Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well then! Let's just get started, shall we?

My Piper's journey is done. In the middle is Malabrigo sock yarn in the colorway of Solis - a blend of dark blues, greens and a hint of mint. Which is why I chose the Mint to finish it off with. It was purchased off a Ravelry user since it is on backorder w/Knitpicks.

It was a fast shawl to create, and yet...I'm meh about it. I like the colors but as a shawl it just doesn't work. I need shawls that cover my back and my shoulders and will lay there just warming me. This is more of an affectation shawl meant to accent an outfit.  
This is just an awesome picture of Percy. He's got his "I'm a STUD!" pose out there. Nice form, ginormous knob, good honk...he's a stud. But I'm not going to tell him that :).   Now that it is warmer out there, the flock is in breeding mode. It's like a frat house on a Saturday night out there.............all day, all the time. Fights between ganders, shagging girls in the pools, girls nipping off to lay eggs, and then more fights.

So far the biggest injury was to Albus last week. He must have gotten into it big time because his leg is hurt. We wrapped the knee with Vet Wrap for a day, then just let him do his own thing. There's no gashes or anything else to tend to...he just needs to heal. Fortunately for him, he's a good flyer. We never did clip wings on our flock because well.......we've never had them fly away far! Once, and that was because the next door neighbor's dog got into the yard. He's a duck hunting dog. I bet he thought he found Doggie Nirvana here.

But they flew about 300 yards and I hustled them back. So Albus has used his flying to get him around all week. Yesterday I noted more walking than flying.  He's the goose in the middle in the picture. He's a Toulouse/African cross and in that photo Mom Molly  is in front and his Sister Adele is in back. Yep, still working on Harry Potter names for the flock. I could not remember the name of Albus' sister, which is really Arianna. So...Adele.

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