Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage, part 2

I've worked 2 days at my job. On the 2nd day as the cashier, I was doing decently, and it was almost time for shift to end.  A few young kids come in wanting to buy one of those prepaid Visa cards. They lay their cash on the table, and I enter the amount into the card.  Except.............I didn't know that the card costs $4.95.  These kids don't have that extra amount, can I just deduct it from the amount put on the card? Sure.

Except that requires a transaction void, and that transaction void is over $100.  My boss has to do transaction voids. Heck, they have to do item see, there might be someone stealing from them by voiding items on  the counter...except if you have too many transaction voids (for ANY reason) you can get fired.   My boss goes into a tizzy, now a call has to be made to their immediate manager on why a transaction void of over $100 was done. I get to hear the boss bitch and moan and holler for the remainder of my shift.

I did not know these cards had a fee. I've never purchased one, never even LOOKED at one since I have my debit card through my bank account. Um...............wouldn't this have been one of those items to TRAIN me on before hitting that cash register?   My 'training' was 1 hour of watching one other girl run the cash register. That's it. Now most of it is cake: run the stuff through, hit the appropriate payment button, make sure to give out the correct change. Smile and say thanks.

Incidentally, you know how people put down cashiers because they look at the screen to figure out how much change to give? You can stop now. Run a cash register for a few hours, you'll realize how that is your friend. I would run roughly a transaction every 1 - 2 minutes. I don't even know how to spell my name after such a rush.

And honestly, I was constantly fearful of double scanning items, because each time I'd have to call for help. And then I'd get an exasperated boss to come up and tell me to "write the transaction down" (PLEASE, CCTV can tell you which one it was, PLUS the stupid ticket I put in the drawer, STOP WITH THE WRITING DOWN OF SHIT! IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME!)

And let's talk about employee purchases for a minute. Each day I walk in, if I take my purse in, it has to be well as when I leave. Great. Um, yeah..see those poise pads? Freaked out yet? I didn't realize how important it was for everyone to see them!

I cannot walk in with a soda lacking a taped receipt to it, EVEN THOUGH there is a CCTV camera shined right on the entrance that shows everyone walking in and out. If I do, I can get fired. If I purchase items from the store AFTER MY SHIFT, I have to have someone WRITE IT DOWN (again!) the transaction #, the date, who ran me through, what I bought, and then MY RECEIPT IS TAKEN FROM ME.  Um. yeah. That CCTV is STILL SHINED ON THE CASH REGISTERS!

This basic treatment of all employees as thieves from the get-go is a real sticking point. That, the lack of training and the sheer amount expected from me for $7.25 an hour had me looking already for a different job.

Fast food joint up the road a block is hiring for days for $8.00 an hour. Guess who went there? My 2nd interview (yeah, I know..for a burger flipping job?) was today. I know tomorrow.

Oh, and I finished another prayer shawl. I've started a pair of socks for Dave from some Paton's that was on clearance. Honestly? It had been so long since I knitted a pair of socks that I actually had to refer to a pattern!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Knitting has been being done, honest!

With all the rants lately, you'd think I was not knitting. Actually I am, I just don't talk much about it. With part time work, part time flock,  part time school, I DO knit, just mostly when I'm sitting at the end of the day watching TV.

Incidentally, the thing that we've been watching other than movies lately is Grimm. We're trying to catch up on the whole storyline. It's an interesting show. I swear Monroe and his wife make the show with their candor. My 1/4 German ancestry comes in handy during the show too. My Paternal Grandmother is German, and much of my kin live in the same town today near Sparta WI. I know German.

First up is my prayer shawl  that I've been working on so long I swear it will have it's own birthday soon. It's the usual yarn from Hobby Lobby and a pattern that's easy to do.

The Pattern: 
* I usually start off with about 6 rows of garter stitch at the beginning and end so the shawl has a bit of structure. *
1 row of seed stitch
2 rows of stockinette.
Repeat endlessly until it is as long as you want.
(There are 5-stitch borders that are knitted on both the RS and WS to keep it from rolling)

I could count to see how many stitches are on it, but realistically, it would work for just about any # of stitches. For prayer shawls, my usual count is around 75 to make a good and useful shawl.

The colorway is not one I'd usually get. One day I was standing there facing 100 different colors of yarn and could not make a pick. I looked at the lady next to me and said, "I'm picking out yarn for a prayer shawl. I can't decided what color to choose. Can you choose a new color for me?" So ..........she did.

this is the start of the Lin-Lin shawl. An actual *paid for* pattern! For the first part, it's just short row, wrap and turn ribbing for about 10 years. I'm about 1/2 done with that 1st part, but need to get more of this Malabrigo worsted to finish.

