Thursday, April 10, 2014

The color of the Month: Green

It's a good color after all that white/gray of the last 6 months. The grass is greening up. I see shoots of the daffodils beside the house, and buds are starting on the trees.

I'm knitting a green hat from the leftover Knit Picks sock yarn from the shawl. The stupid yarn was just hollering at me to be used, so I found a nice hat pattern from Pattons: Basic beanie that will use up the rest of it and make something that I will actually use.

You see, I've decided to forgo an actual gym membership, not because I don't like working out, but because it takes 1/2 an hour to get TO the gym and 1/2 an hour to go back spend an hour working out.

I've decided on using that time to work out here. I'm calling it the 'Rocky IV' workout. Unfortunately, I've seen all the Rocky movies. Rocky IV was when Rocky goes to Russia to fight Dolph Lungren. Dolph gets the state-of-the-art facilities while Rocky gets a barn with a tree stump. High Tech meets Old School. I'm doing Old School: A walk down and up the path with more walks down and up the hill. Like an eliptical, but with geese spectators. So I need the hat to keep my head warm from the continuous wind that whips up the back 40 here.

Oh, and I tried Yoga for 2 days, pulled a butt muscle. It's not as funny as it sounds.

Dave bought another van with our refund so the Jeep is up for sale. He was sorely missing the old caravan and bought one just like it except this one has bucket seats in the back as well as the front. Oh and it was in much better shape than ours.

Molly, our Toulouse gal is the first one to go broody on us. She is sitting on 13 eggs of indeterminate parentage. I think her daughter laid a few in there as well. This is the first time I've seen her and our Male Toulouse, Buddy shagging, so there might be a few true Toulouse this year!! I'm excited. Toulouse geese are so pretty.

Not to say that the Africans aren't pretty. They have their own good looks, but DANG they're noisy! Buddy can be noisy too, and he's a buttinski quite a bit of the time. He likes to break up fights.

Molly, she's pretty laid back for a goose, and a decent Mom. This will be her 2nd clutch, so I'm guessing more will survive this one. Out of 6 from last year, only 2 survived: Albus and Adele. Albus has healed from his injury and is walking fine. Adele is doing well on her own.

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