Friday, November 30, 2012

WOW It's like, 50 degrees outside!

If I could find a working razor, I'd shave my legs and wear a dress today! Ah well, the pasty white skin reflects light..might not be a good day for that.

So I read this article yesterday about these cruel farmers who live pluck the crap out of their geese for some chi-chi down coat industry.  The picture showed these poor Toulouse geese denuded and just looked so wrong. I went outside and stared at Buddy, our goose and just cried.

Let's take another look at the cutie goose we call, Buddy :
Buddy is the most easy-going, calm, upbeat goose we have.  I've been told it's the breed: Toulouse are very docile geese.  Buddy, however has not been forthcoming on his/her real sex, so I had to pluck 3 feathers and send them to a DNA Sexing business to get Buddy's real gender.  I suspect Buddy's a she, but I could be wrong.  Heck, plucking 3 feathers made me feel real bad, could you imagine plucking Buddy until he/she was bald? Not a nice sight.  

It's just wrong, plain wrong. Anyone caught doing that should have every one of their hairs (including ones NOT on their heads) plucked out one by one.  Maybe then they'd stop being assholes.  Yes, I said it and I meant it! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to be cruel to animals, especially ones in your care. If you are being cruel, it's because you have no soul.  

Knitting has started for Christmas, even though I know that no one wants to receive a knitted gift from me. Effing TOUGH! I say.  I'm almost at the point where I will refuse to accept another store-bought crappy gift from family and friends just because I'm sick of their laziness.  I mean, really.. the last post said it all; I get crap I never use and not a one of them considers that huge elephant in the room : YARN!!!!!!

Did I tell you about the time I actually went into a liquor store, bought my brother a nice set of shot glasses and pint of Doc's the kicker..........He DRINKS! What else would you give an alcoholic, right? What did I get in return? A pair of shitty earrings he snagged off the clearance rack for 50 cents -with the tag still on them.  ~facepalm~  I rarely wear earrings and I spent at least $15 on his booze. No thought goes into these gifts whatsoever, but I'm supposed to be gracious about it....when others cannot even accept an effort on my part.

You see? How the HELL is someone supposed to be in a Christmas Spirit when they are treated like shit all the time? 

Christmas is NOT what you make of it, it's what people make of it FOR YOU. If your efforts towards others is lazy and uninspired. If you cannot accept a gift graciously -even when it's not what you wanted- you are :RUINING CHRISTMAS FOR OTHERS.   

There,  I said it. Now think about how you are treating others this Christmas.  If you cannot gather enough gumption to actually put thought into a gift, then don't even try.  Give them a smile and a hug.  Or is that too hard to handle as well? 

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