Thursday, February 25, 2016

My unofficial week off

Both of my professors are off at a conference this week. There is some online work to be done but it's not all that difficult. Ok, one test was hideous but...what can you do?

I've had a few things on my list to do this week and they are done as well. I went to Goodwill and tried to obtain a dinner jacket for the hubbs, but the ones I chose were too small.

I visited a classmate at her bar in a small town 40 miles away. She and her hubbs just bought it. They are in the process of fixing it up. We spent the time trying to puzzle out a good menu that would get customers coming in and returning. I left her with my Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

Knitting is being done. Charity knitting as usual. My Lenten sacrifice is to reduce or stop cursing. It's moderately successful.  I've got a curse jar, and for every 10 or so pennies I put in, I have to knit another baby blanket and donate it to the pregnancy resource center. I'm not sure, but I think I'll be knitting about 40 of them by now!   Dave doesn't think it's a real sacrifice because I enjoy knitting. Sacrifice, in it's key words, means "surrender to God." which means I am surrendering my skills for God's work.   It's a tradition that all great craftsmen would surrender their skills and their best work for God. Why shouldn't I?

This is the start of the first blanket. I asked Dave to choose a colorway that I would find hideous. He chose well! The object of that is to knit something that is not my chosen color to remind myself that my preferences aren't the same as others. You must remember to stay humble.

Which is only working moderately well.

Another work in progress is an entrelac stole that has been on the needles so long that I swear it's having birthdays by now. I started it sometime ago when I found 5 skeins of Amazing on clearance. The color way is not my favorite as well.

I know of a few ladies that will be having more babies, so there is always a need for a good nursing shawl/baby wrap. They never go to waste. I like the Amazing because it is machine washable. That's a plus when working with baby items. babies have a thing about body fluids ...

In that light, it almost looks good!

Yeah, I'll knit more shawls anyways. I'm always looking out for more good clearance yarn to make shawls, blankets and throws for charity. Ever since my family decided my knitted items are not worthy of receipt, I started knitting for charity instead.

The geese are heading into breeding season or as I term it, "Saturday night Frat Party Kegger." there are fights, and shagging, and more fights.  In about a month my gals will start marking out nesting areas and laying eggs. The boys will be fighting still; but then it will be to protect their gals from perceived threats.

Face it, those ganders are just wanting to fight. I'll be staying away from them as much as possible for a while. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The day no wool was knit

It's been more like a week without any real knitting. Friday before last I woke up feeling like the floor of a NYC Taxi cab. Even at work, the boss noticed. Although he thought I had gone out partying the night before.

It was a vicious cold. The remnants are still hanging on. I've got bronchitis and a set of sinsues that scream each time I cough. But the worst of it is over.

Odd though, even when I'm laying there wheezing and shivering and wishing to be unconscious, I don't knit. I'll lay there doing nothing, but I will not knit. You'd think I would just be knitting all the time since my brain is too stuffed up for any higher-level processing. Oh I know knitting can be tricky, but knitting hats is easy.

Before I started back at school, I knitted a 6' long stole for myself. It's just like 100 stitches, knitted in stockinette with the exception of the last 3 stitches on each side, to keep it from rolling. All white sock yarn, all off a 1,100 yard cone of wool from the Goodwill. It's wrapped around my head like a babushka right now because I'm cold.

I keep thinking that I should dye it. But I haven't figured out what shade to dye it yet. (Yep, that's me in the photo looking like it's morning and I've yet to drink all my coffee.Nice hair too, right?)

School is going along nicely. It's all about blood this semester, so I will have to get over that whole thing about phlebotomy and just deal with doing venipunctures on a regular basis. One clinical student came back doing like 150 venipunctures her first week! My math brain did the calculations and that's about 4-5 people an hour that had to have blood drawn. I guess I'll either get good real quick or suck at it perpetually. Me? I'll get good at it because I know it's something that I have to do and do RIGHT so people don't get hurt.

Normally, I'd be outside letting out the ducks, geese and chickens, but it's really cold out there and I want to wait about another 1/2 an hour or so before getting them out and about. Then I'll head on off to school and work. I'm the one with the most hours in Work Study at the lab/prep area so I have the place to myself for the most part, Streaking plates, getting out needed lab equipment for classes, washing glassware. It's not just a job, it's work study!  No, seriously though; by the time I get done with this my hope is to professionally isolate bacterial colonies. I've got one bacterial strain that got contaminated with another. I've been working on isolating the good from the bad.