Monday, May 31, 2010

still updating

This blogger does not like me at times.

The next few things on the needles are a bit easier and great for keeping my hands busy while watching TV. The featherweight cardigan is part of the KAL that the ladies have started. A number of us ladies gather at the Dragonfly on Thursdays for open knitting. When I work by yourself all week, it is good to get out and chat with others to keep my sanity.

My featherweight is in orange: Tiger Lily by Malabrigo.

The last item on the needles that is new is the Brandywine Shawl . The initial idea was to knit this using some Malabrigo Sock yarn that I bought specifically for it. I started that things SIX TIMES using that yarn and each time, it would screw up before row 20. Finally I got the idea that this yarn did not want to be that shawl. I picked up a hank of handspun in a beautiful combination of violets and oranges and started knitting with that. It's been easy-peasy since!

Updates on projects

First of all, let Americans take a moment out of their day off to reflect on those who serve in our Military and gave their lives in defense of the United States of America. Without them, USA would not be as Free and Wondrous as it is.

There are times in my knitting journey where I am direction-less. I will start things and then frog them. I will start different things and just leave them alone. It usually happens after I complete a large project. The last episode was about a month ago. During that time, I started some 5 or so projects because the 6 or so that are in progress were not enough.......

The Bee Fields shawl was giving me fits. I had an inkling that the size 7 needles were too big, but was too stubborn to frog the darned thing. It took about a week, but I mustered up the ooomph to do so and then restarted it.

It does look better now. The yarn is a handspun silk that I had custom dyed for this shawl. I wanted a honey colored silk. Kerri at the Dragonfly was happy to help out.