Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I DO get to interact with nice people -just ones who don't know me

I guess that's the jist: If someone knows me they like to treat me like shit for some reason. Odd, right?

So..........last night I was leaving school.  It was windy and the school for some reason has a phobia about putting down salt on sidewalks. Maybe they think the kids will rust or something.  I'm trying my best to find a spot that ain't slippery when I get to the front parking lot.

I see this older lady (yes, older than me. It happens) struggling to stand up using the door of her car. "Ma'am, please be careful. It's very slippery here." I warn her.  But for some reason my brain will not just let that woman struggle to where ever she goes. Maybe it was my upbringing, maybe it was that cane I saw on the passenger side of her car.  She admits that she's only changing seats, but I refuse to let her fall even for that short walk.

  I offer her my arm for support and we walk to the other side, exchanging pleasantries.  Nice lady. We took it slow and got her seated.   By the time I got to my car, whomever was going to drive had gotten there and they were gone.

Then I hit Kwick Trip for gas and bread.  Spoke pleasantly to the lady who checked out my stuff. She was very patient when I mistakenly wrote the check short.  I whipped out the debit card for the extra buck + that was still on the bill. We smiled and wished each other a good night.

So I don't know.  I like people. I like talking to people, getting to know them an all. It's just that perhaps the concept of respect goes out the door with some.  Those are the ones that put you off all others: That customer who belittled me when working at the fabric store, "Do you know any math? This is not the price on the wall" (yeah, I know math, I know freaking Calculus. I also know when to shut the fuck up and be nice too. I want YOU to memorize 1000+ prices and remember which ones are on sale, bitch),  That last memory of my MIL when I said to her, "Honestly, we don't think you're stupid," but she had this pursed-lip strained look on her face that told me without words that she does think we're stupid (because some dude on tv said so, right. it's gotta be right! Never think with your own mind!) Those are the ones who ruin it for others.

Which one are you ?

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