Monday, October 10, 2011

Warning: This might piss you off - but I'm already there

 When I was in High School, many years ago, MTV WAS music videos.  And one of them was Bruce Springsteen's War. Before the music starts, Bruce says, "In 1985, blind faith in your leaders or in anything, will get you killed."  

Let me repeat that quote:  "In 1985, blind faith in your leaders or in anything, will get you killed."

Here it is, 2011 and it is still true. Still there are those who will just do whatever someone on TV, Newspaper or Radio tells them to. Those media people do not know anyone whom they are attacking personally, and they've got their own agenda. Their agenda is to divide this country into 'us' and 'them'. Why? Well, it's easier to kill the 'them' when you can convince a group of people they are less-than-human.

I miss my friends. I miss those friends that I found funny, intelligent, and great to hang around with.  I can't hang around them anymore because they chose to believe some nameless, faceless entity who told them that I was lower than a piece of shit simply because I did not embrace their political ideology. Instead of questioning that entity, they simply nodded their heads and did what they were told: useful idiots. And yet, I still believe they are intelligent. I cannot divine why they would handily accept the opinion of someone they've never met over their own, but they do.

Not one of them has stopped and said, "But I KNOW Brenda! She's not evil! She's not racist, homophobic, moron bent on stealing all my money!"

I miss family. I miss those family members for the same reason I miss my friends. That nameless, faceless entity told them that we are then enemy; evil and not to be tolerated.  That entity whispered in their ear that we were out to steal everything from them and to hold closer to their beloved belongings.

Not one of them has stopped and said, "But, Brenda does not steal! She's helped me out a lot of times! She's not evil!"

Each of these family and friends have been lost to me because they could not refrain from calling me names that I would never dream of calling them. I feel frustrated, angry and bereft.  I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK!! and I want these people to stop listening to someone tell them how to think and how to view others.

And if you've gotten this far: learn a lesson.  The experiences you have of another trump what 'someone' says about them. STOP BEING A USEFUL IDIOT and THINK  for yourself.  Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything will get you killed.

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