Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why I am missing this years' Knit In

or AKA: I need two tickets to San Diego, please.

Every year the Janesville Area Knitting Guild holds a Knit-In.  For the last 4 years, I've been their door-prize coordinator. I was every excited to learn they were going to move the even to Lake Lawn Lodge and get bigger stars in the Knitting world.  I saved up my $$ for a room and was ready to go.

Then I got some news from my Son, who finally made up his mind on the whole military ~~~~thing~~~~.
He signed his paperwork two weeks ago and is going to enter the Marines.  Which was kinda a surprise from his Mom, considering the efforts to join the Air Force.  He's an enigma when it comes to expressing himself on issues like this.  I've learned more from his friends on what is going on than what he tells me.

That's a photo of our son, who does not like his photo taken.  He's decided on going into the Intelligence field. So in a sense he'll be doing the same thing my Niece and Nephew do in the Air Force, but in a different uniform.

His boot camp starts in May/June depending on whether or not he passes the 'intelligence test.' I do not forsee any problems with that.  He is currently working out 3 times a week with his recruiter so he's in top shape for Boot.

Which is in San Diego.

And there ain't NO WAY this Mom and Dad are going to miss his graduation from that!  So the $$ that would have been spent on Knit-In is socked away for the trip, along with the $$ from a few other events that we would normally attend.  Small sacrifices.

I do need to get in touch with the Fairy Yarn Mother though, as I need some more of her lush Red Roving to finish off my hat/mitten/cowl ensemb. I usually meet with her at the Knit In and at The Sheep & Wool. I'm definitely going to miss her...........and the rest of the group............and Franklin Habit.............and all the rest of the group.  Ah well.... I keep reminding myself, Small Sacrifices.

Did I mention how proud I am of my Son? It brings tears to my eyes, but I am proud.  He's made this choice on his own, and with a good amount of deliberation.  He's going to make a great Marine.  HOO RAH!

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