Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going on a Project Diet

Well, actually I've been on the project diet now for about a week.  What's a project diet? No new knitting projects will be started until the 10 or so are done. So two are finished, but they were pretty close to being done.  The next ones to be done are going to be more of slog.

That stupid Featherweight in Hunter's Orange needs a collar and arms

The Gloucester Coat is miles of endless stockinette to finish off the back, THEN onto sleeves and collar

The Dockside sweater: 7" of k1p1 ribbing....endless ribbing.  I've got like an 1" done.

Bee Fields Shawl: 2nd motif 3/4 done.  Need to count repeats then start the last one.

Aoelian: Like on the 2nd part, need to finish + get more beads.  NEVER try to bead this whole flipping. You'll regret it.

Silk Shawl: frog or finish? If I try to finish I will need to spin more silk.

Well that's about it for knitting.  The family went to the apple orchard last week so I've been baking pies and apple crisp all week long.  MMM apple pie..............

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