Thursday, January 21, 2016

Last week of vacation ...

Wow, I started this about 20 minutes ago and have gotten distracted since!
Posted to a FB group the photo of David with Gretl.

She's now in with the flock and has been adopted by Rube, Sev and Molly.

We're all really REALLY bummbed at Alan Rickman's passing. I mean, come on! We name the flock after Harry Potter characters. Severus was on the list to be culled ...the list we never got to, but he was on the list. NOW we can't kill our Sev!!

Ok , so I also started and tried to finish the heelhead scarf but this top turn is just not working out.  I have 1/2 the thing done and it looks cool, but this, ain't working and I've tried it twice.

So what the heck will I do with this?  Frog it back to the increase, make it just a scarf? Try again? Devise my own way to make it into something else? Frog it entirely? Yeah, I don't know.

Yep, another distraction...hang on.