Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1000th Feedback!!!

KIP Bags by Ruddawg has gotten their 1000th feedback! In honor of this momentous occasion, I am giving away a One of a Kind KIP Bag filled with goodies. The stuff? A sampling based on the idea "A Few of my Favorite Things."

What are a few of my favorite things? Well, KIP bags, of course. This one is red velvet, 10" high by 7 1/2" wide. A red velvet wrist strap allows for knitting and walking at the same time. It has a decorator fabric bottom and fancy stitching at the top to give it a more festive look.

What is in the bag?

The top fuzzy item is a pair of socks. Not just socks, but a pair of those fuzzy and oh so soft socks. I am a fiend for socks! I ask for a new set of socks every year for my birthday.

Next is a skein of Alpaca yarn - Caramel in color. I love, love LOVE alpaca! This skein is from Blue Sky Alpacas, 120 yards of Sport Weight Yarn.

The red item is my most useful tool for knitting, sewing and everything else. It's a small swiss army knife that goes on a set of keys. It's got a small pair of scissors, knife, nail file, tweezers, and toothpick. I've had one myself for many years and find it so handy.

I will provide a list of my most useful websites. They will be of free knitting patterns, and useful websites for those who knit socks and such. As these are not my knitting patterns, please make sure to follow their copyright instructions. They are my "go-to" patterns for quick gifts.

Moisturizer pretty much speaks for itself. Somehow, it always seems as though knitting takes the moisture out of my hands. With my asthma, perfumed moisturizers can set off an attack pretty quickly. This moisturizer from Gold Bond is effective, long lasting and fragrance free.

There will be chocolate added to the bag, but I haven't gotten it yet. It's just too much of a temptation to leave out in this house.

NOW - The details:
To enter to get this KIP Bag giveaway, Leave a comment. Comment about whatever you like, but make sure I can get a hold of you in case you win. The first winner will be selected next Wednesday, December 1st at about 8 am CST.

Thanks to all who have made the KIP Bag a success!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My Sister and Brother-In-Law live about 3 miles away from here. On some days, they bring out their puppy dog, Mattie to run the back two fields. Mattie gets so excited about it that sometimes she just does not want to go back home.

One time in September, she got out there and didn't want to come back when called. My Brother-In-Law was hunting and finally just gave up. It was cold and rainy. I told him that when Mattie came back in, I'd take her into town and drop her off. She came ambling back about 5 minutes after he left.

I put her in my car and drove through to town and she stood on my passenger seat looking out the window the whole way. I had to take a picture!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Isn't it strange that Princes and Kings
And clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
And just plain folks like you and me,
Are builders for Eternity?
To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass and a book of rules,
And each must make ere life is flown,
A stumbling block, or a stepping stone."

- So............what'cha making?