Friday, October 7, 2011

Movie Review? Let's try that

So Dave and I watched the third movie in the Transformers line last night. If I were to give it a star rating, it would be 2 stars out of 5.  Why? Well, let's go through those:

  1. Megan Fox IS the chick in the Transformers. This other lady? Well first of all, you look like you could break her in 1/2 with a strong wind. OK, so I didn't even know who Megan Fox was until like last year, but she made the Transformers movie.
  2. And who runs through an entire battle scene in high heels? So lame
  3. The battle scene was like, 9 times longer than it really needed to be.  So much so that 1/2 an hour into it, I was like, "Are they going to be done now?"
  4. Having a good guy AND a bad guy (this time in 2 different machines: the Primes) with the same color scheme really confuses you when you're watching the battle scenes.
  5. Okay *** Spoiler ALERT ***  This pylon/column thing glowing red is the key to destroying the bad guys. So ah...why is every GOOD guy NOT EVEN SHOOTING AT IT?!?!  They're fighting the bad guys. EFF THAT, GO FOR THE RED THING!! That would've saved like 45 minutes of the battle scene.
  6. ** Another SPOILER ALERT ** Physics Law: To things with mass cannot occupy the same space.  How in the heck are 2 planets going to occupy the same space?
Not much I liked about the movie.  Visually, very quick action -good but very quick.  Slow the heck down. The characters that were from the first 2 movies are still great. Some cameos in this one were very nice: Wash from Firefly, The crazy Asian guy from The Hangover, Spock as the voice of the bad Prime.  Wash -ah Alan Tudyk - is a seriously underrated comedic actor. 

I'd recommend seeing it once, just to continue the Transformer series. I wouldn't buy it though. I'd re-watch the   first two. 

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