Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wild Times

Lots of fun around here...with spring being here and all. The goosie gals have been laying eggs constantly, so I've resorted to putting a few dozen on Craigslist to allow others to incubate and start their own flock. I tried something in the goose pen that turned out to be a failure: I had Dave take down the partition between Percy's flock and Molly's flock. Fights ensued between Percy and Albus, Adele was frantic and Molly was having none of it. After 2 nights, I put the stupid thing back up.

I'm knitting basic stocking caps while studying. So far, I've knocked out 3 of them within 2 weeks. The last one was thrown at my Professor who was surprised. I asked him if he was allergic to wool. His confused answer was, "I don't think so, why?" because you're getting a hat there skippy....

I was screwing up the decreases horrendously. Instead of a double decrease using SSK,then K2Tog, I was doing just the screwed it up a lot. They are handy hats to have though; light enough to wear for spring and good for keeping your hair out of the way. I'm using up odd bits of sock yarn to make them.

I mean, they're easy...k2p2 for 4" then stockinette for another 7" or so depending on if you want slouchy or not. Then the ssk/k2tog decrease until 16 stitches left.  I can knit them without looking at what I am doing. It helps me focus on my studies.

There's other projects on the needles to be sure, but as I've got an exam next Monday, I'll focus on this until after it is done.

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