Thursday, October 13, 2011

The trials of living in the country

So for most people, taking a shower is a quick and easy thing to do.  Here in the country, it's a bit more of a chore:
1. Sweep floor clean of bugs, leaves and litter (the litter box is in the bathroom)
2. Divest yourself of clothing and head on over to the shower.
3. Open shower curtain, fluff it a bit.
4. Walk over to toilet, grab a few squares of tp and head on back to shower.
5. Use tp to grab whatever creepy-crawly thing is in the shower stall. Today it was a worm-like creature but could have been in the centipede family as it had many legs.
6. Flush creepy crawly down toilet.
7. Take shower.

Which creepily reminds me of the time I inadvertently took a shower with one of those icky long legged centipedes. Good thing I am legally blind without my glasses on, or I would have seen the 3" thing crawling up my thigh.  That would have led to screaming, hysterics and probably a destroyed shower curtain.

Out in the country, humans are the minority.  You learn not to get all freaked out at every single insect that crawls into your house. 

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