Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Pre-Christmas Rant is coming early this year

Usually I don't throw down the pre-Christmas rant until closer to the actual day, but what the Hell.  According to the Mayans we'll be dead by then.

In 2007, I made all my Christmas gifts.   In fact I spun and knit two of them from soft wool and gave them to my Mother and Mother-In-Law.  So lets roll on some photos, shall we?
This one actually was taken before I washed it. The color changes were actually *dirt*. It came out snowy white with green glass beads on it.  I gave it to m Mother In Law. She folded it, put it away and I've never seen it again.  She said it would make a lovely table runner.  *facepalm* it's a STOLE!
Onto #2:
My Mother's shawl, Mystic Waters I think it was called.  Also spun from Targhee, with no beads. My Mom doesn't do that frou frou.  She opened it, Dad said, "Oh look, it's an old lady shawl!" and that was it.

Mom keeps it on the back of her chair in the sewing room.  Hey, at least SHE didn't throw it out..right? It's a nice pattern, though I screwed up a bit right in the middle.  Oh no, wait! We're not even CLOSE to being done!
I know it looks like a weird nipple, but it's actually a beret. I made like 5 of these, two in the same colorway for a Mother-Daughter set. Yeah, I got the "I'm allergic to wool" mantra. Princess? It's Soy Wool Stripes, the amount of wool is negligible  I offered to knit a replacement in Alpaca.  "I'm allergic to that too." Princess? Alpaca is HYPOALLERGENIC!

What she really meant was "Your homemade shit is crap, give me money." After that Christmas, she got neither.   Stop streaming sunshine up my ass, Princess.  Your greed is showing.  In fact, that was the mantra of most of the younger generation of Christmas Gift recipients, "Your homemade shit is beneath me. Give me a Wal-Mart gift card." So ah yeah.  No gifts were given after that.  You want that stupid fucking gift card? GO EARN ONE! The amount of flipping laziness and greed is astounding these days.

So I DO still give out homemade presents: My Step Son has received and been grateful for the thoughtfulness of his Jayne hats.  I've also knitted up some fun Transformers Dishcloths:

I mean, who doesn't want to wash their dishes with megatron?

One year, My Father-In-Law asked me what I wanted for Christmas way before Thanksgiving.  I answered; a homemade headboard for our bed.  We didn't have one, and I was frustrated picking up my pillows from behind the bed all the time.  I also wanted something made by his hands. He getting older, and I thought someone ought to openly appreciate his woodworking talent.

This is what he made for us.  The wood was harvested from his land, milled in his own sawmill, planed, routed and put together with his own hands.

Lightly stained, it shows the grain of the wood beautifully and it's exactly what I wanted.  No fancy anything, just a solid, beautiful headboard.  Forgive the ratty pillows.  Tyler the cat was sleeping on the bed and I really didn't want to make the bed to take the pictures.

Yes, those are barnwood beams with a stucco finish in our master bedroom.  The two ends have a false, stone facing that makes it look very rustic.  Interesting, and probably not my choice for a esemb, but we rent. 

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