Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Lenten Sacrifice has found me

I went in search of some undyed roving in my stash today.  That led to me finding oh, about 6 projects that are unfinished in various totes and bags in my 'she-cave'.   So I think this will be my sacrifice; to finish up these projects and get them off the needles.  Three of them are sweaters, which is my bane.  I cannot finish sweaters for anything.  This is going to be a challenge for me, so to do so during Lent should give me new perspective.
1. These mittens are 2/3 done.  That should be my first goal since it will give me a sense of accomplishment quickly.  The yarn is Malabrigo worsted; which I would love to buy a million yards and just sleep on it. It's so squishy!

2. The  Dockside Cardigan is a funky knit sweater that starts on the outside and moves to the inside.  That's why it looks like a jumble of crap right now.  I'm on the back and from what I remember, the issue was that the textured pattern was giving me fits because it's hard to see on the white yarn.  I need to get more Lion Brand Sock Ease for this.
3. the Icarus Shawl  is something that I've been working on as a mindless project for meetings and such for a while now.  The interesting part of this one is the fact that the yarn is a Goat Down yarn spun and sold in Russia.  I think I got this stuff from Betsy. 

4. the Aidez Cardigan has been marinating in a bag for a while now.  A few weeks after I started Spring Semester, I started the back and put the sleeve on a holder until I work out the bind-off for it.  It will be a while for this one to be completed, but at least over 1/2 of it is done already. 

5. A sweater of cables that I've designed myself. I need more Cascade 220 for this one and then I must figure out how I want to work the sleeve openings.  I had contemplated using a steeking technique...

6. A sweater made from some Vanna's Choice that I don't recall much of at all. Looking at what I have done, I'm on the back and I've bound off some for the arms.  What pattern I'm using, and what to do next will be the biggest challenge.  For the yarn choice, I think I'll make it into a cardigan.  The ability to wash it would be a good thing. 

Wish me luck!  I'll update when I can. 

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