-Law.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to knit backwards without turning your work

It's a presentation for our Knitting Guild; how to knit without turning your work. To that end, I've taken pictures of how I knit both forwards and back.

I guess I'm a thrower. I wrap my yarn around my right index finger, stick the needle from front to back into the stitch, wrap the yarn from under to over, then pull the loop through. So that will be what you will see in the first pictures:

Now, to knit backwards competently is mainly practice and noticing how you knit forwards. In order to knit backwards, I slip my needle from forwards to back in the back loop of the stitch, I then wrap the stitch around the needle from the bottom up
and use the needle to pull the stitch to the front. So it's like the whole process is opposite of what is done as I knit forward.

The Pictures: The yarn I'm knitting with is orange and the stitches on the needle are green.

Now to purl backwards, the main thing to remember is that the yarn starts out in front of the work, just as before. It's actually kind of easy: Make sure that the yarn gets between the needle and the stitch on the needle, and just use the left needle to pull the loop through to the back.

Practice, practice, practice is what comes next. I started doing this because my right wrist could not stand the contortions of purling when doing the stockinette stitch. It took about 3 months to get good at it, about a month of consistent practice to get it to feel comfortable. Like any new skill, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 Good Things of 2010 3 through 1

3. Marti and Leslie's wedding: Or The HS Reunion without the drunks.
Marti and Leslie were High School friends of mine that met on FB and then got hitched last summer. It was a blast! Many of my friends that I've not seen in a while attended and some of the other people I went to High School were there also.

Heck, I remember seeing Leslie dance in the Nutcracker when I was 12.............

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

2. AFC Conference at Chula Vista.
Americans for Prosperity is one of those groups that was born from the frustrations with the way Government is run. We joined the group to add our voices and strengths to theirs. At the Conference, we discussed the Global Climate religion with Lord Monckton, Rules for Radicals with Vicki McKenna, Listened to a group of talented singers sing all 3 verses to the American Anthem, and chatted with the likes of Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Dave Westlake, Rick Richard, and that Neuman guy I didn't care for.

That's Vicki McKenna giving us the lowdown on the book, "Rules for Radicals" By Saul Alinsky, also know as 'Obama's playbook.' Chula Vista? Sucked: Too big, too expensive, sucky food at the kiosks. You can keep it.

1. Friends we've met along the way. OH MY GOD we have fun!

Not all pictured have become close to us, but there are a few notables: Lonna, Jason, Evan, Will, Amy, Rick and all of their families. I'm sure I missed a few but I give them a big smile each time we see them.

The photo was taken at the Milton 4th of July Parade. Dave, Alex and I were also in the Labor Day parade in Janesville, the Tea Party get-togethers in Madsion, Prairie Du Chien, Milwaukee, and Janesville. I can say that I've met and spoken to the Governor of Wisconsin, and other newly elected officials and they are all genuine, and eager to represent.

SO..........that's my year in a nutshell. Hope 2011 is just as much fun, or better!