Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Good Things of 2010 6 through 4

6: Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tix Won!
Vicki McKenna runs a talk show on 1130 Am out of both Milwaukee and Madison. We are regulars listeners as well as have her on FaceBook. One day she ran a FB contest: whomever could show her a large, ugly mass of Box Elder bugs won TSO tix. I sent over a picture of our mass of Japanese Ladybugs. Yeah, I was never good on details. Well, she was so horrified by my picture she gave the tickets to us anyways! So off to the Kohl Center we went:

A visually stunning show, great seats, we had a great time.

5: Lunches and Open Knitting On Thursdays
Both of which I miss. When Alex was going to the International Academy, I'd go into Janesville early on Thursday and take him to lunch. We'd end up at places like Subway or KFC, and talk for an hour before going to knit with the ladies. Open Knitting at the Dragonfly is a blast! Whomever would drop by would stop and knit, critique new knitting magazines, show off our stuff, and use some good ol' peer pressure to try new things. I do hope that after my stint as a temp worker, I get to go back to open knitting.

The picture is of Alex at Subway taken during a cell-phone camera fight.

4: AuTrain 2010
Our vacations run like this: One year a BIG vacation to somewhere like Mesa Verde. The next year, it's a week at a campground chilling, fishing and kayaking. This year was AuTrain, Michigan. The campground? Eh, the lake, too big for kayaking. The AuTrain River? AWESOME for kayaking! It snakes about 2 miles to the west and turns 2 miles to the east.

You drop your kayak in, have someone hold it, drive up 1/2 a mile to drop your car off. Then walk the 1/2 mile back and paddle for about 4 hours before getting back to your car. It's more like a large creek than a river. It empties into Lake Superior and is great fun for the last 1/8 mile.

People gather at that spot after the bridge and let their kids play in the sand and the current on the river is such that if you can float, you can float on the current to Lake Superior. It was fun!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Good Things of 2010 10 through 7

I'm going to remember 2010 by the good things that happen. Be ready for some funky memories:

10: Gall bladder surgery. Yep, that's a good thing. This stupid gall bladder has been invading my nighttime peace for about 3 years now. It's time that Fred and George the gall stones get a new living quarters of a plastic jar.

9: Firefly and Zoe. Two Shawls that I have designed all by myself. A learning experience to say the least! The easiest part is knitting the buggers, charting however.....

8: After a few years of messing with an old well pump, pressure tank and water heater, I THINK we're done now. Everything has been replaced. Next spring we'll have to do some landscaping where they dug the 4 foot trench but hey....I wanted to plant some new flowers around here anyways.

7: Alex is 18!!!!! My dear son has made it to be an adult! There's minimal scars, no juvenile record, no grandchildren, no rehab bills. We've made it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Job Makes Life just that more interesting

So I picked up a job doing some data entry/mail sorting for a few months; mainly to pay off the debts on that junker of a car of mine. If possible, I'll save up enough for another decent-running yet used car.

The bag selling enterprise is still running, albeit with less inventory. I can still do some sewing after work and on weekends, so I will be doing more fabric buying online. Which is good actually, since I get the better designer fabrics that way.

Christmas is over, and I'm glad of that. The crappy Wisconsin winters make driving a stressful experience and for some reason, I do not do well physically at my In-Law's. I always wake up feeling as though I've been crumpled like a piece of paper. My sinuses were screaming and I could not deal with the lights at church. I ended up looking downward at the Nativity Set during the service.

Our gift giving between Dave and I involved exchanging top-shelf liquor: Bourbon for Godiva Chocolate Vodka. I think it was a great idea, since we've already gotten into our respective gifts.

Tigger had some issues with hurling for a few weeks and I was worried he had gotten some bad disease. He's 13 years old; not a young kitty any more. We switched his food back to the usual stuff and started feeding him less. He's stopped throwing up, which is a relief.

And yes, he does a wonderful impression of Jabba the Hut.

Knitting wise; I'm starting the Gloucester Coat from Interweave. A cabled coat with an intricate collar. Since I'm working on the body right now, I'm still debating whether or not the collar is going to happen or if I will put a simpler hood on instead.

Mine is knitted from Patons worsted in a dark green color. I'm working on the front left side which is about 1/2 done.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Out here in the black

The other day, I was posting on some forum or another about how things were different 'Out here in the black.' which is a term from Firefly. It's amusing how idioms from favorite shows sneak into your every day language. I've been watching NCIS for years, and now things that are just not-right have become, 'hinky'.

But out here in the black means something that is just more than being in the middle of nowhere. Out here in the black...20 miles from the nearest moderately large city...we make do for ourselves when things go hinky.

Like when your well pump goes dead and you have no water. Dave's been teasing me about my obsession with putting gallons of water on the back porch/laundry room. It's not really a porch per se...more like a mud room. I stash gallons of water back there just in case and last weekend we used all 10 of them up plus refills.

But out here in the black, we learn to deal with minor crisis with a calm stubborness. We will not let it get us down, and we will survive. Even if it means dipping water from the pool to flush the toilets. We survive...and get on with life.

So as not to go all wishy washy, I've added a cute pic of the stuffed moose that I perched on my leg at my Aunt and Uncle's weekend.