Friday, February 22, 2013

A tough week

Let's just list the crap pile that was my week. They are in no particular order of crapitude but some are worse than others.

1. I can't wear my wedding & engagement ring because I bashed my hand against something doing chores and bruised my finger. Every time I put the rings on I get a burning pain.  Great.  

2. My Hubby got his hours cut, again. Now he's down to 30 and we're scrambling to cut budget and/or make up the loss in funds. 

3. Which leads me selling plasma. I'm all-around healthy, so it's not all that difficult. I DID find the 4 hours spent there yesterday and the 30 mile round trip to home and back to get a marriage certificate to prove I changed my name to be almost too much to endure. And all that for 20 bucks..........

4. I was sitting down in the garage on a bale of straw cleaning the fog off my glasses when my left lens fell off into a pile of straw.  Think of it as trying to find a needle in a haystack, blind.  We have had all of us out there trying to find it with no success. I searched and searched and searched, then I just lost it.  This is not the time to be dealing with having to get a new pair of glasses, WE HAVE NO MONEY FOR THIS!!
I'm wearing a pair of Alex's old glasses that are about 90% correct for my eyesight.   I go to Wal-Mart on Monday for an eye exam and to order new glasses (bifocals this time, welcome to old age!)........which will take another week to get here. Had I the $$, I'd get them at Lenscrafters and get them in an hour, but that costs about 4 times more than we can afford.   Poverty sucks y'all.

5. Dave takes his van in for a tune up? 200 bucks, that's it.  Had an issue w/it missing because of old spark plugs.  My car throws a main belt twice and I get stuck with 400+ in bills. Oh the car now runs ...just as shitty as it used to. There are times when I remember liking to drive somewhere and not just spending the whole trip hoping that my craptastic car will make it.  ~Sigh~ Those were good times. 

6. The only job offer I've gotten is for warehouse work 45 hours a week, days.  Which would mean I would have to quit school again. And again, it's not because I can't do the work, but funds.  That would be the 3rd time that happened.   I told them no. Yes, I turned down a job because I want to stay in school.  Besides, it's a temp job. My luck I'll quit school and work the job only to be laid off in a week.  Then I wouldn't be able to file for unemployment, be forced to repay my loans NOW, and have no school and no job. Yes, my luck is definitely that bad.

7. Got to spend Wednesday night driving home in my crap car during a snowstorm. I couldn't see the road, I couldn't see that far ahead of me and I had someone else's glasses on. A trip that usually takes me 20 minutes took me almost an hour.  I'm SO ready for spring.

8. All those projects I was going to finish for Lent? I frogged all but the Aidez.  With our income cut again, there's no money for buying the yarn to finish those projects.  The Aidez has enough yarn, the others don't.  I frogged them - including the gawdawful featherweight cardigan in hunter's orange.  I'll redye the yarn red and make a shawl from it. I'll call the the "piss off ye grotty wanker" shawl. 

9. I fell twice in the ice.  Good thing my ass is padded. URock seems to find salting and/or sanding slippery areas just too difficult to handle. 

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