Monday, February 11, 2013

How to tread on a very touchy subject? Eh. Let's roll!

I'm on that quest to cleanse my soul, so here's another chunk of miasma for you: I've learned not to like people these days. And as each day progresses on, I dislike people more.  It's gotten to the point where I just don't want to be around others.

People have become nothing more than hateful, spiteful, narcissistic asshats.

Hell, Even my In-Laws' refuse to behave for two fucking days.

They have to make my Christmas *just that more horrible* because some person on TV told them to hate their own kid. Their own child! Someone they've known since birth! Their ability to be swayed into thinking the worst of their Son simply because someone on TV told them so, shows how really moronic they are. That concept in itself shows me how shallow their real intelligence is.  It's superficial, meant to dupe others into giving them respect, but not an iota of respect is shown the other way.  And they are not the only one; millions do that every day.  People I used to regard as intelligent aren't really so: They are easily swayed by charlatans and those with an agenda.  Those people have never met those on TV, but they follow them as blindly as those who followed Jim Jones to their death some 30 years ago.  And those TV stars tell them to hate...hate hate hate.

People have nothing good to say about anyone and anything. They can't even gin up enough good emotion to fake it. There's no real interaction any more between people anymore. When we get together with others, all I hear is how their lives are going, but no give-and-take.  Me me me...And that's the polite ones - those who can pretend long enough to be with you.

About 23 years ago, I had an experience that was pretty much a microcosm of this entire subject.  A new person had entered our little world at my job, flashy with all kinds of energy.  I became friends with her, not knowing that she'd manipulate me and the situation so that when she deliberately destroyed her family, she publicly blamed me for that destruction.  It got to the point where she destroyed my life and turn all others against me, just so she looked like the 'victim'.  I was left with nothing; no home, no job, no boyfriend, no hope.

What destroyed me more than all that is those friends of mine who knew me for years all of a sudden turned against me, believing every bit of bad news this chick told them about me.  Of course none of it was true, but they believed it anyways.  They KNEW me, or at least I thought they did.  People who knew me for a long time believed the bitch who came in only 6 months ago.

I was incensed, frustrated and very depressed.  How could all those people think so badly of me? They KNEW I could not do what she said, right?  Oh no! They scooped up all the bad that this bitch said about me and BELIEVED IT without even asking me. Eventually, I went into therapy, worked out my problems and dealt with those so-called friends.  And I learned a cold, hard lesson about  people: They will believe anything you say about another just because they are so stupid as to not use their minds to logically work out that the things are not true.

Is there a solution? Yes, but it requires people use their brains, logically think out stuff and to deliberately turn their backs on the charlatans.  It's work; "it's hard!" and so no one will do it.

I have no hope for the future of this world, as long as lazy dumasses refuse to even acknowledge they are being played like cheap hookers.

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