Monday, November 19, 2012

Things I've learned in College to apply to next semester

1. If I can avoid it, no more professors of the female gender.  No, I will not expound on why because it will just tick off many of my gender.  Suffice it to say that you cannot have it all and do it all well.

2. Online classes? No. I need on campus classes.  I need the structure.

3. No Friday classes if I can do it, and try to schedule more than 1 class /day to make it pay.  This one hour a day in class M-W-F is killer.

4. Eating in the cafeteria is actually pretty cheap.  $5 gets me a decent meal.  Though I won't do the chicken fingers any more.  They sat like a rock in my gut all afternoon.

5. Stick to my study schedule. It works and even if a prof throws a monkey wrench, it will work.

6. Expect some sort of nervous breakdown weekly.  It helps to expect it.

7. Check that d2l more seriously because of #1

Random photo: The antlers off the deer we last put in the freezer.  I'm having fun walking around constantly chewing on venison jerky.

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