Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Naw man, it's OK

What? It's a very quiet time here at the ol' farm just before all heck breaks loose with babies.
Well...some babies are already here. I lent out some duck and chicken eggs to a school teacher so that her classroom can watch them hatch. They've got 2 ducks hatched yesterday, I'm guessing more today. We'll add those to our flock in a few days.

Currently I'm having a love affair with the Pattons Kroy yarn. It's a tad thicker than your usual sock yarn and these hats are just mindless. Knit while I'm studying, get a warm hat as a reward. Since it's yet to reach a temperature in the morning that can be construed as hat-less, I'm liking this style of hat. It stays on and doesn't move when you look down, look up, reach all over the place.

BTW: Dave doesn't mind the affair as long as it's just platonic.

Every Friday I go into town and hit Goodwill and then JoAnn fabrics. My MIL gave me gift cards to JoAnn's for Christmas. Armed with a 40% off coupon and my gift card, I can get a skein of Kroy for like 4 bucks. One skein/one hat. Takes me 3 days to knit it while doing my studies.

The geese have settled a bit. The pairing off has been completed and we see couples wandering around grazing and looking for nesting areas. Dave and I have most of them convinced that the best nesting areas are in either the pen or the garage.  So far the only one who has gone completely broody is Molly.

That isn't Molly in the picture, but Buddy. Molly is our other Toulouse goose. She's scheduled to hatch this weekend. I am hoping that once the other girls see the babies, it will help them realize why they need to be setting on those nests. I remember last year when Sissy's kids hatched, Molly took one look at the little fluffy bottoms ..walked over to her nest and started brooding.

And if that does happen; we will have a bunch of nervous-nelly Ganders pacing around for a month. Not as raucous as breeding, but they do get real touchy about anyone in the yard. We make sure to watch for the neck-down parallel to the ground/hissy postures and make a wide berth around that gander.  I'd show you what I mean by posting a picture of that posture, but usually at that moment I'm more concerned with getting my butt outta the way.

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