I had this yarn sitting here forever and a day waiting for a project.  Now it has one and I need a few more.  This stuff is so squishy and fluffy I just want to pet it forever. But instead, how about I just make a shawl I can wrap myself in? I want it big and warm and squishy.

bottom up cardigan sweater in a seafoam color that apparently is troublesome to photograph. It's a cabled front placket with stockinette everywhere else. Right now, it's cable, knit mindlessly, cable for another 6" or so. The yarn is wool-ease from Lion Brand so I can wash it if it gets nasty.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage - The Series

* This will be the first of a series of expose's on the adventure known as minimum wage work. It will not be what you expect, and that's why it will be fun to read.*

So my bill came back from getting my POS truck fixed: Over $600 OUCH!~ there goes all the money in the emergency car repair fund. I mulled it over for a bit and decided to find a part time job to refill the repair fund and to pay off my credit card bill.

The fun part is that my credit card bill was from having to put my tuition on the card due to the fact that the UW System refused to refund me monies from dropping out of a class that forced me to read and review a book on rape, incest and abuse. Nope, haven't forgotten about that, ol' UW!

SO onto the applications. It's the usual stuff plus a part where you put down when you are available to work. This semester has me taking classes Mon-Wed-Fri from 9 to noon, so that's out. I don't want Sundays and I really want less than 1-2 nights/week in case something comes up with the flock and or family matters.

The first place that calls is a chain of retail stores - NOT WalMart. We'll call them "H5N8" for want of a better term. H5N8 is actually the designation of the bird flu now killing off millions of birds in the country.

I interview and right off comes irritation #1. "Oh, I see you have a schedule that you'd like to work. Well! let's just throw that out the window and work what *I* want you to work! Sundays ? NOPE! gotta work! Nights? NOPE gotta work...until 2 am because we need you to do it!"

So why the fuck did I even put down anything if no one is going to listen?

Irritation #2: "Yes, you can start here. the way, you need to buy a bunch of clothes as a uniform here." These clothes that I was forced to buy equate to about 4 hours of pay at $7.25/hour.  I don't know where the fuck these people think this money will be coming from. Thankfully we have some money in the bank, but really! If you want to pay minimum wage - PROVIDE THE UNIFORM FOR YOUR WORKERS!! Don't expect them to do so on their own dime -er pennies.

I remember my Son getting a temp job that required non-conductive 'steel' toed anti-slip work boots. Minimum outlay for such a thing is $80. He worked a week before they laid him off.  It barely paid for the boots. I got to wear them for an entire winter just to justify their cost.

Irritation #3: Honestly, this is the one that might be the deal breaker for company H5N8. Yesterday, I went in to watch training videos. Boring enough, right. But after 3 hours, I completed them  and signed off. I was about to leave when the manager says, "I have to check your purse." Uh, what? "Our DM (district manager) makes us search everyone's purse. Oh and don't bring in a soda when you start the shift. The DM thinks you guys are stealing sodas."   There are no safe places to put my purse while at work. I'm expected to lock it in my car the parking lot. Yes, because *that's* a safe place!

Treating your employees like they are thieves from day 1 is not going to garner you any good-will from those employees. In fact, the 20 minute training video that blamed 3/4 of the 'shrinkage' of the store on it's employees really did nail down how much company H5N8 thinks of their employees.  $7.25 an hour don't give you permission to treat me like a common thief.

Irritation #4: 15 minute video on how to stack cardboard. Really? I don't know which suit got the directive to put this out there, but that person ran with it like it was a freshly killed bone and s/he was a Labrador puppy.  I mean, 15 minutes on how to stack cardboard on a rack. The poor fella who had to read the script and act like this was the biggest and most effective means of saving the world should get an Academy Award.

And after all this from company H5N8, I've got an interview tonight with a fast food joint. If they offer me either better pay or better hours, I'm gone. It won't mean this series won't go on, it will just be from a different perspective. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Your lesson in cyberbullying

(I apparently linked the photos to a place where they were removed, So I removed the photos. Sorry about that.)

Yesterday, I made an offhand comment about an arrest photo of a woman who was arrested stealing over $250,000 from Wal Mart by returning stolen merchandise. My comment was that the news station should warn us before posting such pictures because to be honest...the woman was ugly.

And that's where the cyber-bullying started. Five people decided that because they deemed me to be just as ugly as the woman in the photo, that it was acceptable to bully me. They decided that it was right, honest and holy to call me ugly...repeatedly and to my face.  Not only that, but because they deem me ugly, I should shut up and slink back into my ugly-hole.

No worries, folks, I've got photos. I erased the last name of the offenders but kept their first names. I also would warn you that my usual penchant for cursing is in there as well. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I curse a lot.
 Now, some of this is duplicated, but it's worth a perusal. Pay attention to how many times someone alluded to, or hinted at me being ugly without really saying it. That's an important fact, well...actually THE most important fact. It's a trait that is the primary tool of a passive-aggressive narcissist. Apparently my offhand comment was like fishing...and I caught 5 of them at the same time.

