Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boom! Challenge Myself

OK, no one ever challenges me to any of those things like the 'ice bucket challenge' or so..mainly because I won't do them, then I'll spend 10 minutes telling them why their effing challenge is useless against whatever charity they're pimping $$ for. So this time, I'll challenge myself:
And my thing will be to do it in around 5 minutes. So Five Problems with Social Media (FB) in particular:

1. Everyone thinks they're right about everything under the sun and about 98% of the people are actually wrong....about everything. And the other stuff? It is an OPINION!!! Not everyone shares and agrees with your opinion. And when you point out their fallacy/inaccuracy/downright lie or the fact that what they have given is an opinion that not everyone shares and agrees get labeled 'evil' 'stupid''bitch' and then they unfriend you..yeah, whatever. Grow the F UP!

2. LOOK AT ME!!  LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!--- Seriously, I've got FB friends that CONSTANTLY post selfies. Ugh. Talk about Narcissism!

3. Younger people actually believe that their online persona IS their real life persona. Case in Point: I had one woman whose child was murdered by her boyfriend, and she stood by and allowed it to happen. She'd post all the time how she LOVED her dead daughter. Yeah, if you LOVED your daughter, you'd have kept her from being killed.  Telling everyone you LOVE someone online does not equal showing them love IRL. 

4. You're stuck with a group of like-minded friends who post and reshare the same stuff that you've seen 343,453 times before....because............refer to #1.  You cannot hold onto friends who don't think/act/bow to your every thought/word/deed because they think you're eeeeevil and cannot be associated with. 

5. People who think that IRL you're friends so you should friend on FB. UM. No. Negative Ghostrider, my pattern is more flybys. Mostly because of #1 up there. Hell, half my family isn't friended on FB because they are incapable of accepting that there is another opinion to stuff that is not theirs. To be blunt, EVERYONE thinks they are right about everything AND NO ONE can stand being told they are wrong about anything.  

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