Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Duck duck goose update

It's been a while since I've talked of the animals.  Oh they're still here, but well, things are pretty much on hold with animals during the winter.

Struggles with ice, water, feed and keeping them warm take a lot of time.  The outside faucet froze in the last big freeze, so I ended up schlepping 10+ gallons of water from the house to the front of the garage every morning. Yeah, that adds another 1/2 an hour to chores.   I had 6 geese and 4 ducks who were also ticked about not getting a daily bath.  Hey, they're waterfowl, can you blame them?

But the water would freeze in their pools, which required 10+ gallons just to fill. It got so there was no way to keep up. So I bought one of these:
A shallow rubber pail meant to feed horses hay. It only stands about 1' high and it's called a Tubtrug. 3 gallons of water and boom, bath!  Of course, a full-sized goose has issues with being totally in the tub, but they get clean and everyone's happy.

Ever since we put the geese in with the ducks, the fighting between them has diminished a lot. Now we have another issue: Buddy's been courting a female duck. I don't know if she's pitching woo back, but he's spending much more time with the ducks than the geese.  Poor little fella just wants some love!

No worries, guys, it's only for a year.  We're getting girls for you, honest!

And on another topic: my %$@^^^%$@$-ing car.  Twice within a week that stupid thing has popped the main belt right as I am leaving school. The mechanic has scrutinized that thing 10 ways from Sunday and there is no valid reason for it to pop off; the belt is fine and there's no play in the pulleys.  But still, I drive out of school and BOOM, no power steering. Well **&**&)~!!!  First time I tried to drive it home - 15 miles away and got 1/2 way there before all my warning lights came on.

Second time I said F it and just drove it into the gas station parking lot and called the dealer again.  They're replacing the belt and tensioner today.  Hopefully that fixes it.  Because if it doesn't I'm driving that effing thing off a cliff. 

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