I will mention that this is an offshoot of the regular comments. In the regular comments there were a number of people who also commented that the woman in the photo was ugly. None of them received the same treatment as I. One person posted a photo comment from the movie Uncle Buck (funny movie, BTW) from the scene where Uncle Buck throws a quarter at the nasty teacher and tells her to go downtown and get a rat to chew the mole off her face. Gee, that seemed a bit harsh, didn't it? But did it garner the attention of Mike, Nikki, Tabitha and Stephanie? Nope! Just ugly me.

This whole thing put me in a snit for the evening. Yep, that's ugly old me giving what I called, "Two fucks to the thought police of Facebook."

According to 5 of the cruelest, most evil persons I've encountered in recent history, I cannot utter an unkind word about anyone because ...get this...I am ugly. Ugly people have no voice in this world. Not only that, but because I uttered a one sentence about a woman in a photo, I must endure 5 (FIVE) people attacking me..and without any defense because.....I'm ugly.

The lesson to you as parents, and as people is this: This is the kind of people your kids encounter EVERY DAY on Facebook and Social Media. They pretend to be good people, but they are worse than those who are out-and-out bad people. They are evil and think they are good. Their passive-aggressive wordings of their bullying is an attempt to deflect any sort of criticism, and to skirt responsibility for their actions. They are so evil, so lame, so demented that they cannot even accept responsibility for their actions. They hide it.

If you see this type of conversations in your child's FB - and REALLY , You SHOULD CHECK IT REGULARLY, you need to shut those passive-aggressive bullies down IMMEDIATELY!! How? it's really simple: CALL THEM ON IT.

Call them on it repeatedly. Show their work to the world, NAME THEM AND SHAME THEM! Their passive-aggressive wordings and actions are meant to deflect them from any criticism. They are afraid of being shown to be the horrible people that they are, so DO IT. Show everyone how horrible they are. Your kids' life will depend on it.

Now I'm a 46 year old bitch with a thick hide. This conversation still pissed me off this morning. Had I known any of these people in real life, I would be over to their houses giving them the biggest reaming of their lives. There might be blood as well.

Pretending to be a Saint when you're really the Devil has a way of pissing me off more than when you're just being the Devil. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brutal Honesty

I'm in one of those moods where people who are over the age of 20 are pissing me off, so let me be brutally honest here. There are things we'd all love for you to know;

* The concept that each and every person out there must agree, accept and embrace your life, lifestyle and thoughts as 100% awesome! is idiotic, and dangerous. My time in therapy taught me that if you want to lead a calm, depression-free life, you must let go this insane concept that you must love and embrace 100% all the people around you and conversely they must do the same to you. Give yourself freedom to not like someone or their actions. 

* Honestly, whatever you're wearing today, 99% of the people out there won't remember what you were wearing tomorrow unless it stood out in some way. And that's OK. Spending zillions of dollars you don't have to impress others is a waste of money.

* Seriously, spending zillions of dollars you don't have trying to keep up with others you know is hysterically tragic. Why are y'all so obsessed with that? My Christian faith (ZOMG, did I admit that out loud???) teaches me not to covet the possessions of others and so I don't give a flopsweat if they bought a new house, car or furniture. 

*Most people really don't give a honky shit about what you ate yesterday, unless it was very good and you can share the recipe. Stop taking pictures of food at restaurants and just  enjoy. the. food.

*Seriously STOP posting photos of your vaycay on FB. People other than your family just don't. care.  and honestly? They think you're rubbing their noses in the fact that you CAN take one and they can't. 

*100% of the people forced to endure your cell phone conversation in checkout lines or in stores would love for you to either talk lower or hang up. No one will die if you walk through a store without calling someone, no, really!

* I must be like the only person in America who does not watch college basketball. I must also be the only person in Wisconsin who does not give a honky shit if they make it to the finals. And yet, here I am. I've not died of this malady, nor am I diminished in any way. Huh!

* Same goes for most of the television shows on TV. While others are freaking out about the Walking Dead or Kardashian BS, I'm usually watching a movie. The only show Dave and I watch on a regular basis right now is Grimm. Why? I think it's because we both speak German to some extent. My Grandma on my Dad's side is German. 

* That whole, "Judge not lest ye be judged" thing flung about these days is bullshit. People judge all the time, and people judge back. What I cannot do is say, "You're going to Hell for your behavior." but there's actually stuff in the bible that says that if someone sins against others and I stay silent that their judgement is my judgement. I am morally expected to tell someone if their behavior is wrong.