Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kicking Pools

Sounds like fun doesn't it? Kicking pools.  Except I've been doing it for a few weeks now because of the ice. The pools are used for the geese and ducks.  They're just kiddy pools, but it gives them a chance to bathe and get clean.  Apparently the pools also play a crucial role in mating for both ducks and geese. That happens in the big pool There's a larger pool that's deeper and more uh...mating friendly over by the house.  In this picture, Buddy is in the blue one, Percy is in the pink one and Ron is in front.  Now wait for it.............

Up pops Sissy! Isn't she adorable?!?! The interesting development over the last two weeks is that Sissy and Ron have bonded.  Geese are one of the animals that chooses a mate for life. I checked the forums on this and it's not a hard and set rule that the ganders won't go astray, but they do have their favorite gals.

Ron likes Sissy.  Oddly enough, Ron is not our biggest gander and he does bully Percy on occasion. Percy outweighs him, is larger and has an unnatural affection for me.  One I hope shakes out with next springs mating........thing.

Oh and we're going to send off a few of Buddy's feathers to determine whether Buddy is a goose or a gander.  Buddy's not forthcoming on that bit of info and we want to get a mating pair of Toulouse.

I've added a pattern to Ravelry.  It's the "Butt-Cold Cowl" seen here.  It's a cowl I designed a few months ago to keep me warm while doing chores.  It's name comes from the line from Grandpa in Grumpy Old Men: "It's butt-cold out here and I'm fresh out of beer!"

For a mere $1.99, you too can make this cowl. Hey, I'd make it free, but I'm a college student now.  Books, tuition, pencils and paper don't come free to me, and I need to pay for them.

For my birthday, I asked for a pound of undyed merino roving. I've been playing with dyeing some great colorways. This one was done last Sunday. I call it Sweetarts. I do still spin pretty much every day on my drop spindle.  I find it helps me coalesce thoughts on things like College Algebra, Organic Chemistry and stuff like that. 

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