Monday, December 21, 2015

vacation, of sorts

End of Semester was Friday. I'm done working and schooling til the last week in January. With no money coming for that time, the vacation will be low-key.  The odd thing was how this weekend has played out after all that finals stress and stuff. I don't mean to put more pressure on the family, but apparently I do.  Saturday, I woke up all stiff and sore...especially in my back. As the day wore on, more and more of my joints screamed in pain. We were scheduled to meet Dave's parents about 2 hours away from home for a gift exchange. The ride  up and back were painful, but I wasn't going to beg out of this because of my pain. I took 2 ibuprofens and sucked it up.
Dad, Dave and Mom

As it was, the visit was good and thankfully brief. I got up about 3/4 of the way through and walked around a bit. It helped. A nap later at home helped more. Sunday found me uncommunicative and grumpy. I think that the entire semester of having to be 'on' and chatty with others gets to me. I want to be home, nose in a book happily ignoring others. Well, that's just not a good thing to do with loved ones. 

This week we're hosting some of Alex's friends and preparing for Christmas. There's not even a tree here now, and I'm not sure I want to shlepp around and find one. We shall see.  The El Nino that is smacking California has made this a warm yet rainy winter here in Wisconsin. Most are complaining about the lack of snow. I'm not. I'm fine with it. 

Here we have the stud muffin of the group Percy with his gal Mary. Rube (or Sev, I can't tell them apart) in front with one of our new chickens near the new mud puddle. They are enjoying the puddles of water and the warmth. I can't blame them. Struggling through snow, ice and crap is low on my fun scale. 

No knitting being done for Christmas and I've been through that rant long enough for anyone who's paid attention to roll their eyes. I'm not going through it again. I've crocheted a few doilies for gifts, made a few more hats for charity, but I'm actually not in the mood to knit much. Wierd, eh? 

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